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Tutoring the Spooder(Private/Charlotte)

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1 Tutoring the Spooder(Private/Charlotte) on Tue May 02, 2017 11:52 am

Ishi Omo
Ishi had a clock on his desk that had alarms. One of those alarms was to warn him that he had a tutoring session to do with a Charlotte. A loud groan made its way from Ishi’s mouth into the air around him. He really was in no shape for it. That, however, couldn’t let him stop the session. The girl, he knew, was a very special case. He had, late at night, set out some mats in the courtyard for the woman he was to tutor.

He had gotten drunk the night before, just sitting in his chair. He did no science while drunk, or at least when he gets as drunk as he was. He went and laid out those mats, as even in his drunken stupor, he still held a level of knowledge of what he was doing. Of course, he wouldn’t conduct medical science, but putting down mats was an easy thing to do.

He looked at that clock.

“Seven on the spot. I best get out there.”

He shoved on a lab coat and jeans, though he had no shirt on underneath his lab coat. No time. He just made sure that his body wasn’t seen in the mirror so that he could look somewhat proper. He tied his new, longer hair into a ponytail before looking into the mirror again. He looked proper and nice.

He got out the door and started heading towards the place he put the mats out. They were large and soft for the sake of his student.

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2 Re: Tutoring the Spooder(Private/Charlotte) on Tue May 02, 2017 12:18 pm

Charlotte Monochrome
Charlotte road alone in the airship this morning. The early hours, sun slowly rising behind the academy, were often quiet but this morning in particular things were subdued. Usually there would be one or two other students in the carrier, typically the quiet sort who preferred to keep to themselves or perhaps simply wanted time alone in the library, but not one had shown up today. Charlotte didn't particularly mind the lack of company, she hadn't gotten to know the other early-birds particularly well and she was destined to have some form of social interaction today regardless of their presence. Arriving at the landing pad she disembarked, making her way down through the school in a prompt but cautious manner. Simply glad there wasn't another flight of stairs between herself and the courtyard she was headed toward.

She found herself around two minutes late, the airship pilot hadn't particularly wanted to miss anybody and embark with such a small cargo of passengers. Regardless, arriving in the vast empty space she found herself faced with two mats... seemingly left out overnight. While they were large and she was thankful her new teacher had thought to lay them out, they were particularly cold and it was fortunate that it hadn't rained. She gently lowered herself onto the mat, beginning to warm it with her furry lower-body. The area was serene and peaceful, especially in this quiet hour. The ground was cobblestone, there were a number of benches placed sporadically around in about equal abundance to patches of garden; in which despite the early time of year plants seemed to be growing well. There were even a number of trees, she assumed apple-trees or some other fruit, beginning to bud and flower.

She supposed she would have very much liked this place without the people who lingered in it so often. If she had shown up in the lunch rush or the like, she'd be mobbed and swarmed by murmurs and stares. Regardless, now was the perfect time for this place. The occasional bird making itself known from within the trees before fluttering to and fro.

Upon the teachers arrival Charlotte would rise, turn to face him, and curtsy. Informing him of the following, "Greetings, I am Charlotte Monochrome, I am very happy to make your acquaintance Professor Omo... or do you prefer Doctor Omo?"

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3 Re: Tutoring the Spooder(Private/Charlotte) on Tue May 02, 2017 12:34 pm

Ishi Omo

The spider was there, probably, on time. That was great. He liked students who were there on time, even if he wasn’t. He was, he supposed, holding them to a sort of double standard. That was fine. He would just have to hold them to a double standard at all times because you didn't want to flop on your opinions. That wasn't the way to becoming a cool teacher.

He bowed to Charlotte, his right arm going behind his back and his left at his gut, and rose straight up again.

"Call me Professor. I'm not a doctor much these days. Became a teacher for a change of pacing. Right. Welcome to the lesson, Charlotte. If I may you call you that; do you wish to be called something else?"

