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What we have a dust class? (Open to 4)

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1 What we have a dust class? (Open to 4) on Sat May 06, 2017 8:36 pm

Luka White
“ok … hmmmm.” one of her arms holding some papers for her new class. “Hmmm….so it’s like mid or later school year. What can i really do hmmmm….I’m so going to have to have a talk with the headmistress after this.” She stopped in front of the door to her new classroom. She still have no idea what she was going to do so late in the school year.

She opened the door and walked in and looked around and giggled a little. “It still looks the same as it did last time i seen it.” She smiled and walked to the front of the class and sait on her desk and set her papers down next to and just waited to see if anyone would show up. To help pass the time she pulled out the book she had on her and started to do some reading.

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2 Re: What we have a dust class? (Open to 4) on Mon May 15, 2017 8:44 am

Richard Lionheart
A furrowed brow on his face, a look of discern in his eyes, Richard had dragged himself into a lecture hall. He looked to his left, he looked to his right... he was the only student in the room right now. There was someone at the front sitting atop the lecturer's desk, looking over some kind of tome, Richard was not one for making assumptions but he could put two and two together to tell she was the teacher. She didn't look particularly old, nor particularly experienced. While he was glad her hair was short he clothes were... garish to say the least. Covering four fifths of her body but made from a variety of materials; seemingly differing in both colour and texture. One glove, one arm, a thigh and her chest exposed... it was a bizarre apparel for certain. Letting her know he was present he let out a low grunt. Before making his way toward a chosen desk.

He wanted to take a seat near the back, however with such an empty room he was almost certain someone would knock into him or make some stupid noise if he did. Thusly Richard opted to sit around the middle, arriving at his desk dressed in his usual messy garb. A heavy blue and white jumper, his strange blue hat, his concealing scarf and a set of baggy trousers. Beneath his scarf he had not brought his weapon, for once, rather opting to bring every single dust crystal that he owned.

Letting out a sigh he swung his booted feet up onto the table, letting loose a deep yawn, continuing to scan the lecturer in hopes of unearthing something interesting. Even if it was simply the origin of her bizarre outfit and not the likes of her weapon or fighting style. Like... there had to be some kind of reason for that choice. She was leaving herself super open to attack in some places but not others.

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3 Re: What we have a dust class? (Open to 4) on Wed May 17, 2017 3:44 am

Azure Phoenix
Azure made his way to the only class of the day at top speed Why oh why do I always wake up thirty minutes late every day?!?! he asked himself skating pass other students while putting on his spring blazer and bow tie. Once the classroom was within sight he jumped on to the wall and kicked off into the door forcing it open and flying right into the teacher's desk "Owww..." he moaned with a slight lump on his head. His vision blurry and unfocused he rolled off the desk and tumbled to a desk saying "Az...Azure..Poonix...Phoenix here." once he regained his barrings Azure looked to see another student that he had never seen before at least on campus anyway "oww that really hurt my head." he muttered to himself taking out a notepad and pencil.

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