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Rhyolo enters Syne (open)

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1 Rhyolo enters Syne (open) on Tue May 02, 2017 6:48 am

Rhyolo had gotten off of the boat and onto the island. The wind blew in his face and swept back his mohawk. He inhaled the air. It smelled better to him than the salt water he had been smelling for who know how long. The new scent smelled of pavemant, land, and other smells he couldn't mak out but were still familiar to him. the sun shone and it Reflected over the meatl on his clothes. Rhyolo then makes his way to the academy, walking steadily with his bag slung over his shoulder. He smiles as he enters the campus, seeing this is what the future had in store for him. Hopefully, everything goes right. Otherwise I'll be screwed and never achieve my goals. Rhyolo then spaces out and becomes unaware of his surroundings. He then comes back into focus as he looks around. He then looks around to finde the administration office to check in. "God, why does everything have to be so confusing. Can I ever find my way around anywhere?

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2 Re: Rhyolo enters Syne (open) on Sun May 07, 2017 7:15 pm

Madam Haze
Over this past semester something had begun to change in Madam Haze, the great Goddess Haze. Nothing mental no, alas her mental state had unfortunately remained as egotistical, argumentative and boisterous as it ever had, but physically the Goddess' state was on the up. Granted, she had never particularly dipped far in terms of physic, but with the months and weeks a more obvious and pronounced muscle tone had begun to take shape. She to had begun to notice this, the swings of her weapon were becoming faster; stronger even. She took it as the Goddess' strength only continuing to rise, however in the real world, the Goddess was once-again approaching her prime. Granted, the peak of her strength and skill around her eighteenth birthday was a ways away but she was at least now bordering on respectable.

She hadn't been paying much attention, being the Goddess that she was Madam Haze the lecturer of Combat Strategies hadn't seen much reason to. She walked along with a good pace to her step, golden mace swinging in her right hand while her handbag resided atop her left shoulder; focused upon her thoughts of the potential she had recently noticed in herself. Students knew to stay out of her way lest they feel her divine wrath. She had made herself known throughout the school for her harshness and while there were murmurings that her hiss was perhaps more deadly than her fangs the secret snake faunus would put said murmurings to rest the instant that she heard them. All it would take would be a dose of her semblance, not a lot more than that. In her walking up the school's long path and stairs; just after coming into the academy, it's castle like architecture enhanced with various lights and well painted within, her mace would twirl into and toward a mohawked student's back left shoulder-blade. Whether this golden weapon connected in it's blow or not the Goddess would simply keep walking, as if (and perhaps truthfully) unaware that she hit the boy. She stood only two inches shorter than him, dressed in her usual long-flowing dress garb. Her golden tiara sat atop her head and her hands were gloved.

If the mace does hit Rhyolo it will do damage, this is more just to make it so that if you do take the hit you don't just shrug it off or ignore it and we can actually have a thread than malicious intent XD The damage calculation is as follows for this, a physical based blow

(Haze Str x 5) + (Haze Weapon Tier x 10) - (Rhyolo Def x 5) + (Rhyolo armour x 10)

{(3 x 5) + (2 x 10)} - {(2 x 5) + (0 x 10)}

35 - 10 = 25, Rhyolo would take 25 hp damage from the blow if it lands ^^

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3 Re: Rhyolo enters Syne (open) on Sun May 07, 2017 11:08 pm

Rhyolo stands there for a second scratching his head thinking. Then suddenly he feels a sharp pain in his back as an object hits it and knocks him forward. He then loses his balance and then falls to the ground landing on his face with a loud THUD! He then proceeds to get up. He stands up straight and then he puts his hand over his left shoulder blade which was throbbing with pain. He then winced as he pressed on it feeling a bruise was forming. He the looks opens his eyes to see an older woman with a mace had passed him. He then used his logic and deducted she had hit him. He then walks up beside her and then tries to stop her by tapping on her shoulder. He then says, "Um,
excuse me miss, but i believe you hit me with your mace.
" He then studied her, She stood about two inches shorter than him. She dressed in a long-flowing dress garb with golden tiara sat and her hands were gloved. He the had two theories in mind. His first was that she was a rich noble, His second, was that she was a nut-case. Either way Rhyolo didn't want to make her mad.

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4 Re: Rhyolo enters Syne (open) on Mon May 08, 2017 7:49 am

Madam Haze
While she hardly noticed knocking the man to the ground the sudden and loud thwack as he met with the ground did not fall on deaf ears... not that she stopped moving. She was still much too busy reflecting on her thoughts to break her stride. It was only when she felt someone lay a hand upon her shoulder that she halted, the spinning of her mace stopped first before he foot planted into the ground. It was fortunate that she was wearing her short flowing cape on this day, otherwise he might have touched skin and prompted an even greater reaction from the Goddess. Regardless, someone had touched her without her permission turning on her heel the mace was brought just bellow the boy's neck. Even if she weren't under delusions of her own perfection, being a staunch germaphobe human contact wasn't something she had felt in a while nor did she enjoy it.

Haze didn't give him time to finish speaking, hardly a single word have passed his lips before she spat back with; "What makes you think you have permission to touch Madam Haze, the Goddess, head of combat strategies at this Academy? Pending your response I may find it in my endless godly love to forgive you, but you best watch your tongue lest you loose it. One misstep will mean detention, and with myself I'm sure you know fine well how dangerous that can be." Purple smoke spread backward from her extended hand, rather than toward the young man it spread up to the shoulder he had touched. The toxic purple smoke gave off the scent of a ridiculously powerful detergent, coating the entirety of her shoulder before vanishing to nothing.

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5 Re: Rhyolo enters Syne (open) on Mon May 08, 2017 5:42 pm

Rhyolo stares down at the mace being pointed at him. The young man then put his hands up and and takes in the information. The woman then proceeds to threaten him with detention while also calling herself a goddess. He then thinks, Oh god, she is a nut case. He then continues to listens as she continues to threaten him and her telling him she is the combat strategies teacher, aka the corse he wants to go into. He then notices the smell in the air of detergent that wasn't there before. He then shrugs it off and assumes his nose was messing with him. He then proceeds to think about his answer before he speaks due to the fact he doesn't want to get tenderized like a steak and he doesn't want to blow his chance to get into the school.He then breaths in and says, "Uhm, Hello, I'm Rhyolo. I'm new here and please don't smash my face in. All I wanted to say is that you hit me with your mace back there." He then points to the mace and takes a step back.

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6 Re: Rhyolo enters Syne (open) on Thu May 11, 2017 1:17 pm

Madam Haze
"I am fully aware, you were in my way, that's no reason to dare lay hands on the Goddess Madam Haze. I will ask again, why did you think it right to dare touch me? Do you perhaps not know my name little bug? I've already spoken it to you, does it not resound in your ears properly? I teach all who walk these halls and I am rightly feared by them if you do not fear me now you will come to in time. Dare not even look about my majesty if you know what's good for you." The mace head was still aimed to his chin, dangerously close as if a snake sizing up a throat in preparation to lunge. A snake could stop a person in their tracks through simple potential, as if paralysed by fear... only in reality a snake would have lurched by now. This mace was waiting for his movement, anything she didn't like and it would spring forth. Whether or not she was actually aware she had hit the boy or was simply following what she said was not clear.

"Being new is no excuse for not being aware of me, nor my class. Have you properly enrolled or simply stumbled up here now in an attempt to get in? Have you lost your timetable perhaps? How foolish." She was giving him a particularly hard time for certain, but that was the way Haze did things. Chastising mortals who happened to get in her way.

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