He was scanning the spider-lady. She was an interesting case? If you could call it that. It was a hard thing to figure, considering everything. She was, in fact, mostly spider. That led Ishi to have questions. What was the connection like? Was her top half just human-like with spider insides or what? It was all a mystery that he'd have to ask later. For now, though, he'd answer any questions she had to ask.

"As this is a tutoring session, I'll start off by asking if you have anything to ask me about anything?"

Ishi would go sit on the ground across from her.

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4 Re: Tutoring the Spooder(Private/Charlotte) on Tue May 02, 2017 1:02 pm

Charlotte Monochrome
"Charlotte is perfectly fine. Never been called by anything else, Thank You Professor Omo." She gently lowered herself as he approached, taking her seat on the mat but due to the size of her upper body she did slightly tower over the man. Her first impression wasn't awful... but with time it started to waver and grow worse. Charlotte had worked her way through gore of all kinds and smelled some rather terrible smells, but this man smelt unbelievably strongly of alcohol. Not disinfectant alcohol either, this was clearly some kind of cheap store bought booze. She was however thankful he looked better than he smelt, hadn't shown up covered in vomit stains and unclean.

"I don't believe I have any questions, I believe I take in information at it's best when it's fully laid out for me. Perhaps just a better understanding of your background to compare it to my own? I have worked for over ten years treating injuries, though much to my regret do not have many formal qualifications. Thus at least part of the reason I'm here, through this I should be able to advance swiftly to my doctorate and continue to help people at any stage of sickness and in any location. My aura was unlocked at a young age and I was naturally gifted through virtue of my semblance, I have encountered other doctors such as Dr Venice who works here who do not have such traits and know very well that reliance on semblance is a faux pa when it comes to doctoring." Charlotte clasped her hands together, manifesting webs of sticky protein connecting her palms before parting them, "Additionally at this stage if you have any questions to ask me then feel free, I am fairly certain I am not your typical kind of student even if my major does line up with your class... I may have spoken too much, I'm just quite new to the teaching experience. Please excuse me." She gently bowed, webs dispelling into nothingness.

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5 Re: Tutoring the Spooder(Private/Charlotte) on Sun May 07, 2017 7:37 pm

Ishi Omo
Ishi was asked about his background in the whole thing?

Oh boy.

He’d wait till she’s finished talking about everything, including her webs.

“Well. To start, I’m a licensed doctor; one of the best according to a lot of people. I’ve done innumerable surgeries; sometimes multiple in a row, sometimes they lasted a day.  My aura was also unlocked at a very, very young age. I don’t remember exactly when; but I do know I had it at least when I was fifteen. I was very into the scary side of medicine, the actual medicine, as well. I have top-tier knowledge of the human anatomy; gotten from a mixture of personal experience and textbooks.”

Ishi, in his current state, looked nothing like a profoundly great doctor. He looks somewhat like a hobo that kinda just dragged himself into the area. It was all his fault he looked this way. He could blame no one else.

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6 Re: Tutoring the Spooder(Private/Charlotte) on Mon May 08, 2017 10:45 am

Charlotte Monochrome
This hand't exactly been the answer Charlotte had expected. She hadn't brought up the likes of teachers or degrees as she truly had none of any real worth, while she mirrored his time in the more dark than light side of medicine she had expected... at least a little more. He didn't seem to stand any, or at least much, taller than her in this field from what he had explained. She'd been through anatomy book after anatomy book, learning the base as well as augmentations upon that caused by faunus traits... such as her own. It was now becoming more and more apparent the nice man who sat opposite her, who had allowed for this tutoring and had set up the mats was perhaps... less than stelar? To put it likely. The smell of alcohol was only growing stronger, she attempted to keep her nose from twitching. At the cost of a visible shift in her brows.

