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Camp Nightmare (2 spots open)

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1 Camp Nightmare (2 spots open) on Sun Jun 04, 2017 10:19 pm

Quill Darwind
While Quill was flipping through some stories he had heard, most of them seem to scare the same people who had told him. So Quill had a smart idea to set up a camp fire spooky story event. Quill had picked out the scariest story he had and then set out to get the fliers. He called up a friend who own him and got the fliers he needed for free. He had gotten on top of the highest point in the area and throw his fliers into the wind. The fliers scattered like a mushroom spewing out its spores and went all around the town. Though he got in trouble but cleared it up before they took him in. Quill had picked up some snacks that he had the same friend buy cause the friend owed him a lot of money and i mean a LOT of money. Anyway, Quill had set up the area and was finished before i got dark. Quill wrote down what he was going to say to the people that were going to arrive but then remembered that maybe people wont show up. Quill then slammed his head in to a tree then went back to setting up the camp site a little more. He made sure he had a lot of smore supplies for a whole night then he heard movement in the distance. Three people showed up and Quill said "WELCOME TO CAMP NIGHTMARE WHERE YOUR NEVER GOING TO SLEEP IN CAUSE YOU'LL BE TO SCARED TO DO SO. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH"

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2 Re: Camp Nightmare (2 spots open) on Fri Jun 09, 2017 12:10 am

Jasmine stared at the person by the campfire, yelling at her and laughing manically, with an awkward glare. Wondering if 'Camp Nightmare.' Would be actually 'scary.' She then spoke with a serious tone. "Camp nightmare, huh? Must be scary. And not being able to sleep?" She scoffs, and continues speaking. "Bring it on, I doubt camp nightmare could could scare me, if anything, I bet I can scare you, more than you and this camp can scare me." She said with a confident grin, still glaring at the person who just yelled at her.

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