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Beneath the Ram's Gaze (Closed/Charlotte and Raz)

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Charlotte Monochrome
Over the past few days the school had seemingly been subject to a mild spider infestation, webs in groups of three had begun appearing in rooms. The first trio had appeared in the first floor girls lavatories; one near a roof on the left, another near the waste paper bin on the right and the third hidden in the centre-most stall. These would have been destroyed rather quickly, be it by cleaners or an arachnophobic. Next was the training area but again, these would be quickly destroyed. Combat would leave the spider webs devastated. The lecture hall was probably one of the more obvious ones, a large web had hung in the corner of the room. Another connected to one of the desks, and a third to inner wall next to the doorway. The main one in the centre was the most obvious of the placed webs, but even then one would have to stare quite long and hard at it in order to see the hidden message. The letters W and F were almost structured into the webbing, in obvious reference to the White Fang. In the one by the door was today's date in numbers along with the number 1300, as in 1 pm, but the one attached to the desk was more confusing to look at and would require a little bit of studying and understanding of Bellmuse.

When looked at from the right angle this web would show two twirled horns, that of a ram, and a large tear-drop shape in the centre. Ace's Way was one of the smaller streets in Bellmuse, home to only a couple small houses and tiny shops... but in the middle of the street was a fountain coupled with a water fixture, a faunus man with a set of ram's horns. He himself looked to be a hunter, his arms extended outward, water flowed from jets in his palms into the stone basin that surrounded him as if he were using some form of water conjuration. It was thought that he was one of the first to come to the island, though information was sparse on the man. Regardless he had somehow earned himself a statue, it was a lesser known anomaly throughout the island.

To say Charlotte was nervous would be an understatement. Sitting in front of the water fixture, a large tartan blanket beneath her, she had a small picnic basket full of various foodstuffs. Nibbling at a tuna and cucumber sandwich, she attempted to remain calm. Of course she had been the one to put up the cobwebs, a few more than the ones she was reflecting on even. Those were simply the most obvious of the lot, she had hidden them well on airships and littered three across the dormitory area. In the event that someone had found out and implicated her in some kind of white fang conspiracy Charlotte could pretty simply shrug it off, she lived nearby... but the though did still send a shiver down her spine. She attempted to focus more on her food, putting down the sandwich to retrieve a flask and pouring herself a cup of tea. The street was quiet, as it naturally was. A few shops were open but there weren't many patrons walking around.

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Raziel Mirandale
Raziel had heard the rumors, random webs showing up all over the place in the school. At first she just dismissed it as rumors or a spider problem, it wasn't until she heard that each time they always showed up in groups of three that they peaked her interest. Whatever it was it sounded more planned than something randomly happening. Of course some people were already blaming the spider fauns girl that was going here. Raziel had never seen her but had heard about her, it was kind of interesting to her though. Stepping out of a class room where a few human students were groaning from her light questioning she whistled and headed towards the most recent sighting of these webs.

Entering the room Raziel first saw the one in the center. Walking up close she looked at it from several angles. She didn't know enough about spiders to know what patterns went with what species of arachnids, but she did know that now web she had seen in Bellmuse was this large. Looking it over at different angles she saw it. As soon as she was sure what she saw Raziel raised an eyebrow. It was faint, though she worried about someone not affiliated with them finding this. Though the rumors hadn't mentioned anything about that yet, better safe than sorry. Destroying the first web she looked around for another. Walking over to the one on the desk she started to look for any sort of other hidden messages. Eventually she saw what was hidden in this one. It didn't make full sense to her but she knew it had something to do with a statue somewhere. Destroying this web she moved on to the next one. Once again she looked it over and eventually say today’s date and a time.

With all the information from the webs Raziel destroyed the final one before leaving the room. Using her scroll she looked up the statue that she thought the one web referenced. Sure enough it was a spot here in Bellmuse. Marking it on her map she quickly went and grabbed her sword before heading out. She didn't know if this was legit or a trap of some kind and better to be safe than sorry. It didn't take her too long to get there, as her athletics made it easy to use the rooftops for mobility. Getting closer she could see the statue and began to look for..... well never mind. Jumping down from the building she was on, she bounced off the one right next to it to lessen her momentum before hitting the ground. With her sword strapped across her back she came out of the alley and headed towards the statue. A small group of people were just around the corner, starting at the Faunus who was sitting below said statue.

“Hey, Scram!”
Raziel yelled at them causing the group to quickly scatter. Shaking her head she walked towards the fountain, dropping her hood as she did to reveal that the ear shaped on it were in fact hiding her actual Faunus ears.

