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A Test of Might (Open)

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1 A Test of Might (Open) on Tue May 16, 2017 1:43 pm

Demonstrations of power weren't something Richard was prone to, he'd much prefer to hide as much about his combat skills and strategy as he could, but with this new addition to his arsenal came a whole new training regiment to form... not that Richard even himself believed he would stick to a regiment of any sort. Being a lazy good for nothing had it's pros, but it made learning to use an entirely new weapon rather difficult. He wanted to get his practice done as quickly as possible, unwilling to waste time with a tradition regiment he had opted to go full stress and all out. He would work until he could only sleep then he would work again. A good few days and he should have gotten the grasp of this new tool, albeit only basic combinations, he was an adept learner after all.

He had just gained this marvellous new addition, his once simple kusarigama with it's extending chain had gained an alternate form. A bizarre mixture of a chainsaw and a sword, it's roar could be heard throughout the forrest. It had a long and black design, a suit case style handle extended from the bottom. Two sets of chains flowing in countering directions shook both the metal and his arm as he heaved it.

His new weapon in his right hand he drew an upward slash; left across his body. The sword's reverberating chains made it difficult to wield, unruly even; it's length was less of a problem though at around only 60 cm long. It would take many practiced slices to get a clean slash. Now drawing it from left to right across his body, he found the movement easier... though upon meeting with the ground the sword did begin to tear into it. The handle of the blade seemed to make it ideal for pendulum like swings, Richard was quite sure he could add this to his fighting style. Something was however missing, the short man knew how he should swing the weapon perhaps but he did not know how effective it was when swung.

Lining himself up with a tree he heaved it to his right and swung; however when the chains met the tree, due the the lack of stability caused by the weight and vibrations they simply bounced off. Knocking a hunk of the tree and bark lying in all directions yes; but not sticking in and cutting through as he had hoped. Growling slightly, shards of bark on his face, he backed away and continued to practice swinging against the air. He was dressed in his typical garb; a thick and heavy combo of strange turban/hat thing and armless jumper coupled with a lighter white shirt and baggy black trousers. Heavy leather boots on his feet and dust crystals hidden beneath a scarf that wound around his neck.

"Call me short and your life'll get a whole lot shorter."
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