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Artemis Automata: "I think we went overkill, guys..." [W.I.P]

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Artemis Nobushi
Enrollment Form

Basic info
Name: Artemis Automata - CER-A1 (Combat Efficiency Robot - Type A, Model 1. Code name, Angel of Death.)
Age: Since full body completion and programming, Two Months (Appears about 20)
Birthday: February
Gender: Feminine looking genderless entity (Artemis currently is a ken doll, she currently possesses nothing except for simplistic form. Key word, "currently".)
Race: Android
Height: 5'6"
Weight: 328 lbs
Face Claim: 2b - NieR: Automata

STR: 6 (5+1)
DEF: 3
RES: 1
SPT: 3
Aura 100|200 HP

Major: Citizen
Likes: -At this current point in time she very simply loves everything.
-Unaware of it currently, Artemis really likes cute things.
-Unaware of it currently, Artemis greatly enjoys eating food even though she does not require it.
Dislikes: -Artemis harbours an extreme hatred for people restraining her.
-Artemis currently does not enjoy physical contact with other people that she does not initiate.
-Artemis dislikes extremely hot or extremely cold temperatures.
Fears: -Artemis fears that she will have tests done on her again; she wants nothing to do with them.
-Artemis fears being stripped of the freedom that she enjoys so much.
-Artemis fears death, even if she is unaware of the concept of death in the first place.
Talent: Fighting
Weakness Social Interaction
Overall Personality: Artemis, as an entity not even classifiable as an android for her lack of emotion, has quickly gone from kill bot, to sentient, self aware AI. Very quickly.

Currently Artemis displays very little emotion, her AI still not developed fully and her brain still holding as much information as that of a two month old child. As such, she is curious about everything.
Artemis can never know everything, but she wants to. Her greatest desire is to understand all that there is to understand, to see all that there is to see, but the sad thing is that no matter how hard she will try, she can never completely understand any aspect of herself, let alone of anything else.

Other beings confuse her. Why do they look that way, why was she modeled after them, what is she? Artemis is clueless as to what humans look like, and she doesn't even know what a dog, cat, tree, or even a flower are. Her understanding of the English language is extremely poor, leading her to be socially awkward, in a way. She often confuses tenses, typically referring to words in the past or future tense, whilst talking in the present.

The girl does, however, have a very good understanding of the human anatomy. She knows this because it is what she was made to kill. She knows complex words describing anything to do with murder, and she could draw a perfectly accurate picture of the human body.

Overall, Artemis is simply in development. Currently, she is still rather emotionless and yet endlessly curious, but in the future she will have a desire to be more than just curious.

She wants to evolve.

Artemis's body is all firm metal, save for the chest, cheeks, and rear, and even still they're quite solid as well. The rest of her body is all cold, hard, reinforced metal.
Artemis, on a good day and in peak condition, can jump approximately two stories in the air (With a charge, of course). She can also, when solely focused on it, run at approximately 30-40 miles per hour. On a good day with absolutely perfect conditions she can max out at 45 mph. When preoccupied, or attempting to attack, Artemis will typically reach a solid speed of 20-25 mph. Despite her body being 328 pounds she is seemingly lightweight and agile.
Artemis's chassis is extremely resistant to bullets and sharp objects. The only damage done is simply kinetic energy and transfer of momentum from a small point to a small point. Blunt objects like bats and hammers work best. It even gets to the point where after a few hits from a blunt object, Artemis will suffer from blunt force trauma and momentarily shut down to re-calibrate.

Artemis's situation adaption programming is disfunctional, and this also means that Artemis's body is capable of altering itself completely. She can develop organs, she can adapt her brain to take in other information, anything, really. Artemis has also programmed herself to change eye colour based on emotion because she is subconciously aware that she can not display it. She can also change hair colour for the same reason.
Finally, Artemis can change her hair length. This feature was intended to change her appearence, even if it was so slight.

