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An Additional Dimension (Closed/Upgrade)

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1 An Additional Dimension (Closed/Upgrade) on Mon May 15, 2017 9:37 am

This had been a long time coming for Richard. Sitting in his warm, musky, dorm room her was mulling over his weapon. As much practical use as he had gotten out of it, he had found fault in how it tied to his semblance and general combat style. Now, Richard was indeed a dust major; he focused for days upon days on creating and designing intricate ways to use those crystals but a hunter's weapon was equal in importance to one's dust and semblance. If you could not use your weapon, both alone and in conjunction with them, you were fated to fail. Richard's semblance, as odd as it was, could work well with his dust. He had long had plant dust, the ability to sprout vines and plants anywhere was super useful for warping and he could charge an attack with the likes of ice dust before hitting a target... however with his weapon this was not so simple.

Sure, warping and close range slashing could work, but the weapon was far more designed for throwing and recalling than that. The blades, while sharp and weighted, weren't particularly long. Thusly a change had to be made, and that change came in the form of an order he'd placed many many moons ago. He hadn't even been sure the order had been received, with all the trouble going on in the mainland, but finally his package had arrived by airship. His mentor had heard his plea and shipped him... something. It looked to be a thin but large rectangular box; inside there were thin chains coiled in an intricate manner. The box was made from some kind of black metal, there were two indent lines seemingly marking the outer quarters of the blade as something different. Detaching his sickles from their old chains he affixed them to the ends of the new ones. Stretching it in either direction, unleashing the chains, he found it to be comparable to the old box in weight. Only difference was size, he would have to hide this version say on his back beneath his hoodie. Annoying, but if this did what it was supposed to it was a worthy sacrifice.

Allowing the blades to retract into the box, fitting nicely, a handle popped out from one side of the weapon. Now it appeared almost like a suitcase, though the edges of the box had no coverings and were rather a mishmash of chains. Intrigued by this new handle he experimented, pushing it in did nothing... it simply lowered back into the box and his blades popped out. Pulling on it however; grasping one of the two marked quarters for leverage, had a miraculous effect.

The two external segments moved up the internal quadrant; reaching the edge they folded into the centre; combining and locking into place. Chains exposed over the entirety of the area, the box had become more like a sword with a bag style handle. Almost immediately the chains within, much to Richard's surprise, started to move. With an almighty roar the chains were rotating; he had essentially received a chainsaw sword. Sharp spinning chains on every side save for that of the handle. Richard frowned slightly, it was useful yes... but so loud? Pulling the metal covering back down over the handle the sawing ceased and the upper quarters folded back down. It was certainly... interesting. He began to reflect on how this weapon could be used in tandem with his semblance.

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