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Gathering and Crafting

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1 Gathering and Crafting on Tue May 09, 2017 3:08 pm

If you own a business, you can utilize the gathering and the crafting systems to make your very own items.

Must Own a business
Must have a related skill
Six sided die, harvest of 0-5
Harvest must make sense with RP and Skill
Can have a mixed harvest of similar materials (I.e. Silver and gold)
Can only roll 5 times a week

Must Own a business
Weapons/Armor/Dust can only be crafted up to crafter's own tier
Crafting based on wordcount

500 words to make
300 per upgrade

Each item has a set number of material slots that must be filled during the process of crafting, with whatever materials the crafter deems fit. Materials must make sense. You cannot use milk to craft a sword, for example. Same materials can be used in more than one slot, but the ratios must also make sense. If I use 4 Iron and 1 gold to make a sword, the sword can't come out mostly gold.

Crafting Chart:
//////////Crafting MaterialsUpgrade Materials
Healing2/item, 5/set of 31/upgrade 2/set
Status2/item, 5/set of 3N/A
Dust*See Below*
*Dust has 2 slots no matter what, and the Tier of dust is equal to the sum of the tiers that were used to make it

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