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Sage's Enrollment [Done]

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1 Sage's Enrollment [Done] on Sun Jun 11, 2017 7:38 pm

Enrollment Form

Basic info

Name: Sage ReaperAge: 18
Alias: Verden Birthday: December 13
Gender: FemaleRace: Human
Height: 5'8" (173 cm)Weight:115 lbs (53.2 kg)  
Face Claim: Assassin Fate Prototype Fragments



Overall Personality: For a young adult preparing for her college years, Sage is actually quite mature for her own age already eating a healthy vegetarian diet and exploring the vast surplus of knowledge that is locked away behind the pages of a book. Although she is quite wise, she also has an unnatural fear of large crowds and conversing with peers and elders, He agoraphobia causes her to come off as and 'oddball' with the social hierarchy that prevents her from being valedictorian of her class or the prom queen. Among these intellectual feats and social flaws she has an investigative personality often snooping around into issues and places that she needed put her nose into. This curiosity of hers got her into trouble on multiple occasions that could have ended in her death if it weren't for her parents natural power. They like she hopes to be were hunters of the grim that run rampant through the wilderness about the cities.

Despite her rather shy appearance, she is quite strange as she never did fit in with society and thus has a rather harsh outlook on the world. She plans that the rest of the world should leave her alone even if it means the demise of those other beings.
Major: Academic



Agoraphobic: Fear of Crowds
Arachnophobia: Fear of Spiders
Coulrophobia: Fear of Clowns

 Talent: Multitasking
 Weakness Social Interaction

Aura type: Defense
Aura Color: Sage (Green/Gray)

Semblance: Skeleton Guardian- A large summon is constructed about her essentially growing off from the armor she wears which is permanently attached underneath her clothes clinging tightly to her form. This rib cage expands about her as if it was a larger physical form as she essentially is a summon that forms about her entire body, just inside it's rib cage. This Summon then will use it's own body to guard it's summoner.
8 feet Tall
30 (3) HP
15 (3) dmg. She rests in the rib cage of the summon curled up in the fetal position when it is out.

Item 1: Skeleton's Claws - They appears like skeleton gloves that have retractable razor claws that extend from the finger tips in weapon form. This weapons extends from the bone just below the elbow down to her finger tips and is malleable.
Item 2: Skeleton's Guard -  Skeleton armor that is generally hidden beneath her normal clothes that expands with use of her semblance. This armor literally appears like bone around the flesh in the same places where each bone of the body would appear inside simply upon the exterior of the skin in an almost flesh-like skeleton costume. As the entire skeleton runs through the body, so does her armor even if it doesn't appear to be in her image. Resists Physical attacks.

History and Sample
Sage was born into a hunter family, her mother Floral and her father Gardner gave birth to her in their country side home. A remote area of the forest where they enjoyed the solitude of her first few years as a child maturing. This unfortunately is to blame for her agoraphobia, she adapted to the calm silence that the forest brought with it. The streams and woodland creatures all friends in her eyes even the grim seemed beautiful out there. They way her parents sliced swaths through the hoards that randomly staggered along their peaceful section of paradise though met pain ends. The fan gun of her mother and sword and shield of her father left no survivors.

The sweet innocent child, Sage, found mercy in her heart toward all of the creatures of this planet even those that mean her harm. At the age of eight she was slashed across the back by a bear she had been feeding. One day in a scuffle between a pack of wolves and it the creature slashed across her flesh a gruesome scar spread from shoulder to shoulder. Gardner wasn't to far off foraging for berries when he saw the attack. He quickly subdued the creature and scooped his daughter back toward the safety of the country villa.

It was that day, her faith in other creatures was rocked. The idea of anything being capable of such destructive power. Sage grew up isolated and home-schooled till she was preparing for college. Sage's family immediately packed up and moved in to the city of Vale where they hoped to introduce sage to life in the city, as soon as she arrive the sheer noise and crowd spooked her away from the outdoors. She stayed confined in her bedroom till her parents pried her out and released her into the highschool hoping that she would get over it.

Years passed, the other student would mock and chastise her for her demeanor till she finally couldn't take it contemplating running back to that country side home she adored so much.

RP Sample:
The city of Vale had seen it's fair days, among them included this one as the city came to life. The perfect temperature for bikini's and swim trunks as many of the students at Syne Academy had decided to take this weekend to indulge in more frivolous activities. Most students at least, Sage on the other hand laid there under a mountain of pillows in her dorm room as she glanced out from the various sized and decorated pillow designs as she flipped through the pages of a novel. A tale about a huntress that was legendary for the amount of people she was capable of wiping out within a matter of minutes. Sage's eyes lit up with joy as she glazed over the pages of this novel. It wasn't entirely a real story, but she still had her imagination and dreams of adventuring with such a strong woman.

She sighed and flipped over in her bed as she closed her eyes clutching the pages of the novel directly to her bosom. "How I wish I could prove my worth to this academy with such feats. I just know that I could be useful ... even if my abilities aren't as flashy as that of others." She winced realizing that it seemed that those with extravagant semblances tend to share the limelight with no others. It was then that a knock was upon the door, her instructor had came in suggesting that she attempted to mingle with the rest by the pool.

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2 Re: Sage's Enrollment [Done] on Thu Jun 15, 2017 3:45 pm

Richard Lionheart
okay ^^ so this is a good app but there are a few minor hiccups and one minor fix/clarification. First is that you haven't actually picked your stat points, they're all 1-5. You have 12 points to distribute among your stats, second you need to specify an origin for the fc is possible ^^ not just the name and lastly you've got to specify an armour type on your armour. Physical or dust resistant.

The bigger thing, that really isn't super big but still, is the semblance. While drawing the aura from plants to heal yourself or others is fine, though you could do with some specification on what you can do if you draw the energy into yourself (maybe the likes of an str buff) when it comes to animals that would be more difficult as people do keep pets IC (bought from the store) which have their aura as part of their character and aura steal of them is techinically banned. I would recommend a limitation to just flora , not fauna ^^ that would overcome all these problems. Bump when done

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3 Re: Sage's Enrollment [Done] on Fri Jun 16, 2017 7:54 pm

Bump a bit of a change

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4 Re: Sage's Enrollment [Done] on Sat Jun 17, 2017 2:53 pm

Richard Lionheart
Okay ^^ with the new semblance just minor things, each point into hp gives 10 rather than 5 and I don't get this whole "Draw agro" bit. I get that it's around your body, but I wouldn't exactly call that drawing argo? Can't "draw agro" anyway in the sense that you must hit this, it'd be probably better worded as just "The external skeleton will shield her from incoming attacks" or the like.

Finally, I get that you're essentially replicating the skeleton you're using as armour to make one on the outside, but what would the basic armour version cover? That must be specified. Bump when done

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5 Re: Sage's Enrollment [Done] on Sat Jun 17, 2017 4:42 pm

Richard Lionheart

"Call me short and your life'll get a whole lot shorter."
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