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Art of Devine Smiting (Closed/Training)

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1 Art of Devine Smiting (Closed/Training) on Thu Apr 27, 2017 7:41 am

This had been a plan long in the making. The Goddess Eminence P. Haze had relinquished her first weapon long ago, in fact the one she had currently been using for combat was supposed to be a trophy and testament to her achievements, but no more. Having handed it over to a craftsman for a week it had finally returned to her in all of it's golden glory, though this time with a literal twist. You see in using dust upon the almighty tool the sheen had grown dull; as if bludgeoning students didn't do that nearly enough. The use of water and fire upon it did nothing but worsen it's condition and so the Goddess had opted to seek out an upgrade. From the outside the mace appeared the same, crafted from gold and ancient hardwood at the handle, however within something had changed.

In exchange for a minor change in weight an area of the inside had been hollowed, the top two centimetres of the mace's head could be twisted off. Within it was almost like a revolver, there were four holes arranged in a diamond like pattern and each could hold a single crystal of dust. Numbers etched into the gold in order to show which crystal would be used first. Along the shaft of the weapon were three buttons, simple small golden balls which had previously been design intricacies. By pressing the top one she switched the weapon to dust mode, by pressing the second the weapon would switch to the next silo (though this would happen automatically were the first to empty) and finally was the bottom button to turn the dust off. Once the second button had been pressed by pressing the initial first button the silo would switch back to the previous one. When a silo was selected the mace's head would begin to absorb the dust for easy use.

Entering the training area, twirling the newly lightened mace in her right hand, she approached the dust dispensary. Upon claiming her typical dosage, a crystal of fire and a crystal of water... a curiosity began to flow within her. Perhaps it was simple excitement, brought on by this upgrade, however the Goddess opted to claim two more crystals. One of earth and most curiously of all a higher tier one, one of electricity. Of course, the dust supplied in the training area was to be kept in the training area; if one left the area with it the crystals would soon decay, but while within one was capable of practicing with the crystals. She had of course reserved a whole sparing ring to herself, she found the halls empty... she would have liked to put on a show but she supposed the students may have feared being blown away. They were correct to fear stuff.

Opening the top she slotted the crystals within; first opting to test out the earth dust she had been so drawn to, then the fire, followed by the water and concluded by the electric dust. Sealing the top once more her twirling resumed. In her spinning she, accidentally or not, hit the top button. Earth began to fly outward from the top of the mace, a circle coating the walls and floor around her. Bringing the spin to a sudden stop a wide smirk formed upon the goddess' face, it had worked! The metal of the mace's head had gained a green sheen and when she thrust it forward a wispy outline of the same colour appeared to follow. As it was thrust a mass of earth shot forth from the head... although, it was imperfect. Like a clump of rock, soil or stone naturally formed... it was was misshapen. Mildly displeased she cast it again, this time the earth was slightly rounder... and again, only a little bit rounder. She wanted to create and throw a bolder, not some mismatch of earth and stone. She cast it again and again and again, now with each attempt the earth grew no rounder yet it coated the wall opposite to her; she let out a low hiss and rose her weapon to point toward the sky.

Circling she knew she could create some great orb, she simply knew it... she however was not aware that the earth dust within had been used up. As she swirled the mace above her great orange light began to shine, the room began to warm. It didn't take her long to understand what had happened but she refused to let up; eventually swinging the mace forward a gargantuan ball of red-orange flame flew forth; obliterating the earth she had grown so mad at. It was as if a meteor had struck the earth... destroying all that lay in it's path before burning to nothing itself. She looked to her mace, now finding it tinted blue... but she was now enamoured with this brand-new technique. Raising her mace once more she only circled it three time before swinging it forward; just as expected a sea green orb of water flew forth before colliding with the opposite wall; much smaller than her prior one of fire. She performed this technique three more times before checking the mace again; the shade of blue had grown lighter. Now she was using electricity.

Having never used this dust type before, growing curious she simply swung the mace forward; lightning leaped from the head and struck the wall opposite. Smiling a wicked smile she swung it once more to the same effect; the bolt crashing into the wall. It was precise, much more than the other dust types she had used, how excellent~

Now she drew it over her head, once more rotating it as she had the last dust types... however upon sending it forward she heard a rather interesting noise. The sound of a mass of electricity, sparking maliciously to itself. As the orb of lightning collided with the wall it was incredibly bright... the Goddess couldn't help but cackle.

With that done she left the training hall, her dust used up... she supposed it was about time to gain a tier 2 dust license to go with this upgrade~

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