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The return/ A new beginning (3 spots open)

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1 The return/ A new beginning (3 spots open) on Sun May 21, 2017 5:32 pm

After sometime when Quill's rage got him, neck deep, in trouble, he had return to the academy to continue his studies and become a true hunter of Grimm. During his leave he had lost his dorm room and was put into a new one. It seemed that there are already 3 people living in it but he can't tell who. Quill notice that there was one bed that looked like it has not been touched for years or months. He set down his stuff and cleaned of the dust (normal dust) off the ends of the bed. He thought to himself, "I wander who i'm going to be room mates with, hopefully not someone who smokes and is a massive jerk, but that would be like a woman asking for the ,quote on quote, 'perfect man'. In any case lets just hope i'm not going to have to deal with something like that ever again." During his trip/cool down walk, he did some studies on strange and ancient Grimm. He had found a old cave with some old cave drawings showing ancient hunters fighting off a massive human-like creature. Quill believes this is what the first Grimm's looked like but they are just guesses that he had. But anything, anyone guessed is a mystery. Those's drawling's could be someone who had the ability to increase in size and mass. During Quill's thoughts of what he had found he heard someone coming. It might be Quill's new room mates. Quill waited to see if his guesses were true or not.

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