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Another Start (open)

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1 Another Start (open) on Tue Apr 18, 2017 9:09 pm

Zacharias stepped into the courtyard walking with his staff. He stoped for a moment to gather his surroundings. He sighed and closed his eyes. This feels like my first day at Signal all over again. Best not to embarrass my self on the first day. He opened his eyes and continued to walk avoiding eye contact with people.

His eyes started to droop. " Ugh. I should have slept on the way over like uncle told me.", he muttered to himself. He suddenly opened his eyes realizing he was on a collision course with another student. In his attempt to avoid the person as quick as he could, he clumsily fell with his staff.  

On the ground Zacharias just rolled his eyes hoping only a few other saw his quite ungraceful fall. I just had to think of it didn't I. Jinxing myself once again. I need to get a grip.

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2 Re: Another Start (open) on Wed Apr 19, 2017 9:55 pm

Zacharias picked himself up from the ground. He wiped himself off and said a quick sorry before storming to another part of the courtyard. Great I have embarrassed my self and I have no idea what I am doing. He slumps his head as he scans for something to sit on and collect his thoughts. He eventually settled himself on an open bench.

Zacharias looked around once more with his sleepy eyes to see the architecture of Syne Academy. He smashed his head into his staff in frustration. "What am I doing? I doubt anyone I know is here. Welcome to Syne Zacharias, a new opportunity for greatness and achievement. Also your new educational prison for the next few years if I keep embarrassing myself. ", he said to himself.

He looked at all the people walking around the commons studying their physical details. I guess I could use some more color in the future. After all, I could use a bit more variety in my presence.

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3 Re: Another Start (open) on Sat Apr 29, 2017 8:01 am

It had taken a little bit of effort for sure, waiting till the front desk was empty before slipping in, but he had done it! Pluton, a man who rarely dared to show subtlety, has managed to sneak into Syne Academy. Well... he assumed sneak, little did he know anyone could walk onto the grounds, there had been nothing keeping him from just walking past the desk when it was full. Regardless; he was feeling pretty slick and cool, that was what mattered above all else. A broad and goofy smirk on his face, he had entered the courtyard.

Having been rejected from the school only a few days prior, his lack of experience and skill being sited, the tall man wasn't particularly pleased with the hunting school. Perhaps that was putting it too lightly, to be frank he was livid, but regardless he had decided to show his face around the establishment. Standing near the centre of the courtyard he removed his bag from his back, opening it and clumsily drawing two of his 25 centimetre radius metal blades before dropping it at his feet. The area was constructed of thick concrete with patches of garden dotted throughout, the occasional tree placed there also. While it wasn't exactly a busy day there were three or four small huddles of hunters in training.

Without hesitation he screamed across the yard, still smirking wildly, "Hey! I bet I can take any of useless students on! Let's go! I'll crush you all like bugs!"

He was met by a resounding silence throughout the courtyard... followed by the students returning to their conversations. It seemed as though none of them were going to step to him. Were they afraid of him?! No. They simply didn't want to waste their time on some rilled up newbie probably. Didn't stop him from smirking so stupidly though.

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4 Re: Another Start (open) on Sun Apr 30, 2017 9:38 pm

"Hey, could you be quiet? Some of us have come here for quiet and not to spar.", Zacharias gave him a small glance as he moved his hair away from his face. I should not be too worried about him. He might pursue to argue but I wont fight. I guess I will just have to avoid his smirk for the time being.

He remained on the bench and lounged back looking around the surrounding area. He wanted to leave but his body just told him to relax on the bench. I have some time to chill. Hopefully I will meet someone nice and useful in the time being. The man is not helping very much. Maybe if I just ignore him long enough he will go away. Zacharias avoided looking at the man who just shouted at everyone. He did not want to be involved in an altercation on his first day.

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5 Re: Another Start (open) on Thu May 04, 2017 6:46 am

Being met with silence Pluton couldn't help but frown, large black brows furrowing as he scanned the area around him. Only one student had spoken out and even then he had attempted to silence Pluton, still wearing his deep frown he turned to the man who had shouted back; still armed with two disks and a good five or so meters away from him. Similar to pluton he had purple eyes, his hair was a touch darker than pluton's stark white, it was almost like looking at a shorter-posher version oh himself. Guy looked like he couldn't take a punch, let alone throw one. Had some kind of big dumb stick, probably for fighting with. Wasn't even sharpened, how did he expect to win any kind of fights?