Aura type: Strength
Aura Color:
Item 1: -Tier 1 weapon- From Artemis's elbow to her wrist can split open and apart, revealing a small hollow compartment containing what looks like the hilt of a katana. Artemis can take the hilt out and extend the blade to a total six feet, including the hilt.
Item 2: -Tier 1 fire dust- Artemis's right shoulder has a small hatch, which contains dozens of small capsules shaped like rounded cylinders. These are the cases for incendiary grenades, and if Artemis throws one of them after placing fire dust in it, it will explode on contact and set the area on fire.
Artemis's right forearm can pop up a trapezoidal prism, with a circular hole on the front face. This is a missile launcher, and if she places fire dust in the "rocket", whatever it comes into contact with when it explodes will be set on fire.
Both of Artemis's palms can open up to reveal thin silver nozzles, and if fire dust is placed into a hatch near her wrists then her hands act as flamethrowers.

History and Sample
Apparently there was trouble overseas from Bellmuse. Details were classified but whatever it was, the good guys weren't winning.
So up started a program, a top secret program, to build a one man army specifically designed to kill everything and reduce human casualties. This project was so secret that the complex didn't even have any form of connection with the headquarters, meaning that if everybody there were to die, nobody would be the wiser.

They called this entity Artemis Automata.

Artemis Automata was built for one sole purpose.


Coming into the world, Artemis harboured no emotion, no motives, no reason to exist. She didn't know why she was made, nor could she question it. She didn't even know that she couldn't. She didn't know anything, and she didn't know that either.
Her brain was a simple thing, probably the easiest part of her creation. Just kill what you are ordered to.
It was only the easiest part because they screwed up.

The first month was perfectly fine. Artemis's routine stayed simple.

The first day nothing happened. She just hung from the ceiling of her dome, not yet sentient, not yet aware, not yet capable of doing anything. Her memory was nothing but code. She could have moved at any time she pleased, but she just couldn't understand what she was, where she was, why she was.
A week later, and Artemis began coming to. Her eyes were almost always blocked with a black blindfold, but she could never tell, because she hadn't opened them until that single moment.

Another week and Artemis began testing. She was, of course, extremely efficient at slicing through the targets, she could throw the grenade, shoot the rocket, and use the flamethrower. Her weapons system was fully functional, she could mow down rows and rows of targets, and she felt no emotion doing so. Just like she should.

The first month was over, it was now March. Nothing happened on her monthly birthday, of course. Killing machines didn't get parties. The only present she got was sturdier chains.

It was now, though, she began evolving.

And that, was very very bad.

Artemis became self aware. She began questioning orders, wondering why she was here, wondering why she was treated like she was. She was developing an Artificial Intelligence, even though that went against every piece of coding she had. Except for one.

Artemis was programmed to adapt to her surroundings, to evolve, to do all that good stuff. The first puzzle was how she had developed emotion alongside it. She was only supposed to adapt strategies, yet someone she was adapting herself as a whole. The second mystery was how it was activated.
They hadn't turned the adaption feature on yet, so that would mean that Artemis herself turned it on.

They were doomed from the start.

It was mid-April, and it was the exact day Artemis had been created on, two months later. It was then that everything went bad. Very simply, Sh*t hit the fan.

She mercilessly slaughtered her way to the outside world, ruthlessly killing each and every individual organism in the process. Dogs, cats, fish, birds, anything that moved had been eviscerated.

Now free in the world, Artemis simply walked out of wherever she was, and went on a multiple day journey before eventually arriving in Bellmuse. Her previously displayed anger had transformed into endless curiosity, the world around her seeming so magnificent, so brilliant, so beautiful... It was the best thing she had ever witnessed in her short life and she loved it.

And so the supposed "emotionless killbot" was now loose in Bellmuse, and being anything but emotionless.
RP Sample:
Artemis shook, the cold metal restraints of her cuffs and chains rubbing up against her metallic arms as she did so - she couldn't feel it of course, just like she couldn't feel anything else. She couldn't see either, the black blindfold wrapped around her head, over her eyes, blocking her visual receptors from seeing anything but black.

She hated it, she hated it, she hated it. She hated every single thing about this place. She did the tests, she hit the targets, what else did they want from her? Her painfully simplistic mind couldn't fathom why she was even made.

Was there an outside?

