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Noir Aranea (Completed)

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1 Noir Aranea (Completed) on Wed Apr 12, 2017 7:23 pm

Enrollment Form

Basic info
Name: Noir Aranea
Age: 17
Birthday: March 26
Gender: Male
Race: Faunus (Black House Spider) - Four spider legs protruding out of his back.
Height: 5'8
Weight: 115 lbs
Face Claim: Karasu from Yu Yu Hakusho

STR: 3 + 1
DEF: 3
RES: 3
SPT: 3
Aura 150|150 HP

Major: Combat Major
• Killing grimms
• Training
• Making tea.
• Reading fairytales and stories.
• History class
• Eating Insects (Adopted from his Faunus Traits)

• Grimms
• Swimming
• Faunus discrimination
• Being on boats
• Tragic Stories
• Citrus fruits (Adopted from his Faunus Traits)

• Drowning in water – Can’t swim and has a bit of seasickness when on boats.
• Losing those close to him – Lost of father and brother caused him to fear losing others instead of dying himself.
• Being weak – His inability to do anything to save those close to him made him fear of becoming weak and useless.

Talent: Herbalism
Weakness Demolition Expert
Overall Personality:
Noir is a quiet yet direct teen. Despite being soft-spoken when speaking with others, he is very blunt with his words and doesn’t hold back his thoughts or opinions. This often lead to people misunderstood him as mean-hearted individual at times. Along with being blunt, Noir is quite stubborn, serious, and sometimes sadistic. His stubbornness play as a dual edge in his personality. While it plays as his strong will on his never surrender mentality, it also makes it difficult for people convince him out of his decision or position he holds. Noir is very serious of a person that he almost lacks a sense of humor. While he does gets some jokes, he tends to take sarcasm and most joke seriously. Noir also holds a sadistic nature that sometimes show when confronting those he hates, especially grimms. He would enjoy watching them suffer from the pain he inflicts on them and shows little mercy.

Despite being rude and serious, Noir does show genuine care for those around him. He would even express his concern for them directly and is not afraid to destroy his reputation if it means protecting them. Noir can also be very loyal, modest, and hardworking. Noir’s loyalty towards his friends and family is unbreakable as we will not betray them. He would rather risk his own life instead of harming them. Noir is modest in terms of his skills and talent. He would often dismiss people’s compliments for it and express his concerns of improving himself. This also connects to his hardworking attitude as he would try to perform the best of his abilities on everything. Noir tries his best to surpass himself so that he can be a great hunter like he dreamt of being, but this often leads to him overworking himself to sleep deprivation.

Noir has a tendency of sleeping with his eyes open after overworking himself and rubbing the back of his head when embarrassed or nervous.

Aura type: Power
Aura Color: Black
Semblance: Phasing – Noir’s semblance has the ability to turn his body intangible for a short period of time. It allows him to go through objects with relative ease. Depending on the object’s density and size, it effects how much aura he needs to use to go through them. This semblance is often used defensively before offensively as he uses it to go through his opponent’s attack.
Item 1: : Weapon: Wired Gloves (Threads of Fate): A pair of black and red gloves with wired threads running through them. The spoil of threads for the gloves is located behind his waist. The wires can extend or retract with ease from his finger-tips and are very versatile for him in either offense or defense.
Item 2: : Dust: Tier 1 Burn Dust

History and Sample
Noir grew up in a small village located far west from Haven Academy in Mistral. The second son of his family, he and his family lived a tranquil life despite experiencing their fair shares of animosity from some humans. His father, a hunter, would often leave home to do missions. His mother was the local nurse of the small village, but watches over him and his brother while their father was away. Despite being busy most of the time, they would always have time to be with them. Noir enjoyed most of his childhood as he made great memories with them. During his childhood, Noir and his older brother were both inspired to become hunters due to the tales their mother gave and their father’s over exaggerated stories as a hunter. There were also times where his father would bring them out scavenging for herbs for their mother.

Noir’s peaceful childhood ended one day. At the age of seven, Noir’s father was missing during his mission at Vale. Despite his mother reassuring that everything was alright, Noir’s aunt arrived at their home to give the grave news. She explained that Noir’s father died while confronting a pack of grimms. His father was unable to take them all by himself, but succeed on distracting them so that his team could succeed their mission. The family was devastated from the news; destroying the foundation built for them. Noir’s aunt decided to stay in the village in order to keep a promise with his father. The promise was to make his sons into hunters as it was their dreams.

