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Talvi Lavenona, Photographer Extraordinaire! [DONE]

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Talvi Lavenona
Enrollment Form

Basic info
Name: Talvi Lavenona
Age: 19
Birthday: March 14th
Gender: Female
Race: Faunus, snowy owl, can turn her head 360 degree
Height: 169 cm
Weight: 122 lbs
Face Claim: Chitose Shirasawa

STR: 3
DEF: 4
RES: 4
SPT: 1
HP 200|100 SP

Major: Academic
Likes: Taking pictures; music; ice cream; time away from everybody; compliments regarding her pictures; freaking people out by spinning her head all around
Dislikes: Being followed; bad criticism of her work; being forced to fight; compliments regarding herself
Fears: People finding out she likes taking selfies; never breaking out as a professional photographer; the dark
Talent: Fine Arts
Weakness Organisation
Overall Personality: If there's one word to describe Talvi, there'd be none, but a close one would be passionate. She loves photography to the point of leaving her parents to follow her dreams, she isn't afraid to go beyond in order to succeed and no one will stop her. But with that said, Talvi is far from being a role model. She is known to be blunt to the point of being mean and this happens rather often when you're a very critic person, which she obviously is. Fan of arts, looking for good and bad is as natural as breathing and won't hesitate to give her opinion, whether you want it or not. Despite all this though, Talvi can be kind and caring when you get to know her, just don't point it out to her or else you'll get the death stare. One things she loves to do is to suddenly rotate her head 180 when people are behind her to freak them out which usually works. She enjoys pranks like this, the creepier the better really but you're safe in any dark places as she won't step a foot there on her own, even if the perfect opportunity presents itself.

Aura type: Speed
Aura Color: Blue
Semblance: Still Frame; Utility; Using her semblance, Talvi can create an illusory panel that shows an image of what was behind it at the moment of its creation, hiding any changes appearing until the panel is lifted. For example, image a door opened to a room in which Talvi is standing. Close the door and open it again, Talvi could be still standing in front of you but it would be a still image of when she was there and be elsewhere without you knowing it, unless you would move towards the panel she would have created. If anything comes into contact with it, the panel will disappear. Another way to notice the use of her semblance would be to notice the lack of any movement in the image, usually easier to spot during rain or other weather that's easy to notice movement from.

Item 1: Weapon; A customized camera to take pictures like any other would but has another use which is to send powerful shockwaves of energy, causing ripples in the air as the pressure suddenly changes causing harm to whoever stands in the way. Dust can be added to the camera for added effects, like fire to cause a heatwave or lightning to create an EMP, although the power of the initial blast gets reduced from the added item.
Item 2: Vials of fire dust.

History and Sample
There isn't much to say about Taliv's past besides that she was a rebellious little brat, at least that's what you would hear from her parents. If you'd ask her grand-father he'd tell you that she's a marvelous little girl full of potential. To understand this different point of views, you have to understand that early in her life, Talvi was interested in arts, all forms of it for her were amazing. While she lived in Atlas and that Mistral is best known for its appreciation for art, with the past alliance the two kingdoms had it was easy to get access to anything art-related that she'd wish for, but the snowy landscape of the tundra was a marveling sight for the little girl. Talvi's parents were happy that their daughter had an interest in such a refined thing, but were quickly disappointed when they learned that she loved photography more than anything else. She had talent in music, painting, dance, sculpture, but of all things, she preferred taking pictures, the one thing that takes an instant to do, yet a lifetime to master. Since her parents never approved of her choice, she ended up running away from her home and went to live with her grand-father who was someone that always got her back and supported her. To get away from her parents as much as possible, she left Atlas for Bellmuse in hope to become a great photographer. With a friend of her gramps being an ex-huntsman, she was trained in order to get into Syne Academy after she said that the castle looked pretty and wanted to take her greatest picture. Now she's grown up and preparing her entry to the huntsmen academy, although summer is approaching and will need to wait the end of it for school to restart. Meanwhile, she'll take all of the pictures.
RP Sample:
Hidden behind bushes in the middles of Bellmuse's central park, a girl had her focus directly aimed towards one of the many ponds that layer the surface of the green area. Her target: a duck, a simple duck swimming gently on the water, unaware that it was being observed by the photographer. How would it anyway, not only was the white-haired girl hidden behind bushes, she also had an illusory panel hiding her from the bird's sight for good measure. If that duck knew anything, it would have flown away already as the bushes weren't that far off from the shore by which the bird was getting closer to.

There she stood, pointing her camera directly at her target, closer and closer was the duck getting to be in the perfect spot for the perfect shot, and then... A loud noise could be heard all across the park and its surrounding, the bird flew away as the girl's cover has been blown by her own mistake. Swearing to herself, she only now realized that her camera was still set to the shockwave mode. It didn't cause any damage to the surrounding area and with the duck away she didn't harm it either. Running away from the scene before anyone sees her, Talvi went into an alleyway and leaned against the wall while sighing heavily before taking a look at her camera. Something that was good about that shockwave mode is that it didn't stop the thing to take pictures, which brought a smile to the girl's face as she saw that the picture she wanted was immortalized. This mistake wasn't all that bad in the end.

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