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Ruben Nuke

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1 Ruben Nuke on Sat May 20, 2017 4:48 pm

Enrollment Form

Basic Info
Name:Ruben Nuke
Face Claim:Untitled by Kaeli


Major:Teacher of Weapons Crafting
Overall Personality:Ruben is very shy about his robotic nature. He usually hides himself under layers of clothing. Once you get to know him he will be less shy. Ruben loves to fight though and is sometimes called a pyromaniac due to his love of explosions. When he is alone he usually repairs himself since he is constantly malfunctioning at some point in the day. He likes teaching and connects with his students. He sometimes can lose his temper and overheat causing him to malfunction. Overall, he is a nice guy and once you know him he can be your best friend.

Aura Type:Recovery
Aura Color:Yellow
Semblance:Mal-sparks:Ruben uses sparks from his system for offense. He can fire the sparks from openings in his hands to attack. His semblance can sometimes not work since it relies on his malfunctions.
Item 1:Circuit Breaker: A powerful, dust-compatible magnum that is stored in his arm
Item 2:Tier 1 Fire dust

History and Sample
Ruben was in a targeting range when it happened. He was practicing with his magnum when a man bursts in with a schnee symbol with two guards armed with guns. The man walked up to him and asked, "Would you like to participate in a program that would help the schnee family and even your family?" Ruben was mute so he could only nod. The man led him to a car where and went inside with Ruben. They arrived at a facility and went inside. Ruben was then put on an operating table and sedated. It was too late to back down so he had to go with it. When he woke up he felt like different. He looked down at his hands and couldn't believe it. His hands were metallic. He picked up a mirror and almost dropped it when he saw his face. His jaw was missing and replaced with mechanical parts. He got up and walked to the door when it opened and revealed the man that signed him up for this. "Looks like someone is awake. Did you finally speak your first words?" the man said. "I'll kill you for this!" Ruben yelled. He shot sparks out of his hands and took out the man with ease. Ruben picked up the mask the man dropped. Ruben ran out of the facility and into a tailor's store where he found an old man at the counter. He took a scarf to cover his mouth since the mask didn't work and a hoodie to hide any mechanical parts on his head. He went over to buy his stuff but ended up scaring the man. He left his lien on the counter, put on his new clothes, and left to find a new start. He found Syne Academy and found the new start he needed. His new life now begins.
RP Sample:
"So Mr. Nuke, you want to be our new Weapon creation teacher?" the headmaster said. Ruben nodded. "Your room is on the first floor, last room left." Ruben walked out of the room and into his new class room. He sits down and lets out a breath of relief. "I finally did it" Ruben said. Ruben sighed when his arm started to glitch. He opened up his arm and started to work on it to fix it. He heard the door open and hid his arm under the table. A student sat down in one of the seats in the front row. "You know class doesn't start until 3?" Ruben asked. "I know, I just wanted to be early and why are you hiding your hand under the table?" the student asked. Ruben couldn't think of anything so he said "Can you keep a secret?" "Yeah" the student replied. Ruben put his arm on the table and showed his circuitry. "Whoa!" the student said. She looked at his circuitry while Ruben repaired it. "You promise to keep this a secret?" Ruben asked. "Of course," the student replied. "What's your name anyway?" Ruben asked "Amber Storm," she replied. "Well Amber, time to take your seat because class is about to start." Ruben said while closing his arm.  

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2 Re: Ruben Nuke on Sat May 20, 2017 7:59 pm

Hey there Ruppy, the name's Akui. I'm going to be you app approval mod today!

It isn't quite clear enough if your semblance is just offensive or if it works both ways. If it's just for semblance damage, please state so. If it's for more than that, please make sure it's clear.

Other than that, everything seems good. :)

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All fixed.

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4 Re: Ruben Nuke on Thu May 25, 2017 11:08 pm

Whoops, didn't see that you wanted to be a teacher. I gotta know what class you are teaching.

The list of currently spoken-for classes are located here.

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5 Re: Ruben Nuke on Wed May 31, 2017 11:59 am

All done. Anymore problems.

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6 Re: Ruben Nuke on Sun Jun 04, 2017 3:54 am

Nope, sees good fro here on out, sorry for my mistake.

In other words, you are...

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