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A Broken peace (open for 2 more)

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1 A Broken peace (open for 2 more) on Sun Jun 11, 2017 6:18 pm

The forest a perfect place to avoid the world and pretty much everything in it and that is exactly what Akki planned to do, the sun was hidden behind the clouds leaving a rather grey looking sky and there was a slightly chilly breeze but non of that mattered. Akki had just settled into her new dorm at the academy and without even waiting to find out who she may have to share with she got away as quick as her little legs could carry her. Now she sat in a rather robust and tall tree, her back to the trunk and her legs spread out along a thick branch.

There was little sound within the forest, a few animals scampering around and the odd bird chirping but little else and it was bliiss. Akki was finally alone, she reached behind he head and undid her eye patch and slipped it into the pocket on the front of her blazer, then she produced her pack of cigarettes popped one in her mouth and started to smoke away. Solidarity was the perfect way of like, sure you had to pay some attention because you were never truely safe but the peace the quiet the perfection. Before long Akki had dozed off in her tree, the cigarette in her mouth burned down to the butt.

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