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Count On Me! [Shadow, The Banker, Solo]

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1 Count On Me! [Shadow, The Banker, Solo] on Wed Apr 12, 2017 7:03 am

Lucille Annabelle Klug
Lucy had just been dropped off by Mr. Davis who had some business to do in town, much like Lucy: she was here to meet with someone important, a Mr. Lienardo Slush, who ran the biggest bank in Bellmuse. It was also the only bank in town, but Lucy wasn't aware of that. She was just there for her shadowing with Mr. Slush, and she was a bit nervous about meeting him as his picture made him look rather serious and intimidating.

She had made him a cupcake with icing that matched the color of his hair in the picture she saw, the cupcake itself being more of a muffin in the sense that it was chocolate chip in nature but kept the texture of a cupcake, and the frosting was homemade to have a blueberry scent and flavor. Lucy really hoped he liked it, as it had taken her a good amount of time to get the frosting right after Mr. Davis added too many blueberries.

She nervously opened the door and walked inside, looking from side to side as she approached the front desk.

"Inquiry: u-uh u-umm, i-is Mr. L-Lienard-do S-Slush availab-ble?"

"Why yes, he is. You must be his shadow today...Ms. Klug, correct?" the very polite and kind receptionist had to sort through some paper really quickly before she attempted to confirm her identity.

Lucy just nodded in response as she rubbed Mr. Floppsies's ears in a form of an anxiety-based tick, the poor gentlerabbit hoping that his lady would be able to settle herself enough to complete her task, his hat a rather dapper yellow tone.

"His office is located just over there." The nice lady pointed to the left, towards a cubical-esq office area that was much bigger than the rest. "Feel free to sit and wait for him in his office while I inform him of your arrival."

Lucy once again merely nodded in understanding, then quickly yet quietly made her way over to his office and had a seat shortly after walking in. She only had to wait about five minutes, time she spent stroking Mr. Floppsies ears and double and triple checking that the cupcake she made had made the journey safely int he little box Mr. Davis called a 'Tupperware', for Mr. Slush to arrive.

When he did, he entered the room talking about 'numbers' and 'accounts' and he seemed upset about both, although Lucy didn't understand what could be so bad about numbers.

They man sat down and sighed before speaking to her. "Okay, listen: I'm running short on time and we're already behind so you are going to have to keep up and...oh...oh my~!"


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2 Re: Count On Me! [Shadow, The Banker, Solo] on Thu Apr 13, 2017 3:49 pm

Lucille Annabelle Klug
The man named Mr. Lienardo Slush hadn't even looked up to see who he was teaching the skills of banking to, but when he did he was not only stunned, but was also instantly filled with remorse.

"Oh my...please forgive me, for had I know who I was speaking to, I would not have addressed you in such a poor manner."

"Confusion: Uhh umm, I-I'm not s-sure I un-understand-"

"Such an adorable girl sitting in my office...coming to me for aid, and for I to be so rude...for shame!" Mr. Slush had his hand against his forehead for a moment, almost as if he felt sick, but in a short manner he was gazing over Lucy again. "Such cuteness, yet mixed with such elegance and sweet disposition...never have I seen such an adorable young girl such as yourself, not since I met the meek princess with hair made of snow..." Lucy noted that the man seemed to be deep in thought for a moment, but just as quickly as before, he was speaking to her again.

"I am Lienardo Slush, the greatest accountant in all of Bellmuse, and I am at thy service. May I inquire thy name, Princess?"

Lucy was caught off guard by this man referring to her in such a way, it reminding her of her experience at the Host Club, causing her to shudder ever so briefly. She tried to look Mr. Slush in the eyes, but it made her too nervous, so she looked at the wall behind his head instead. "Introduction: Umm m-my name i-is Lucille An-nabelle Klug, but you can c-call me Lucy if you p-prefer, M-Mr. Slush." she stood up from her chair long enough to perform a proper curtsy, then sat back down. "Clarity: J-Just so you kn-know, I-I'm not a r-real princess..." Lucy didn't understand why certain men were calling her that. She was sure it had something to do with the frilly dresses she wore, but she didn't have a crown, and as far as she knew there was already a princess in Bellmuse.

Suddenly, shock covered Lucy's face: she forgot an introduction! "Introduction: Oh, I forgot, this is Mr. Floppsies: he is my guardian and friend!" she said with a smile on her face, thinking about how wonderful Mr. Floppsies was to her, and Mr. Floppsies head apparel changed to a light green to emanate the change in emotion and appreciation that his lady had for him.

"Ahh, that same cute meekness as before, mustered into a amazingly cute~! And she even has a stuffed animal for a companion, a rabbit no less! Ho~!" It seemed like he was obsessed she looked? Lucy wasn't sure, but it made her uncomfortable. Once again, he seemed to shift in tone.

"Ahem, onto more important matters: Ms. Klug, did you come to learn how to be a master accountant? I promise that you will be as such after a few lessons, as I would expect NOTHING less and would offer NOTHING shy of nigh-perfection."

Lucy was...very confused. What was an accountant? Mr. Davis encouraged her to come here to learn one thing, as he had been very busy with classes and outside business recently.

"Explanation: Umm...well, h-honestly, Mr. Slush, I...well, I was never taught how to count Lien. Expectation: I p-picked this shadow mission b-because it r-recommended you s-so highly, I t-thought that having y-you t-teach m-me-"

"Oh MY! The TRAGEDY! I sweet and adorable girl like you not knowing how to handle money? I will not let this go on any longer! Come, let me teach you!"

It didn't take Lucy very long to understand how Lien worked: they were all in card form and made of some sort of plastic, and to use them you just handed the right amount to someone...although she knew that much already. What she didn't know was that certain colors on the Lien cards represented different amounts, some being higher than others. It was also common for one to organize from from lowest to highest, so as to be able to find the amount you need easily, which reminded Lucy of how she organized ingredients and measurement bake-ware so she would know how much of what ingredient she needed.

After about an hour of explaining common was of making and saving money, Lucy realized it was time to go. She almost left without giving Mr. Slush his cupcake, but she quickly handed it to him and left without knowing if he would like it, merely hoping it was good enough as a thank you for teaching her so much.


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