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Opening One's Eyes... [Hunt w/Merlynn, Flashback]

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Yogen Yōhei
Ahh, it was such a wonderful spring day: the sun was shining ever so brightly, just a couple days past a nice and refreshing rain, so the Finnek forest was still glistening and wonderfully serene; many a bird were flying and tweeting, and squirrels scampered across the ground in a hurry to gather food.

Now of course Yogen couldn't see these things, but he could sense them in other ways: via the wonderful smells and the defining sounds...and his sense of vibrations did help a bit as well.

Now, as for the reason Yogen was here? Well, he played it off to the man who brought him here in the airship that he just wanted to enjoy such a day with a morning stroll, but his actual purpose here was to survey the land outside the academy. Knowing your surroundings gave the informed many opportunities and information, which was his exact reason for being here this morning.

Surveying the Area -- Nearly Complete.

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there was a loud sound of metal and stone clanking around as the heavy sound of foot fall thumped through the under brush of the forest. there was soon a more sour sound of clanking much like a bat hitting a ball. the sound of a rock humming through the air stopped as it thumps in to a tree with a thunderous crack. the sounds of panting could be herd as the sounds of the foot folds where much lighter now. "whew that's better..." merlynn voice was faint with the whispers of being tired she would be about 500 paces away so she was not being a silent with her heavy panting that followed after her voice stopped.

the doe was wearing a ripped up skirt and some chest wraps with a torn up shirt covering it. she had a sweet yet pungent odor around her. the sweat she had worked up was easy to smell as she had been training out in the woods.

(playing for the situation merlynn has half aura. sorry it took so long hope this was good.)

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