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Pluton Cronus (Done)

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1 Pluton Cronus (Done) on Fri Apr 14, 2017 7:56 pm

Enrollment Form

Basic info
Name:Pluton “Tartar” Cronus
Age: 22
Birthday: April 1st
Race: Human
Height: 2 Meters 5 Centimetres
Weight: 13.5 Stone
Face Claim: Guzma, Pokemon

Aura 0|300 HP

Major: Civilian
Likes: Hunting and Sparing (though he has never done either), Sweet Foods, Sweet Drinks, Sugar in Tea/Coffee, Money, Adventure Stories, Action movies, Explosions/Fire, Sewing, Knitting, Cooking, Cleaning, Having Friends, Beings seen as Cool.
Dislikes: Academy Students, Graduated Hunters (these two dislikes would fade upon entering the academy. He’d still be left with 3+ though) Spicy Foods, Bitter Foods, Prejudice, Being called weak, Being beaten at anything, Spring (Mild hay-fever) His biological family
Fears: Having to break his word, Failing to become a hunter, Romantic Comedies, Actually Hurting People, His Biological Family Turning on Him, The Dark, Becoming a parent.

Talent: Demolitions Expert
Weakness Fishing

Overall Personality: Insecure is a word that often comes to mind when describing Pluton, often accompanied by the word angry. Despite his proneness to explosive bouts of anger his insecurity makes it such that he continuously feels a need to impress almost constantly, failure to do such is the very reason he grows so angry. He will make jokes, often at the expense of others and on rare occasion himself, and commit outlandish acts in order to garner attention and respect. These are not limited to but include; property damage, larceny, getting arrested, eating foods he doesn’t like, spending money he can’t afford to and sleeping rough outside someone’s house for weeks on end just to get their attention.    

Despite how insecure he is internally, externally he shows extreme bravado in his actions. It is incredibly rare for him to change his stances on anything once he has stated it for fear that he will be seen as weak. This is especially the case when it comes to how he regards family and his views on hunting. The former being that family is not bound by blood, rather by interaction and experience, and the latter being that he would be a better hunter than any currently in the business… incorrect as that may be. He’s not the sharpest tool in the shed, though he’s thick skinned enough to deal back insults and punishment when they are dealt upon him with severity and accuracy. If you take a shot at him it’ll hurt, but he’ll not let you see him bleed and for certain shoot back.

He is quite materialistic, despite his lack of money, and does covet fancy or expensive things… more due to their value than the fact that he likes them. Even when he was living with his parents they weren’t the richest of families. When it comes to romance, Pluton has been known to get quite strong crushes… but lacks the experience or maturity to advance further than awkwardly acting up in front of them and attempting to look cool and strong around them. Despite his fear of becoming a parent his cooking and cleaning skills are certainly not bad... even if he struggles to keep things orderly. It's a very clean kind of mess.

Aura type: Power
Aura Color: Red
Semblance: Though he doesn’t know it, his aura having not even been unlocked, Pluton’s semblance is the ability to detonate the aura that coats his body and clothing. It’s really that simple, by channelling his aura he is capable of creating explosions at any point on his body. The specific location on his body glowing his aura’s signature Red as it is compiled. The areas of his body which can be covered in this explosive aura range from a palm sized circle to his entire body, the larger the area covered the larger the explosion will be. In coating a large portion of his body he launches himself in the direction opposite to the explosion, as such he could focus the aura onto his feet and grant himself additional movement mid-air. These explosions do not harm him, assuming he’s able to execute a landing strategy.

Item 1/2: (Weapon/Physical Amour) Pluton bought his equipment from a rather shady outlet in Vale, this meant he got it at a good price but it’s reliability and usability are… questionable. For his lien he got a collection of six metal blades, stored in a glorified record holder box which is impractical to draw them from. Each is twenty five centimetres in radius. This is too big to be comfortably held, so you’d think there’s be a side or point where the disks have a hole for gripping… but being so cheaply made they do not. Spikes circle the entirety of the disks, each an equilateral three centimetre long triangle. In another man’s hands they’d probably be too heavy for throwing, they are rather difficult for him to but with practice he’ll probably get it down, in punching with them he risks digging the points into his palm.

Now, this is “equipment” and not just a weapon because of, above any other factor, how poor Pluton is. He had intended to also buy a fully plated suit of armour from the shady weapon's dealer in Vale… not realizing how expensive the production of reliable full body armour was. Not wanting to waste the extra money on the likes of a vest or a shield it was suggested by the vendor that he simply use the disks as armour. They can be used as rather terrible makeshift shields, on account of the lack of holding point but their large and strong disk shape, or stowed around his body in order to act more like the suit of armour he so wanted. Granted, the disks are quite large and he has no methods of attaching them to his body currently. He’ll probably invest in internal pockets for his hoodie or some other method of holding them around his body.

History and Sample
Pluton, nicknamed Tartar for both his white hair and the bizarre cravings for fish his mother had while he was in the womb, was born into a family of well regraded hunters in Vaccuo, even if they were little known. He was the eldest of three brothers, born on consecutive years after him, and as a result there was a lot of pressure put onto him from even a young age. Having two hunters for parents there was a lot of time where the three sons would be left to their own devices however while the other two would play and rest Pluton had to do chores around the house and simply keep an eye on his brothers. While this lessened with age he always felt that he was never really paid the respect he deserved nor given a childhood of his own. As a result “Tartar” would act out, disobeying his parents and as a result was never trained by them to be a hunter. He even refused to let them unlock his aura.