Pluton, frown dissipating, now smirked at the man; "What? You're a hunter yet a little noise is scarin' ya? Shouldn't you be tougher than that?! If you wanted peace and quiet there's probably a library, I wanna roughhouse and unless that happens any time soon I'm just going to keep shouting, there's not a single thing you can do about it... outside fight me yourself!"

It was an incredibly basic and rather childish taunt but it seemed like the kind of thing that would do the trick! Having encountered and fought and lost to hunters from other academies he wanted to understand how strong the ones here were, whether they could match up to the beating he'd received!

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6 Re: Another Start (open) on Thu May 04, 2017 6:57 pm

Having been with a group of other students talking while the whole ordeal with the yelling imbecile that had walked into the courtyard had unfolded Lothric couldn't really help but chuckle lightly at his childish taunt, not that he didn't want to duel this person but he had witheld the urge to fight this person as he was occupied with talking but he had to admit that this guy was annoying him and as Lothric was fully equipped in armor and sword in sheath at his side it wouldn't be completely bothersome to fight him.

The crowd he was with took one look at the newcomer and then back to Lothric as chuckled as they seemed to have found out his intentions before even he had made up his mind but here it came as obvious to others as it was to him. Lothric placed his helmet onto his head once more and drew his sword before scraping the tip on the ground, as sparks began to form Lothric used them to conjure forth flames that started to spread up his sword and arms until they reached his shoulders where they started to float behind him as he moved closer to the challenger.

Wanting to make sure he got the foolish boy's attention Lothric swung his sword in an upwards arc once and the fire on his blade flew forward in a line from the ground and three meters in height as it moved in front of the boy yelling taunts and insults towards the students. Lothric wanted to make sure his intention got across to this one and as the fire flew past him he spoke with a commanding and stern voice "If thee seeketh a thrashing so eagerly I will oblige thy wish. But be warned should you loose I want thee to apologies to the collective students of this Academy or I shall do more then just beat thee."

Lothric hoped he was clear enough for the boy and not that he would actually have to strike first even tho he was wondering about it but alas that time that sorrow, Lothric had as of now made a commitment of fighting this person in a duel until either yield or was unable to fight properly. Tho Lothric would most likely just stop the duel when either was close to being beaten or if the boy was still annoying him just knock him out if at all possible.

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7 Re: Another Start (open) on Sat May 06, 2017 10:13 pm

Zacharias looked at the man in armor as flames came from his blade came onto the ground. He carefully studied the details of his armor. Well this should be an interesting fight. Some entertainment would not hurt. He laid back in his seat and pulled out a small notepad and pencil. He began to draw the image of the man in armor as approached the man with blades. He did not bother to draw the other man, the thought of him only brought disgust to the mind.

He ran his hand through his hair again. "If you are going to fight you should make it quick. I don't think either of you wish to be caught." He continues to draw with his staff resting on his shoulder. This has been quite the first day hasn't it. Someone already wants to fight me there might be an actual fight before my eyes. Uncle won't believe this at all when I write to him.

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8 Re: Another Start (open) on Sun May 07, 2017 8:05 am

"S-S-Seekith? The-Thee?" A deep and hearty guffaw began to emerge from the man's throat. This guy, this weird fire guy, he talked like some old geezer lost in a new time! Pluton slowly began to return from his laughing. For a moment, well a good few seconds, Pluton had been intimidated by the fire and had taken a good few steps back... but now hearing the knight's chosen form of speech the taller white haired man couldn't help but chuckle. "You put on a big scary light-show then you lead with that? It couldn't be something cooler, or maybe even hotter? Prepare to feel the heat? If you can't take the heat step out the fire? Stop trying to burn-den the academy... I dunno, you're the one throwing the fire about. You should have at least thought up something? Do you even have technique names? What's your sword called?"

Pluton however did not wait for an answer, hearing the man on the bench again Pluton's whimsey was dampened, turning back to the man he responded in a tone drenched in sarcasm, "Yeah, I'm super sure your school hates it when students train against each other and try to become better even outside their classes. I'm sure they'd be super mad about that. I'm sure they don't want their pupils to test themselves, super sure. Why don't you just stay over there on your bench and watch, 'less you want in on this?"