"I see, so you're a good few steps beyond myself. This should prove useful then to know how the climb is from here on. My skill lies majorly in treating basic flesh wounds, particularly removing bullets and dealing with lacerations. Bruises and bashes are a step more difficult due to the nature of my semblance, but I can handle them. What's most difficult for me has been treating poisons, working out which has been used and the methods of administration. Equally perhaps internal dust damage or damage done by it to a greater degree, while burns and such are easy to understand the likes of water damage and electricity are a touch more difficult to grasp. Where would you like to start teaching me from?" She quickly put, not in the best spirits but keeping a stiff upper lip.

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7 Re: Tutoring the Spooder(Private/Charlotte) on Mon May 08, 2017 12:33 pm

Ishi Omo
Ishi, in all of his brilliance, didn't notice the other students probable discomfort.  Once she spoke about poisons being the hardest thing for her, he chuckled.

He'd let her finish, though.

"Those happen to be one of the few things that I can do. Most 'poisons' are just drugs that people force others to OD on. I'm one of the few people left with a documented ability to make designer poisons. The biggest thing about administration of the pricer poisons, is that it'll rarely be tracable. Rarely do designer poisons go anywhere but either the air or through some kind of liquid.  My type was always liquid, which is why I always had to take care to make it look like a belonged. My old visage was much easier to do that with."

He groaned as he stood up, and stretched.

"Think about it this way. If you were to injest a poison by drink, most of the stuff in the database will register and they'll say that they died of natrual causes, which the doctors often know that isn't true.  I can say, for a fact, that in my time as a doctor i've had at least eight poisoning deaths that I ruled as just normal deaths or a heart attack. Oftne, I suppose, that it was one. However, back on subject."

He dug in his coat for a pill, it was a small, normal looking pill.

"If I told you this was poison, would you believe me?"

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8 Re: Tutoring the Spooder(Private/Charlotte) on Thu May 11, 2017 1:01 pm

Charlotte Monochrome
"...I-I don't think you quite understand? I want to treat poisonings, not make poison for injuring people. That would go against my vows; my hippocratic oath to harm no person. I understand I may need to know the makeup of poisons in order to treat them... but I hardly think you had any need to bring any with you." Charlotte hesitantly put, there was indeed a part of her that thought... well, poison could be of some use to her. However she already had enough of a stigma and buzz surrounding her as it was, she hardly wanted to be known for also dealing in poisons. Even if it could help her in combat, make her actually perhaps viable, and aid her in... other ways maybe.

"I hope it's not poison, to carry it so irresponsibly... not in a bottle or jar or contained in any way whatsoever, what a terrible idea. If some child got their hands on it or even some less than stellar student it could result in a horrific accident pending its toxicity." Charlotte responded, a little more seriously. "As a lecturer it would be quite irresponsible, particularly if you've had it on your person while you've been drinking... to have most any type of medicine on your person while doing so is a terrible idea. Anything can be dangerous outside stable hands."

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9 Re: Tutoring the Spooder(Private/Charlotte) on Mon May 15, 2017 11:07 am

Ishi Omo
“I’ll have you know that, my hands are steady all the time. I can still, easily, do surgery drunk better than most can sober. Though, i do try to avoid it. It’s unsavory.”

He groaned before continuing. He really should take a pill that’d clear this hangover, but no. He refused. He had to kick that habit.

“Anyhow. No one could ever grab it. No one is stupid enough to break into a room and loot the guy inside it. Even if, say, we had serial looters in our school, and they wanted chemicals. It’s not like my room houses any that would actually help them. Gosh, It’s like that’s common sense.”

He started stretching.

“To fully treat poisons of any sort, you must actually understand them. I’m not talking about just designer poisons. I’m talking about the basic ODs that happen.”

Ishi’s face was that of a discontent man. Not so much an angry man, but a discontent man. She seemed to be smart, but his bizarre tangents often led people astray, as he led himself often. It was no matter, though.

