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Basics of Weapon Maintenance (open to 4)

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1 Basics of Weapon Maintenance (open to 4) on Sat Apr 22, 2017 12:29 am

Katt McTaggart
Katt sat down on the metal stool that served as her chair for the work bench that she had decided to use as her desk. On top of it was a small engine like what one would find on a motorcycle or moped. The classroom was far different from a normal class and was more like that of a small shop like the one she used to work in. Instead of desks there were work benches in the class. Unfortunately the class was understocked on a lot of things for her class so she had to end up making a request for more supplies. If nothing else they had these and she could go over some basic mechanical principals. This class was supposed to teach students how to fix their weapons in case they broke or for the more inclined it could teach them how to design new weapons.

Taking a look on the wall she noticed that it was almost time for her class. Without any major materials this lesson wouldn't be very hands on. Well hopefully a few of the students would have their weapons on them and she could at least try to work with them as best as she could even if she didn't have anything they could actually dismantle, well she could demonstrate on her own revolver if necessary. With a small sigh Katt st odd up and picked up the small engine before moving off to the side of the room and setting it on the floor almost loosing her balance in the process. Narrowly avoiding falling on her rear end she stood up again and looked down at her peg leg prosthetic. “Mæks me wonder how many o these students gonna be callin' me a pirate?”

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2 Re: Basics of Weapon Maintenance (open to 4) on Sat Apr 22, 2017 12:50 pm

Flash Driver
The clunk of heavy metal against floor wasn't exactly appealing to most and on this day said clunking was heavier than it had been in the past. Said clunking was a result of Flash Driver, a large android constructed with a heavy metal alloy. The additional weight in his stride was due to the box in his hand, rather than just containing his weapon the droid had brought with him a variety of parts he had in the past and could again incorporate into his body. This ranged from simple metal panels, likely ripped from scrapped cars, to replacement screens and bits of circuitry. At the bottom of the box were his tools, rather rudimentary screwdrivers and hammers and such but he found they did the job. The box itself was rather simple, like a large plastic basin.

He opened the door as gently as a massive metal android could, pushing through the door with his back before turning, and entered the exam hall. Noticing the peculiar set up, benches abound, Flash quickly made his way toward one of the front ones. He wasn't totally sure what this class would be about and was honestly a little afraid of being made an example of. Being a hulking mass of machinery, let alone such an easy one to take apart and put back together.

Regardless, making his way across the room, he couldn't help but notice a woman with a rather small engine. Unable to wave to her with his hands full the droid simply turned his telivision screen of a head, nodded slightly to her, and had his face read "Hello ^^"

Placing his box down on the dest he slowly began to remove things from it. First was his weapon, a rather plain sight it was when compared to him. A black, pump action, shotgun. That was just about all there was to the weapon. It could hold five bullets at a time before needing reloaded. He supposed the only real "Special feature" of the weapon was it's safety. Not too long ago the large droid had made the addition, the safety was pointed unlike the typical button design. This meant that Fleshy ones would have an uncomfortable time pushing it down, he didn't want anyone finding it and making any mistakes after all. Of course the button to turn the safety on was not sharpened. He had opted to bring no ammunition, after all this was a tech class and not a shooting range. That and he didn't want to risk any misfires or accidents.

He was going to take the rest of his equipment out but he opted to simply remove his tools before turning and approaching the black haired woman. It was only really now that Flash noticed her prosthetics. This however would not have the typical response one would expect when encountering a human with robot parts... in fact, it had the exact opposite.

"o.o Wow you must be really good. You've almost constructed a whole human looking body while only having those legs left of your robot stuff. That's really really impressive, it's like my friends Sno and Melany only you started looking one way... and it looks like you've successfully converted. That's awesome, how long did it take? Owo I'm Flash Driver ^^ It's nice to meet you miss?" He extended a hand to shake. Perhaps it was due to encountering so many more robots that Flash had ended up going with this train of thought, or maybe it was just because he had never encountered a human with robot parts.

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