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Charlotte Monochrome
Charlotte took a sip as a newcomer approached her, having stated so little it couldn't be assumed that she was a member or even a wannabe member. She had certainly made... quite the introduction though, jumping down from such a height. She must have come from the school then, otherwise she would have done a number on her shins. She assumed a teacher wouldn't have approached in such an... over the top manner either. It seemed unlikely at least, but she didn't know any of the combat teachers.

The girl's ears were large, it was one of the more typical traits for a faunus to have but hers did seem to be some of the biggest Charlotte had ever seen. She was also clearly armed, showing no fear of wielding her weapon in public. She wasn't the tallest of women, but who was Charlotte to say anything about anyone's body. She looked to have a good sense of fashion also.

"Thank you dearie~ But I'm more than used to simple stares by now, I can handle it. Would you like a cup of tea? Sugar and milk?" Charlotte gently smiled at the faunus woman, "It's quite rare for someone to enter the street with such... ferocity as you have. I wonder if you have a reason for being here? Perhaps the dentist? He's know for his work Whitening Fangs." Charlotte not so subtly alluded, though there was a dentist in range which she had met with on a frequent basis to better understand mouth health. It was a rather delicate part of the body after all and mending teeth was an important skill to have. She paused for a moment, rising onto all eight of her stump like feet, bowing into a large curtsey, "Oh where are my manners, my name is Charlotte Monochrome. Medical student at Syne academy but I gained my proficiency and experience though other avenues. Particularly aiding faunus having been involved in attacks. Pray tell who you are?~"

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Raziel Mirandale
After successfully chasing off the gawkers Raziel shook her head and continued towards the large faunus woman. While she could understand that some people would stare out of interest in such an odd faunus trait those delinquents obviously weren't staring out of interest. Getting closer it was more obvious that his person was not just sitting alone she had a full picnic ready, and with the amount of food she was probably expecting guests.... or maybe not. With how large her lower body was she might need more food than the average person. It was all very interesting to Raziel as she had never seen a faunus with such a pronounced trait before.

“Yeah well they were pissing me off,” Raziel said as she drew close enough, “Tea would be great, and sugar and milk are fine by me.” With how quickly this woman offered tea it would seem that she was expecting company but seeing as she offered it to a complete stranger she wasn't waiting for anyone specifically. While her face was still as friendly as always the white haired faunus still remained cautious about this. As she took a seat across from this other faunus Raziel mentally stumbled as she made a not so subtle allusion to the White Fang. So either this woman was the worst white fang member ever or she was some kind of agent working for law enforcement and thought Raziel was that stupid. “Name's Raziel Mirandale,” she introduced herself in turn, “I'm here to meet someone, though I'm not exactly sure who it is I'm supposed to meet since out communication was over the web.” Unlike Charlotte, Raziel's hint was far more subtle and worded in such a way that it wouldn't give anything away to someone who wasn't in the know.

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Charlotte Monochrome
She poured the tea, still smiling true, "How humorous, over the web while seated opposite to a spider faunus. If you hadn't scared the others away away I might think you were making a joke at my expense. You have to be careful with dates over the web you know, never quite know what you're going to get. I set one up not to long ago, tried to be sure people knew of my appearance and intentions. Apparently my communication wasn't clear enough though." She passed her a cupful of tea and a saucer, gesturing to the milk and sugar, of course unaware how she liked it. She hoped the faunus opposite her would pick up on the hint, in particular the "Never know what you're going to get" line. It was perhaps more subtle than her previous hint but it did apear to rule her out as an officer and show her confusion as to whether or not Raziel was truly a white fang member. Whether or not Raziel's hint was more subtle didn't particularly help, Charlotte had anticipated a response of either confusion that this street was so well known for a dentist or the likes of "My fangs are already as white as they could be." With her current response it was still left up in the air as to whether she was a Whitefang member who had read the web or a simple student or even a police officer. Regardless when one was sure of the other, she supposed they could lean in and whisper the truth into the other's ear.

Taking a sip of her tea, it was fortunate that the spider faunus did have a number of back ups. She had been planning this meeting for some time after-all and had foreseen a potential stalemate in communication. "Oh my, it's just clicked. You're probably a huntress aren't you? Leaping from that building and owning that sword... though you've probably never seen me before due to my rather encumbering faunus traits I spend a lot of time alone there. I tend to go through the hallways late at night or early in the morning, just so as to avoid getting in people's way, I even go to the lecture halls long before classes start. I wouldn't be surprised if you hadn't seen me, though murmuring and signs do rather overtake the school sometimes. Especially when new members appear."

This was a hint toward her placing the webs in the early and late school hours of course. As if her first hint had not been enough.

She sighed slightly, her smile fading a touch, "It is quite a pain though. If only there were more people like you among the students, willing to aid me in shrugging the... less than savoury gazes."

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