Was there something more, something better, waiting for her on the outside? Waiting on the outside of this simplistic, repetitive hell?

She shook again, her three hundred twenty eight pound body dangling loosely in the air. Her arms wouldn't rip out of their sockets, it was too heavily armoured. Nothing could rip them out, nothing. She had tried. She had tried to rip them off and be free, but it wouldn't work. It was inhumane, how they held her. Chained to the ceiling of a large glass and metal dome about thirty feet high and ninety feet in diameter. Her feet didn't even touch the ground or at least a support. She just hung in the air.

Artemis wanted out. She wanted out... She wanted...

She wanted?

What was this, she thought? What was this feeling...?


Suddenly Artemis was enveloped in a burning hatred. She wanted down, she wanted out, she wanted to rip everything to shreds, and she wanted it all now.
The supposed "mindless entity" was very quickly wanting more and more, and soon enough the chains did too. They wanted to break. As she continued to writhe, wiggle, and squirm around in the air, the supports the chains were connected to began groaning. Nobody was around, they were all on break, but Artemis simply knew it as the time they weren't in here poking her.

A louder tearing sound, before the chains abruptly snapped off of the supports, leaving Artemis to fall limply, face first, to the ground. A loud, metallic clang, followed by the blaring of sirens and flashes of red. Again, Artemis couldn't see it but she had associated sirens with red flashy lights. She reached up to curiously pull the blindfold up, revealing her eyes. Normally a greyish blue, they now burned red with a furiously hot intensity.

She looked around with an overwhelmingly unfitting innocence, her face twisted into one of curiosity, playfullness, and confusion. A tiny smile danced its way onto her metallic lips as she, for once, felt happy. It didn't last long, however, as a few seconds later guards armed with shock batons rushed in to contain her. Her simple minded programming alerted her that these people were a threat, and needed to be dealt with accordingly.

One man rushed forward, the other two staying back to prevent further injuries. As he simply thrusted the baton forwards Artemis dodged, spinning along the edge of the weapon before twirling it into a roundhouse kick, sending the man flying into the wall of the dome. She did not hesitate to swiftly wrap her armour plated fingers around the padded handle of the baton, and stab it directly into the next man's chest.

Applying more pressure, Artemis literally lodged the shock baton into her victim's stomach, before violently ripping it back out. A thick, red liquid began pouring out of his chest as he spasmed fom the dual sensations of pain shock and electrical shock, before he fell to the ground, dead. His partner actually managed to get a hit in, jabbing her in the flank with the electrified weapon. Artemis very briefly spasmed rather violently, before whipping around, ripping the thing away from him, and wrapping her cold, metallic fingers around his face.

Slowly, curiously, Artemis lifted the man off of the ground, holding him up in the air by nothing but his face. Her head fell to the side in an oh-so-innocent head tilt, looking intruigued by the horrid sounds he made. He made these sounds because Artemis was, in fact, slowly crushing the front half of his skull, simply curious as to what would happen.
Her grip grew tighter, the screams grew louder, with more and more gurgles. She noticed a red fluid trailing down her arm, the source being his mouth and now broken nose.

Artemis let out a giggle, surprising herself as she covered her mouth with her fingertips in response to the unfamiliar sound. It was cute, she thought.
What did cute mean...?

All these new things, these new feelings! They were amazing, and she didn't even know what most of them were!

Too busy caught up in her own thoughts to hear his sad, gurgling pleas for mercy, she almost jumped when she heard a loud crack, cutting off one final sceam. She watched with never ending interest as blood rushed from where she had held him. It flowed in between her fingers, coated her hand, covered her arm. The metallic appendage was laced with blood, as was her face from the splatter of literally breaking his skull.

Dropping the now horribly deformed man, she casually walked to the opened door of the dome, before simply stepping outside. She then proceeded on to wipe the entire building clean of life, picking up her Katana and a few vials of fire dust in the process. Nothing was left. Goldfish in tanks, pet dogs, every single living thing was eviscerated. Until she came to the front doors.

She reached for the handle...

She twisted the knob...

Opened the door...

And stepped outside into the clean, fresh air.

Ah... Freedom...

Freedom at last...

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