Instead the vast majority of Pluton’s training consisted of frankly ridiculous goals he set himself. Running ludicrous circuits, beating down walls with his bare fists, swimming in the winter sea and so much more. This was more for his family’s attention than to train himself, not that he’d admit it, and it unfortunately did not have the desired results. Rather his parents were much too focused on his brothers who at this time were starting to go out on missions with them, believing that Pluton had no ambition to become a huntsman as he rejected their training.

With time his brothers would become better and better huntsmen, eventually leaving home for the academy local academy in Vaccuo at ages 18 and 17 respectively, the same place their parents had learned to hunt. Meanwhile Pluton began to act out more and more. They’d hear from him less than once a week, his bedroom went unused for months on end, eventually his parents went out on a yearlong expedition; leaving him only a note and a little lien to make his way; telling him to get a job of some sort. Outraged he charged on the Academy his brothers had joined, intent on becoming a huntsman, only to be repelled by the academy. In acting out he hadn’t received any qualifications and with the small sum of money he had received there was no way he’d be able to buy his way in. His own brothers escorted him from the grounds, kicking and screaming he’d be better than them.

Outraged by what he felt was a betrayal, the brothers he had raised pulling him from his dream, he spent most all his money on a one way ticket to Atlas, an academy which had asked students from all over the globe to come to its academy. It seemed pretty accepting of people, even without credentials… right? Wrong, upon arriving in Atlas he made it into the entrance examinations… but no further than then. Despite having above average strength and extreme fortitude from his ridiculous training; he had no experience with weapons, grimm or martial arts and his aura was not unlocked. His anger only growing greater at this his next aim was Beacon… but he didn’t have any money for the transport cross-continent. For two whole years he kept applying and acting out to get the academy’s attention… only to eventually be barred from the grounds having blown a fuse, fighting (and losing to) one of the students.

So he did what any sound individual with a dream would do… he simply stowed away on a shipping vessel in a last ditch effort; this time directly to Mistral. He was successful, not being caught on the fish vessel however upon arriving his lack of qualifications, references and money made it impossible for him to get a place in the school. Things didn’t go particularly well from there, being evicted from the grounds he went on a rampage of sorts… but was quickly stopped by a graduated hunter. Left in the hospital for a good few weeks.

He believed Beacon to be his last chance, as he had even while he was in Atlas. Once more he stowed away on a boat and made it to Vale… he was found in the boat midway through the voyage, but he made it there. He was taken in by the police and fined for the remainder of his money, what belongings he had packed were repossessed in order to pay his fare. Now with only the clothes he wore he made his way to Beacon… however when they performed a background check and found not only had he recently been convicted on his initial arrival but he had been barred from entry to Atlas’ own academy as well as Mistral’s… the trend only continued.

For a year he was stuck in Vale, doing odd jobs and often resorting to stealing. It was while there that he heard of a new academy which had just opened and seemed to take in all manner of people. He used what little money he had to buy what he thought was a semi-decent weapon he could maybe use and a ticket to reach the academy itself. Unfortunately he was once again under the required levels of qualifications, with no money to buy himself in nor reference from an established hunter nor any other avenue into the school. If his family were a little better known or he had any way to verify he was related to them he may have gotten in? But alas his grudge against them and pride wouldn’t allow him to ride on their shoulders. Now stuck in Bellemuse Pluton sleeps rough, he’s going to channel his vendetta against the school. Beat down some hunters, take down some Grimm and get stronger. Then they’ll have to let him in!... Right?[ Heck, forget it. He doesn’t need education to be a great hunter!...Does he?
RP Sample:
Rock met with window in an explosive display, hardly kissing the surface before shatters and screams could be heard from within. Waiting just a moment to lock eyes with the man within Pluton then took off in a mad dash, sliding over the top of a car and sprinting deep into an alleyway. He had a lot of stamina, running from Bellmuse centre toward the outskirts with only a momentary break to drink out of a fountain. Finding himself in the woods at the city’s edge he leant against a tree, sweat pouring down his forehead and stifled for breath. Despite this however, keeping up appearances to no-one in particular, he let out a murmured and wheezy cackle… unwittingly giving out his position to a large Beowulf that at the forest edge.

Before he could even think to react the beast let out a powerful roar, a slash gracing his cheek. Tumbling to the ground like a sack of potatoes Pluton was first gripped with shock, then a feeling of somewhat intense anger. Slowly rising to his feet he was once again beaten down by the wolf. Pinned he threw a punch at it’s jaw, driving the beast off of him for a moment and triumphantly rising to his feet. He was certain he could take the beast but… in the end, it was lucky that old man had called the police.

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2 Re: Pluton Cronus (Done) on Fri Apr 14, 2017 10:14 pm

Yeah sure, this is done

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3 Re: Pluton Cronus (Done) on Mon Apr 17, 2017 7:43 pm

You have the Power Aura and since you're civilian, wasn't sure if you just didnt note the additional str stat granted, or if you gave yourself less overall stat as an civilian xD. Everything seem in place though

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