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Testing out the future (1 openings)

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1 Testing out the future (1 openings) on Mon Jun 12, 2017 2:41 am

Quill Darwind
For a while Quill had tinkered with a Grappling Hook that had inner changeable Hooks, he had made blueprints of many different kinds of weapons and plan to master each and everyone of them so he may show people how to properly use them to their full power. Today he is testing the forest Hook which is nicknamed the "Hook Shoot" after Quill's favorite item in his Favorite game which will not be mention. The hook shoot was still in its prototype stage because of how clunky it is and how much aura is consumes in one shoot. The sound of the shoot can be heard for miles unend but still works, it had also went through the tree that it was shoot at so far that the cable was unable to be recovered. Quill's arm was also broken and dislocated, lucky for him, he was able to relocate it but had not bring a splint to splint his arm. So he had made a makeshift splint using two branches and the remaining cable that wasn't lost in the shoot. Quill then took a video note,"Note to self: next time I go testing out something that shoots something, bring a splint and other medical supplies. Anyway i'm the Hook Shoot needs adjustments so it doesn't break and dislocate my or anyone's arm like a twig. Also bring some really powerful painkillers because i'm in the same amount of pain as a man getting his family jewels ripped off by a beowolf. One last thing (a really loud scream of pain)." He then sat down and calm down his body from the pain. He had heard someone coming and said "Hey anyone there I kinda need help here."

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2 Re: Testing out the future (1 openings) on Wed Jun 14, 2017 7:46 am

Loghan decided to walk in the forest for this changed ideas, at least he would have wanted, he hears someone shouted for help.
"Well, it's not worth seeing what happens," he said in a monotone voice.
He goes to the place where he heard shouted and sees a young man who would probably be his age with a splint on his arm.
"Hello to what I see it makes weapon test, you should be more careful," Loghan said without really worrying, he examines the weapon of the young man.
"You have to make evacuation holes in order to reduce the noise when you shoot, you should use the wind dust in a cyclist butt in order to avoid to dislocate your arm each time you shoot then you put a regulator Of power it should do "loghan always says with his monotone voice and looking at the young man and awaits a reply.

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