Three years after his father’s death, Noir and his older brother trained well under their aunt’s guidance. Among the two, Noir showed to be more well maneuvered and agile while his older brother was more versatile with his strength. The family was slowly rebuilding itself piece by piece. The brothers eventually gain a little sister a year prior. Things were looking up for them, but destiny had other ideas.

While their aunt was away in a mission, their little sister started to become ill and they didn’t have the right ingredients to cure her. While the brother thought of going out to get them, their mother was against it and wanted them to wait until aunt came back. Since their aunt won’t be back for a while, the Aranea’s brothers snuck out to find medical plants. They eventually found them, but were chased by a pack of beowolves. Noir and his brother ran until they found an abandoned brick home. However, they were cornered and there was only one door leading in. Noir found another escape through the fireplace, but didn’t want to leave his brother behind. He was eventually forced through the hole by his brother before he sealed it up. Noir was forced to run home while one beowolve chased him. Luckily, his aunt saved him from being killed, but she was unable save his older brother. His brother sacrificed himself to protect him and save their little sister. That day, Noir lost another family member from grimms and was now devoted to become a hunter. His reason was not due to the stories, but out of pure vengeance and hatred towards grimm.

Years later, Noir attended and eventually graduated from Sanctum Academy. Before he started his plans of applying for Haven, his aunt informed him of his enrollment in Syne Academy. Noir didn’t like the idea and insisted on staying here to attend Haven. His aunt and mother felt that it may be best as they want Noir to get a fresh start without being reminded of the dark days here in Mistral. Noir willingly complied with their request and prepared himself for his move to Bellmuse. At the same time, he was now beginning his new life while leaving the grim memories behind.
RP Sample:
Noir stood dead-centered in the ruined home, taking deep breaths while hunched over. He knew going out here alone was dangerous, but he couldn’t leave his home; not yet. He wanted to give his last farewell to his deceased older brother before leaving to Syne Academy. Feeling better, Noir retracted the spider legs on his back and looked at his surroundings; seeing nothing but the couple of corpses of beowolves littered across the brick floor. They were tougher than what his auntie described, but that didn’t change the satisfaction he had ripping them limb from limb.

“I knew you would be here,” A voice called out.

Noir turned around to the entrance of the building, seeing a tall female figure leaning on the doorway.

“Auntie?” Noir gasped with surprise in his voice.

His aunt walked towards him with a deep scowl on her face, before delivering a strong right hook across Noir’s jaw. Noir fell on his back from the brutal hit. Luckily, his aunt held back a bit.

“Do you know how worried your mother and I were?! You weren’t in bed this morning when she checked and feared that you ran away! You’re lucky I have a strong intuition of where you might go!” His aunt exclaimed.

Noir sat back up and looked down in disappointment.

“I’m sorry, but I couldn’t just leave without saying goodbye to him,” Noir said.

He then saw his auntie extending her hand to him while giving a sad smile.

“I know, so get up you brat and give your goodbyes.” His aunt said softly.

Noir nodded, grabbed her hand, and pulled himself up before turning towards the makeshift gravestone. Noir walked towards the grave while his aunt waited at the doorway.

“Brother… I’m going to Bellmuse to attend Syne Academy. I… I promise to do my best to become the best hunter like the stories mother told us when we were little. So please watch over mother with father while I’m away. She needs someone to keep her going since our new baby sister was born. Goodbye… brother.” Noir said.

Noir turned around and walked straight towards the entrance. He no longer had anything holding him back from leaving. Noir was now ready to begin his journey of becoming a hunter as well as his quest to eliminate every single grimm from this world.

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2 Re: Noir Aranea (Completed) on Sun Apr 16, 2017 8:46 am

Richard Lionheart
Hey, sorry this is taking a bit ^^ I'm waiting on a reply in the viability and how allowed intangibility is as a semblance. Regardless of it I know you wouldn't be able to be totally intangible, even if it were allowed, and it would only defend truly at 20 aura for 20 defence by using the semblance if it were allowed. With that in mind you may want to change it, if you do bump it, if not I'll post again as soon as I get an answer ^^

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