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Rubber Glovey, You're the One... [Shadow, The Doctor, Solo]

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Lucille Annabelle Klug
Lucy had just walked into the white and sterile hospital of Bellmuse, properly named Bellmuse Medical Center. She came in and spoke to the lady at the counter that was she was informed before was 'Registration.'

"Inquiry: U-Uh, e-excuse me, a-am I in the r-right part of th-the hospital?" Lucy managed to push out to the receptionist, her face filled with worry as she thought she was in the wrong area and she didn't want to make Dr. Venice wait.

"Who are you looking for, miss?"

"Explanation: I-I-I-" Lucy was very nervous about the situation, and she decided to breathe in and show the woman the brochure for Dr. Venice's shadowing.

"Oh, Dr. Venice? Yes, this is her office here, but she's on lunch at the moment. She should be back in just a minute. Please feel free to sit here and wait."

So Lucy sat down and held a yellow-hatted Mr. Floppsies very close to her, stroking his ears out of habit, trying to hum herself into a more relaxed state as Mr. Davis taught her to do. She was humming nothing in particular, just her own little tune.

It took not too long for the receptionist lady to tell Lucy to go ahead and walk through the doorway and through the long hallway to Dr. Venice's office, although Lucy noted that it took her about five minutes to return instead of 'just a minute', but she kept that to herself. When she came into the office, there was a person in a spinning chair typing away at a computer. When Lucy got a bit closer she bumped the wall and let out a small yelp as it surprised her, and it got the attention of the lady in the chair. She turned around and smiled as she saw Lucy: it was Dr. Venice.

"Hello there Lucy, I'm Dr. Venice. Who is your friend there?" the doctor asked her, pointing at her stuffed rabbit friend. Lucy would have introduced herself here, but it appeared that the doctor already knew about her, so instead she was determined to properly introduce her guardian.

"Introduction: Th-this is Mr. Floppsies, my guardian and friend. Explanation: H-He keeps me safe, and I n-never leave h-home without him." Lucy said with a smile as she hugged him, and his hat changed to a light green in color, always happy to see how much his lady cared for him.

"Oh, why hello there, Mr. Floppsies. It's very nice to meet you as well, I love your hat." Dr. Venice said in an effort to make Lucy feel more comfortable, going so far as to shake Mr. Floppsies hand. It was a gentle and reassuring handshake.

This made Lucy a little less nervous, and she looked at Mr. Floppsies for a second before looking back to Dr. Venice. "Reiteration: He told me to t-tell you that th-the pleasure was all his, and that he loves your glasses, that they really compliment you!" Lucy also quickly reached into her bunny-purse and handed Dr. Venice a muffin she had prepared and wrapped up before coming over. It was a very big muffin, but very healthy: it has raisins and was make like banana bread.

"Why thank you! Here, both of you come sit here in my office." Dr. Venice let her in, and Lucy did exactly that, sitting on the exam table as Dr. Venice spoke to her again. "So Lucy, what did you come to see me for?"

Lucy was quiet for a moment, but she gathered up her courage and her thoughts and managed to strongly say "Response: B-Because...I want to h-help people!"


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Lucille Annabelle Klug
"I...see. So you came to see me?"

"Affirmation: Yes. Explanation: I met this girl once who gets hurt and sick a lot, and I couldn't do anything to help her, and...I d-d-don't want that to happen again! Continuation: Also, a friend of mine tends to get hurt a lot on accident, and I want to make sure I can help her when that happens...and to be able to help anyone who gets hurt!"

"Hmm..." Dr. Venice held her hand to her chin and rubbed it as she thought of this predicament: she had spoken with Professor Alexander on multiple occasions, and she knew about Lucy. With this she knew that should couldn't risk triggering her, but she had to learn something here or she wouldn't be rewarded...and that's when it came to her: she could teach her about basic examinations and first aid. These things didn't evolve provoking thought into deeper and more horrible injuries, and it would also teach her something useful.

"Okay, Lucy, I have the perfect thing to teach you. I'm going to teach you abotu first aid, so that you can help others in case they get hurt at the academy, without even having to go get help.

Lucy was very excited at the sound of this: she would finally be able to help others! "Excitement: Oh my goodness, I can't wait to start learning! Inquiry: Can we start right away, Dr. Venice?"

Dr. Venice nodded, and she lead Lucy into her office to begin teaching her.

She showed her how she inspected someone's eyes, ears, and nose to make sure nothing was wrong with them and that they worked properly. She then showed her how to test her reflexes, which ended up sending poor Dr. Venice across the room on the first try, which ended in Lucy apologizing over and over and Dr. Venice assuring her she was fine. She then showed her how to measure one's weight and one's height with a device, although she told Lucy that it wouldn't work very well right now as something was wrong with her device at the moment, an excuse to prevent herself from having to weigh Lucy. Lucy noted that this reminded her of how she would measure certain ingredients before mixing them in with others, as well as making sure certain sweets didn't got over a certain height.

Then Dr. Venice taught Lucy about first aid. She showed her how to place a band-aid on a wound, how to place antibiotic cream on the band-aid, how to wrap someone's wound with a bandage, and how to properly clean a wound.

By the end of it, Lucy was very tired, and as she went out to wait for Mr. Davis and Ms. Silvana, she noted she was very happy to learn how to help others.


Rubber Glovey, You're the One... [Shadow, The Doctor, Solo] Mayu_kodoku_no_bannin__by_halaki-d5ik94g
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