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10 Re: Tutoring the Spooder(Private/Charlotte) on Tue May 16, 2017 9:52 am

Charlotte Monochrome
"If it were in your room, or a labelled bottle, that would be more acceptable. I meant more loose pills dropping from your pocket alike loose change. If someone was able to recognise it, even if they potentially weren't, it wouldn't be great. I really must insist you get some better form of storage for the health and wellbeing of those around us." Charlotte responded, nearing the end of her wit with the man... however she took in a deep breath, re-clapsing her hands and continued,  "And whether you or not you can perform surgery under the influence does not mean you should... I'm sure many a driver could continue under the influence but it's best that they don't for all of our sakes. It only takes one accident for the loss of a life and I'm sure that would lead to an... interesting legal battle for you to say the least. Both from the school and whoever you were operating on."

"Regardless, indeed. I think starting with the most basic poisons would be ideal yes. Anything more designer or fancy would be like jumping from stick figures to impressionism. Baking cupcakes to wedding cake."

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11 Re: Tutoring the Spooder(Private/Charlotte) on Tue May 16, 2017 4:15 pm

Ishi Omo
“You’re not wrong, though I feel your metaphor needs work. It’s more like the decoration on the cake. Some like just, ‘happy birthday’ while others like some sort of pictures. Pictures made out of frosting. Now, that’s obviously more complex than something simple like store-bought happy birthday, yeah?”

He shoved the pill back in his pocket finally. He elected that a more physical, hands on approach to these things would work. He undid the lab coat and shrugged it off. He placed it on the earth next to him, revealing a nicely built man who seemingly went to the lab 6 out of the seven days of the week. This was just due to that one drug he took.

“The reason I took my lab coat off was because I want you to point to me, where the most effective poisons you feel effect. This is just a matter of opinion, and not a matter of facts. Once you point, we’ll start on that subject. I’m a veritable expert on it based upon experience alone, not to mention the stuff I’ve read. Any questions you may have, you can ask. I’m an open book.”

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12 Re: Tutoring the Spooder(Private/Charlotte) on Sat May 20, 2017 9:06 am

Charlotte Monochrome
Charlotte was fairly certain her metaphor was superior, cake decoration came well into the difference between a cupcake and a wedding cake. Atop that was the difference in base ingredients and quantities, more room to make mistakes as there were in complex poisons when compared to cheaper and easier to access ones. Regardless she held her tongue, what he did next was more worthy of verbal disagreement. As he took off his clothes and demanded he point to parts on his body Charlotte frowned, "Or I could use the most basic of surgical knowledge, knowing organs of the body and their function, and list them rather than having you disrobe. The idea that a medical student could enter the academy without even that would be extremely worrying. Put your clothes back on, you'll die a death of cold."

Charlotte recomposed herself, once more clasping her hands. "For immediate effect I'd assume attacking the heart or lungs would be the most ideal; for airborne or injected poisons at least. Those areas are most immediately vital in keeping a person's blood-flow high. For consumables I assumed the brain is also an easier option, it would be quick to just take out the head in order to incur permanent or deadly damage. Perhaps specific muscles also, causing spasms to limit movement or self inflict damage though seizures. A lot of it would depend on whether or not the poison is intended to kill, for those that aren't or fail to kill the kidneys and liver would take a tole. Especially as they drain poisons from the body in everyday life, you should know how important they are with your alcohol intake and such."

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13 Re: Tutoring the Spooder(Private/Charlotte) on Tue May 23, 2017 11:15 am

Ishi Omo
“It might be chilly out, but it’s for the sake of doing it. Don’t mind it. This can’t be the first time you’ve seen a breathing chest?”

He slowed his breathing to the point of his chest not moving properly.

“The problem with heart poison is it’s almost always obvious.  It’s useful if you actually have a person who has a bad heart. Though, most of the poisons you work with will leave some sort of trace. Some sort of obvious trace; usually some kind of burning if injested, or some kind of infection around the entry hole.”

He put his hand to his chin, and as though struck by some insightful comment, looked at the Spider.

