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Anime Inspirations - Romance/Slice of Life Anime Community

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Anime Inspirations ("Watch Anime. Be Inspired.") is an anime community that primarily focuses on anime of the slice of life or romance genres. Why not turn one of your hobbies (watching anime) into something that could very well be educational, motivational or inspirational to you? While we have a specific focus (see our definition of inspirational anime on our podcast or forum) you are free to talk about anything anime, video games, manga or off topic.
Community Highlights

  • Discuss the upcoming "inspirational" anime, season to season.

  • Anime of the Month: Re-watch a past anime title with the community. Sometimes, there are prizes for your participation.

  • Participate in contests with actual monetary rewards.

  • Community built wiki and media library fully integrated into our site.

  • Cutting edge forum technology (Xenforo) where the possibilities and add-ons are endless. You need to only suggest features you would like to see.

  • Podcast that offers in-depth analysis of inspirational scenes in anime. We are looking for volunteers to participate so don't be shy!

  • Committed admin that will be whatever is necessary for the good of the community. Every single member is welcomed and treated like family.

  • Push Notifications: be alerted on PM's/Conversations and other activity on your mobile device. You can customize the settings as you see fit.

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