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Ulalia Silvers [WIP]

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1 Ulalia Silvers [WIP] on Sun Jun 11, 2017 11:38 pm

Ulalia Silvers
Enrollment Form

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Basic info

Name: Ulalia silvers

Age: 18

Birthday: October, 31

Gender: Female

Race: Timberwolf Faunus

Height: 152.4cm

Weight: 52.1631kg

Appearance:Ulilia Silvers, a female Timberwolf Faunus, signified by her long canine tale, weighing roughly Fifty-two kilograms and scaling at sixty inches in height, Ulilia has stark white locks which some could say silver and gazes at foes with azure blue eyes. Ulilia has a very elegant like face, with high cheeks and a slender jawline, Ulilia is also a petite individual with a 36 bust, 24 waist, and a 36 hip body frame, a typical hourglass type.

Face Claim:Holo from Spice and Wolf





SPT:5 +1 (do to spirit)

Aura 150|150 HP


Major: Tech

*Fluffy Animals
*Tinkering with small Machines

*White Fang
*Aggressive Animals

*Loss of Love Ones
*Being Judged

Talent: Marksman/woman

Weakness Cooking

Overall Personality: Ulalia is a caring young woman who loves to tinker with small machines to see what makes them tick, her other passions are watching animals and the wilderness. She never went to an actual school in her younger years as she was brought up through homeschooling whenever someone attempts to approach her. She immediately sets down all and becomes extremely skittish and sometimes will run away or hide behind her father. She still holds this fear, even though she is eighteen her fear mainly stems from being Judge by those that are prejudice toward Faunus she prefers to stay alone if ever, someone attempts to approach her. She gets up and starts walking away with haste, not allowing anyone to get within her comfort zones, if one wishes to become her friend, one must show that they are determined and willing to earn her trust

Ever since she was a kid. She was taught how to defend herself against The White Fang, or Grimms her father taught her the basic of martial arts, as well as learning how to fire a firearm during her training with assault rifles and sniper rifles. She showed that. She had an eye like that as an eagle, even though her shyness is extremely apparent when other people are around her. However, when left alone to construct a device she fills with confidence as if she was a very different person


Aura type: Spirit

Aura Color: Azure

Semblance:Aerokinesis is the ability to mentally affect or move air or wind currents. With this ability, Ulalia can easily resist wind pressure, move air particles to create vacuums to suffocate foes or send the wind at foes as gale-force currents. with this ability, she could even travel on air currents via Flight or jumping.

A supposed aspect of this ability would concern sound waves since they travel on air currents. An adept Aerokinetic could cause them to travel allowing them to hear things from a distance, or they could completely halt the movement of air and stop all sounds.

Another faculty of this ability may be the potential for Aerogenesis in which one can generate breathable air or the constituents of air however she is limited to the air that surrounds her in a five-meter radius.

Item 1: (Armored Gillie Suit) A handmade one-of-a-kind Gillie suit tailor made for Ulalia, crafted by her father. The suit holds fifty rectangular pockets made to carry different types of armor plates In strategic positions when flipped inside out. It can be worn like a jacket eggshell white with black trimming and a pair of green stripes going down the center while being donned as a jacket A holster is situated right on the back to carry Azure Cyclone

Item 2: Weapon: Azure Cyclone: A personalized Dust Cartridge Sniper Rifle that was designed by the conjoined efforts of Ulalia Silvers and her father, Roberto Silvers, they devised this weapon for Ulalia to hunt from a safe distance, while the base form is a sniper rifle, Azure Cyclone is able to switch between two stages. First is a long sniper rifle that can fire up to a maximum range of six hundred and sixty-five yards, or one thousand nine hundred and ninety-five feet, then to an Assault Rifle that can fire up to a maximum range of three-hundred and eighty yard or one-thousand one-hundred and forty feet. The weapons main projectiles are comprised of wind Dust, that's compressed into a condensed cylindrical canisters, that is inserted via an ejection port, located below the undercarriage of the rifle. Each canister of Wind Dust is able to house up to thirty shots before depleting, which the empty canister will eject from the right side port.

Stage One: While in the Sniper Rifle form, the weapon's barrel is standard, having a muzzle break to reduce recoil and allow for increased accuracy, however, while reducing fire rate, the rifle's scope is a traditional forty times scope with a simple cross-sight pin dot reticule. While not a traditional firearm in nature of the bolt, the bolt is a twin action bolt that functions as a slide back the semi-auto bolt, and a bolt-action slide for single fire hunting rifles. This capability allows for quick release of Cartridges and allows for switching out Dust types on the fly, while not very practical, it is effective never the less.

History and Sample
300+ Words please.
RP Sample:
150+ words

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