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Akki Dracos [Complete]

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1 Akki Dracos [Complete] on Mon May 29, 2017 5:55 pm

Enrollment Form

Basic info
Name: Akki Dracos
Age: 18
Birthday: 18/04
Gender: Female
Race: Human
Height: 5 feet 2 inches
Weight: 110 Pounds
Face Claim:unknown

Aura 130|170 HP

Likes: Solitude , Pizza , The cold
Dislikes: Crowds, Vegitables, rule breakers
Fears: Large bodies of people, Dogs and the dark
Talent: Climbing
Weakness Multi-tasking
Overall Personality: People would describe Akki as shy,timid and disfigured. Due to an accident at a young age that left Akki without the use of her right eye, leaving scars, Akki is withdrawn and very shy, she stuggles to talk to other people and constanly fears she is being stared at and judged because of her looks. Akki is scared of being in large crowds of people and will panic and more often than not faint from hyperventilating.

That being said when something actually manages to annoy or anger Akki she can become very fierce indeed,underneith the timid and scared girl is a wild beast waiting for be unleashed, Akki has a terrible temper and when aggrivated will lash out violently and without remorse, she later tends to regret it and hates this side of herself but it is there none the less.

In her down time Akki enjoys climbing trees and sitting among the leaves where she can hide from the world and just be by herself, this is even better if it is winter time and Akki will happily spend time outside in the cold than in a hot stuffy house.

Aura type: Power
Aura Color: Orange
Semblance: Akki's semblance is a buff that allows her to harden her knuckles to the point that she can punch through concrete, she has tried with harder substances but just ends up injuring herself.
Item 1: Weapon:A set of leather gloves with hardened steel knuckles for punching
Item 2: Armor: A Vambrace for each arm used for deflecting physical blows

History and Sample
Akki was born in Mistral but it wasn't a birth that was overly celebrated, during child brith her mother, a huntress whom had been very ill during pregnacy passed away and Akki herself was presumed dead at birth until the doctor picked her up and she started to cry. From then on life wasn't exactly easy. Akki's father was a publisher specifically in the copying of older books and texts but his job became as strain while having to single handedly look after a new born baby. As time went on Akki's father turned to drink and stopped going to work, They became poor and stuggled alot.

As the years went on and Akki grew her father continued to drink himself into oblivion yet still somehow partially managed to raise his daughter, Her fathers drinking was no secret either. When Akki was 7 she was going to the local shops to get something for herself and her father to eat when she was set upon by a group of neighbourhood kids, they taunted and teased about her drunken father then one of the older and meaner boys took to pushing Akki around will calling her names, then he did something increadibly violent, he pushed Akki to the ground and his friends pinned her there, Akki was frozen to scared to even scream, thats when the boy pulled a sharp object from a pouch at his waist and punged it into Akki's right eye all the while shouting about how her father was a drunk and she was a nobody.

It took a long time for Akki's eye to heal but she lost the sight in it and it was also left looking off a mix of milky white and red as if the blood had mixed with the eye itself . In the time Akki spent healing she was left with her own thoughts and fears she withdrew into herself, even after the attack when her father decided that they were moving to Vale she said nothing.

The attack on Akki has significatly changed her, in years to come she would find out in the worst possible way. At the age of 16 as she sat in her room staring at the ceiling Akki heard a thud from downstairs, so curious to what had happened Akki ventured to have a look, As she appeared at the bottom of the stairs she saw what has happened her father had falen over blind drunk and collapsed on the ground again. Something inside Akki snapped, she stromed over and kicked her father in the side, he grunted and that was it, she then rolled him over and started to beat his chest with her fists her anger growing and growing more and more by the second, she was sick of this life she wanted better than living with a drunken fool, the next thing she knew she was screaming and smashing her fist into the nearest wall, a few seconds later Akki came back to her senses and realised what she had done, tears streamed down her face, she looked at her father bruised and bloody from Akki's beating then to the wall with a clean fist shaped hole in it then down to her knuckles with to her suprise were ok and unbloodied not even a scrape.

It was this moment in time when everything seemed to click into place for Akki Dracos, her whole world seemed to make sense, Akki had suffered her whole life living in the gutter, being bullied and having a pointless father who was always drunk, she deicided on that spot she wanted to help others so they didn't have to suffer, that is when she decided she wanted to become a huntress like her mother had been, but before she could she would have to train and learn how to become one, before applying for one of the schools that taught hunters and huntresses, and of course there was one other small dilema, people, schools had people and crowds. Akki knew she would have to find the courage in herself before she could do anything seeing as people scared her so much

RP Sample:
The day had finally come, the day that Akki was going to Syne Academy. She had spent the last couple of years working on training, learning to fight and use weapons, reading up on auras and semblences and even trying to get her fears in check which didnt really work but she decided to roll with the punches.

Akki came downstairs her rucksack slung over one shoulder ready to get a move on, she hopped down the last step and walked into the kitchen, her father was sitting there holding his head, he hadn't started drinking yet thank goodness

"You off somewhere dear?, not like you to venture out" he mumbled

Akki shot him a nasty look and stormed over to the nearest drawer where she rumaged for a few seconds before pulling something leather from it, she then started to attach it around he head, it was he eye patch for covering her right eye, it made her slightly more confident and made her feel slightly less unconfortable around people.

"As per usual you've not paid any attention to what's going on around you,unless it involves drink, if you must know today is the day I leave for Syne academy, i'm going to be like mum and help others Akki snapped at her father.

he just nodded and she shook her head and turned heel and started for the door, as she got there to stopped and turned to look at herself in the full length mirror by the door, she definatly looked ready, eye patch on check, fave black blazer and red top check, skirt and boots check and finally rucksack on shoulder check and check. Akki smiled at herself and took a deep breath as she steeled her nerves and opened the door, she now had to set off for the docks so she could get a boat to Bellmuse.

The docks were just as expected, far to busy with far to many people and Akki was on the verse of turning around and heading home she couldn't do this couldn't handle the crowds, so thats just what she did turn around and started to leave that was until she overheard a small group of girls about the same age talking about how excited they were to be attending Syne about how they were going to be huntresses and save the world from grimm. A deep breath later and a few minutes to calm herself down and Akki was walking towards the boat, walking towards the future,walking towards what she thought was going to probably be the most terrafiying time of her life

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2 Re: Akki Dracos [Complete] on Tue May 30, 2017 3:39 pm

Richard Lionheart
Hey ^^ Welcome to the site, this is a good app but there are a few things to be fixed. First is that you haven't listed an origin for your FC, if you can't find it just put unknown but when you do I'll do a search just for clarity. Second is that your aura/hp should total to 300. You have also only listed 2 fears, have one more stat point than you should (aura type is not meant to be put straight into the numbers if that's what's been done) and not specified your armour type ^^ Physical or dust resistant, bump when done!

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3 Re: Akki Dracos [Complete] on Tue May 30, 2017 8:25 pm

Bump, should be fixed

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4 Re: Akki Dracos [Complete] on Wed May 31, 2017 6:50 am

Richard Lionheart

"Call me short and your life'll get a whole lot shorter."
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