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A threat thought long gone (Open)

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1 A threat thought long gone (Open) on Tue May 30, 2017 12:37 am

While Quill was eating his lunch he had heard some worker talking about cave drawling's of a titan or something. Quill knew that the drawling's were something he had been studying for a while. He had ask where they had saw the cave drawling's. They said "The cave we saw them in was near the mines, but i wouldn't go there is i were you cause the area is full of natural explosives and one spark will cause some pretty nasty fireworks." Quill knew they were lying cause the mines have no natural blast pockets anywhere near by. So Quill gathered his research (which is just a single book with a coded hand writing in it) and some mining gear like a pickaxe, mining helmet, ect. He patted his furry friend and said "Ill be back, if you get hungry, you know what to do." With that he had left, leaving a note with Chusei(The dog). As he is walking he feels like his is being followed by someone that isn't Chusei, he had turned around and yelled "WHO IS FOLLOWING ME I KNOW YOU ARE THERE..." After a while no one had showed themselves and Quill went back to walking. As he was walking he had pulled out a different book, it was still written in the same coded writing as his other book had. He had written down something in it but due to the coded writing it was hard to read. Quill had finally arrived to the location the men had told him were the cave drawling's are but then Quill had heard a twig snapping near him and saw someone not 10 yards away from him.

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