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Underground Rave [Private W/ Xue'Shui and Akui]

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Malachite Glitch
Walking up to the stand Mal pull his laptop from his bag and placed it down. Plugging in a few cords to hook it up to the speaker system and mix tables he loaded up the software on the screen before reaching down and bringing up the goggles from around his neck and placing them over his eyes. Immediately they synced with his computer and relevant information appeared on the heads up display. As usual his headphones were already over his ears and he moved one off before playing some music to test the sound system. The rave had yet to start and he was still just setting up. The large warehouse that had been commandeered for this even was still lit as people set up the dance floor with fog machines and laser lights. Unfortunately due to this being an indoor event there would be no pyrotechnics.

“Again, thanks for agreeing to his event,” the guy who was actually responsible for this even said as he walked by carrying some equipment.

“No problem~♫”Mal responded before going back to his preparations and tests. After about thirty more minutes or so the stage was set and the lights went out. When the doors opened a crowd started to filter in. Soon the party was about to begin. The organizer came up to the stage, which was yet to be lit and grabbed the microphone to kick things off.

“Who's ready to party?” He asked in a rather dramatic voice. It was a bit cliché but it worked. The crowd cheered, of course they didn't know that Malachite was the DJ for this event, only a small handful of people did know it was meant to be a surprise. “Well we've got a special surprise tonight. Our regular DJ is out and to fill in we got someone you're sure to love. Everyone give it up for the one, the only, DJ Malachite Glitch.”

The entire thing was timed like clockwork. As soon as his name was said the stop lights over the state turned on and illuminated Malachite. In that instance the crowd lost it, most of whom knew exactly who he was. Without any words or any further delay he hit play on the music.

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