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What a funny doe bunny dough. (ena/merlynn (closed))

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"what a craptastick day this has been....First the blind date ends up being a snob and then then after all of that he expects me the lady to pay for it." merlynn was yelling at a sniveling whelp of  man with way to fancy of a look. "look just shoo before i pulverize you. an stain my wet suit with your blood..GET!" she kicked the bench a man was crying on as he ran off cry he was going home to mommy. merlynn was so frustrated right now that just about anything might cause her to enter a fight.  she clenched her fist and started to count in one hand seconds as the time went on.  Yes she had been trying out these date sites on the net for locals to meet but every time she ether fell asleep or they just rubbed her the wrong way.   finally she stopped fuming as she brought her left hand to her face and wiped it seeing as people had seen her outburst and looked awkwardly at her.    

with the look of disapproval she crossed her arms and with a rather bored expression on it.  "so do any of you want to fight?" she said as if it was almost not a choice. but she left the offer open to any one willing to attempt. at this moment merlynn was in the mind set of blowing off some steam an for her that was fighting or training.

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Ena Lilina
Ena swung the cloth bag back and forth slowly as she walked. Glass jars clicked together in a dull symphony, the leftovers of the fruit preserves she had been asked to take to the market by her father. A scowl painted her face, having been at the farmers market for five hours but only was able to sell three of the jars. Someone had set up their own preserves and even the hare had to admit that they tasted better than hers. Sweeter, unlike the unaltered fruit she had grown with her semblance.

Yet on her way home something was amiss. On the other side of the street that she walked on a crowd had formed and shouting she could hear from her faunus ears. "Well I don't want to look or anything." Ena said to herself while laughing at her own joke. She made it to the crowd as soon as some snobbish looking man fled with tails between his legs, figuratively since the hare could not tell if he actually had a tail or not. And then some woman was shouting, calling everyone out for a fight. It was actually kind of funny to watch. Though the hare figured what she would do, she was not certain that she should. If someone ignored the horned woman then everything would fade in time and nothing would come of it.

But what would be the fun in that? Reaching into her bag, Ena pulled out a pair of spiked knuckles. Fitting a dust vial into each of the grips, the huntress stepped forwared after slipping the weapons onto her fists. "Maybe you shouldn't make so much noise, someone might have to shut you up." Ena said while calmly laying her bag on the ground at her feet, pushing through the crowd. "Now that person has arrived, so how many teeth do I need to knock out so this can end?"

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finally merlynn for once herd some one speak up, her anger was reduced to a small simmer as she noticed another female faunus was challenging her.. this girl was a tall girl easy to tell by the fact she looked so slim. she did a quick glance at the one talking about removing a few teeth from her. while merlynn had no weapon on hand that did not by any means anything to her as she noticed it seem the rabbit seemed to prefer up close combat. The spiked knuckles gave that away right off the bat.

"so you accepting my challenge that good because its been far too long. i need a good beating you think you can give it to me there bunny fufu?" merlynn was teasing her because the large tall bunny ears stood out much like her horns. having yet to take a stance for the fight, but was ready at a moments noticed. but she observed very closely the rabbit looked fast maybe it was because of the ears. but that means merlynn was going to need to over power her opponent or maybe match speed. all would be chosen once the fight begins. "you move first lets not take all day cream puff i'm sure this is just going to be a warm up for the day." taking a stance her left hand was clenched and she had no weapons nothing on her other then a single vial of dust but hoping it wouldn't come to that it was hidden in side her wet suit hidden between her cleavage more because it was a simple way to carry it. merlynns dress waved a little in the wind hiding one of her legs.

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(i'm closing the topic ena i think this is a topic we will have to do another time when we are both more active.)

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