“The spasm idea isn’t terrible, however that’d require you to be in some kind of closed area, or leave some kind of residual stain. You also risk hitting someone that you REALLY don’t want to. It’s much harder to do due to the general risks. It’s not a terrible idea, but it’s risky for anyone to do. As a man who has a past I won’t divulge, I can tell you one thing. No one will use that unless it’s specifically order, and even then, if someone’s pissed someone off like that, it’s already past saving.”

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14 Re: Tutoring the Spooder(Private/Charlotte) on Wed May 24, 2017 9:16 am

Charlotte Monochrome
Charlotte couldn't help frowning now, she had been polite for quite some time yet he refused to return her kindness. "I told you I have been operating on open wounds for ten years, and you think it right to question if I've seen an open chest? And again, I know my anatomy and my organs. Having as bizarre a placement as I do it's best to understand the typical placement also, as well as minor displacements that are typical in the body. You also asked me about effective poisons, not poisons which would be obvious or otherwise."

Shaking her head slightly, she returned to her usual facial expression. Kindly peace. "As important as I'm sure identification is, you have yet to explain treatments for the poisons. I have no intention of using poison, nor selling it, I simply want to treat patients. As I have already explained, I have long since taken my hypocratic oath. I have no reason nor excuse to use poison in such a way."

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15 Re: Tutoring the Spooder(Private/Charlotte) on Sun Aug 20, 2017 10:42 pm

Ishi Omo
"Poison, as it stands, is something that often requires a designer antidote. However..."

The shirtless Ishi was to explain poison to this woman. He knew her type. She had been doing basic business for the longest time. Open wounds were a good start, sure, but Ishi knew better. Ishi knew that, well, it was the start of a possible doctor. He was in an odd boat that, by all means, shouldn't have sailed now that he thinks about it. Not that it matters. This woman was obviously the one who thinks she's right.

"Hippocratic Oath is an odd thing. If you take it in it's most literal form, we are to help wherever we walk and whomever needs it. Gah, I'm getting off track. Treatments for poisons, that aren't designer, are actually often quite simple. A lot of poisons sort of proc illnesses, and if you know how to treat those, you know how to treat it."

Ishi would shortly after put on his shirt.

"I know you know how to take care of fevers. How do you take care of immensely high fevers? For our example, let's go with the idea that they have a temp of 104 degrees. What do you do?"

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16 Re: Tutoring the Spooder(Private/Charlotte) on Mon Aug 21, 2017 12:22 pm

Charlotte Monochrome
On one hand, Charlotte was glad the lecturer had finally put on a shirt on... but on the other he was still being incredibly useless. Having asked him about treatments and antidotes he had reversed it to ask her about treatments and antidotes. Neither had he apologised for his idiotic line of questioning, asking her to indicate toward organs when she had very well explained she had done surgeries for over ten years. If he has asked for specifications on those surgeries, like a good lecturer to get a better scope of her work, then maybe he wouldn't have had to ask so many dumb questions. With now a clear twitch in her eye from dealing with this idiotic man she forced free an answer; "Well, having dealt with infection resulting from laceration and being impaled I'd assume much the same way as you'd treat that, or even a pathogen caused fever which persists. Lower temperature with a compress, limit movement. Be sure they are well topped on fluids, sick bucket nearby in case of additional symptoms. Drugs if it continues, painkillers, monitor breathing closely. In the field I'd assume a stretcher, or my back, would be used in place of a bed to rest on in order to reduce lost time."

Charlotte heaved a sigh, it felt as though this conversation had been ongoing for months on end by this point. If this was the best tutelage they could provide; she really was better just going to the library and coming on hunts with students. Hell, maybe even that doctor who could be shadowed would be more use than this creep. Had he not taken the oath even? What use was a lecturer like this, one who seemed more obsessed with the words coming out his mouth than anything else in the world. It was the type of doctor that gave others a bad name, a doctor in it for money and attention rather than to be compassionate and helpful.

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