Granted, there were locations and facilities in the academy for this kind of thing... it just so happened that Pluton had no idea where they were. He reached down and into his bag, drawing the remaining four disks and holding them in his left hand. He walked a good ten paces away from the man, broad smirk once again returning. "Alright then, alright then! Let's get down to it!" Without hesitation he tossed the disk from his right hand at the man. Pluton, now fresh off of his first combat encounter with a pig like grimm, was a little bit more confident in his skill with his weaponry (this had prompted this whole attack on the school) but the throw itself was a little sloppy. Underhanded and spinning clockwise, what had been intended to collide with the man's face would more than likely hit his chest if it wasn't deflected. With that he drew another two disks into his right hand raising both wads as makeshift shields and smirked as if to draw the man in closer... not realising he could probably just toss a fire-bolt from over there and hit him.

Having only just learned the basics of semblance from a strange non-student well... he would learn their limitations or fry.

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9 Re: Another Start (open) on Mon May 15, 2017 12:16 pm

Letting out a sigh Lothric swung his sword in a slightly lazy fashion towards the disk using just enough force to deflect it towards the side so it crashed into the ground beside him. "I swear brainless morons like you are truly not worth the effort. Alas I have taken thine challange and must thusly cause you defeat. Tho I will delight as you suffer..." Lothric spoke in a cold and stern tone as he moved his gaze from the disk towards this waste of breath that he had chosen to fight, still if he beat him Lothric knew that it would hurt this guy on some level if not physically and that thought made him smile.

"Naming thine attacks would be pointless, why should I hand my enemy more information about my attack then what is visually presented?" the cold tone to his voice was still hanging in the air as he spoke again. Lifting his left hand upwards and opening his palm Lothric couldn't help but chuckle as he would delight in burning this one. The fire crawled up his form and gathered into a ball of fire five meters in diameter, walking slowly towards his opponent the fire burst forth from his hand and shot up into the sky as Lothric suddenly rushed towards Pluton. Grabbing the handle of his sword with both hands he allowed it to drag behind him as he closed the distance between them, the fireball suddenly shot from above towards Pluton aiming to hit him in the back and send him stumbling towards Lothric. Utilizing this strategy Lothric swung his sword in an upwards arc when he was within one meter from his opponent aiming for the right arm just between the elbow and palm, when the sword had reached head height he swung it downwards in a diagonal swing aiming towards the right shoulder just between the neck and shoulder blade. Utilizing the momentum of his attacks Lothric spun around once and swung his sword horizontally making the most of the momentum and aiming it just above waist height.

Hp 150/150 Sp 140/160

Defence 1: Deflected attack 0 dmg taken.

Attack 1: Fireball towards Back 20 SP Dmg.
Attack 2: Upwards swing towards R-arm 40 Dmg.
Attack 3: Downwards swing towards R-shoulder 40 dmg.
Attack 3: Horizontal swing towards just above waist 40 dmg.

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10 Re: Another Start (open) on Fri May 26, 2017 1:20 pm

"I mean, that doesn't prevent you from naming your sword something cool or-

Then the man suddenly created a gigantic fireball and sent it into the air, briefly dumfounding Pluton. He had seen semblances, he had even had one briefly explained to him, but he hadn't seen semblances used like this. Not so openly, not so largely, not so plainly used for combat. He'd seen rocks raised for throwing and such... but never flying suns? It was only with the scraping of the knight's sword against the ground that Pluton was pulled from his distraction; raising his disks as the makeshift shield they were meant to be just in time for the fireball to blast into his back.

Now, this was most probably unknown to the student, but Pluton still hadn't had his aura unlocked. He hadn't manifested his semblance as a result. He also had no defences as a result. So, as the blast cleanly hit Pluton back (well... only touching him before he rushed forward out of fright and pain from the flames licking his backside) and forced him forward. Disks in hands he faired... okay? He managed to, pretty accidentally, take the first blow to the disk in his right hand and force it away from himself. The second blow however came down clean, digging into Pluton's shoulder. While the man was free to continue with his motion... that slash laid Pluton out flat. He hit the ground with a tremendous thud, the back of his trousers and shirt lightly embered and a rather gnarly looking gash in his shoulder.

His face turning slightly pale he let out a low moan like noise akin to, "Uhhehu huh?"

Pluton HP:
300 -70 = 230

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