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Aikomi, the Schizophrenic Kitty-Bot [COMPLETE]

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Basic info
Name: Model 2A "Aikomi"
Age: Three years since creation, appears 19.
Birthday: May 12th
Gender: Female
Race: Synthetic Cat Faunus
Height: 5'
Weight: 150 lbs
Face Claim: Koneko Toujou - Highscool DxD

STR: 5 (+1)
DEF: 3
RES: 1
SPT: 3
Aura 160|140 HP

Major: Combat
Likes: - Food
- Cute things
- Affection
Dislikes: - Meanies
- Mushrooms
- Her reflection
Fears: - Arthropods
- Death
- Being misused
Talent: - Fine Art
Weakness - Cooking
Overall Personality: Aikomi, right out of the gate, is incredibly dense. Stupid to the max. She is painfully dense, painfully innocent, and painfully adorable. She's fun, energetic, pretty, and horribly disfunctional.
Aikomi's personality doesn't work. At all. She, even as an android, has schizophrenia. She sees things, she hears things, and she occasionally has a bloodlust. Among other things, she is also a sadomasochist, yet being extraordinarily shy and submissive. Sometimes she avoids people, sometimes she desires their attention more than anything else.
Aikomi is cute as well. Even if she's a dense little kitten, doesn't that just make it even better?

Aura type: Strength
Aura Color: White
Semblance: Semblance Weapon - Andromeda. Andromeda is Aikomi's semblance, and Andromeda is a collection of two shoulder mounted LMGs, and two miniguns that cover from Aiko's elbow to past her fingertips.
Item 1: Pen - Tier 1 weapon. Pen is an ironically named mechanical pencil that extends out into a double-edged staff.
Item 2: Paper - Tier 1 armour (shield). Paper is a sketchbook that can be extended out to a torso-sized shield.

History and Sample
Model 2A's purpose is... Questionable. Perhaps she was created to be a Huntress, perhaps she was created for services, all that is known is that who she was eventually sold to did not fufill that purpose. She was misused, let's say.

Model 2A named herself "Aikomi" after... Terminating her owner. She lived as a rogue synthetic doing what was needed to survive: murder, theft, anything. She'd kill for things, she'd steal without regret, almost like she was made to do it. She lived like this for two years, after a year of being used incorrectly.
In the remaining half of a year Model 2A was active, she eventually went haywire entirely, simply losing her synthetic mind and going insane. She tried to terminate the rampant programming but that failed miserably; she tried to ignore it but to no avail; she tried to live with it and eventually developed an early form of schizophrenia.

Aikomi did some good guy stuff after this breakdown, like kill Grimm and more people, but bad people. This good guy stuff earned her recognition... Somehow... And she was invited to an academy.
Here's the dark part.
Aikomi couldn't live the way she was anymore, so she essentially hacked herself and inserted a virus into her intelligence programming, causing her to have a particularly bad memory, and for her to be rather extremely dense. Even still, she still sees the people she killed late at night, haunting her, driving her insane, and yet she just can't remember why they matter.

Aikomi nowadays is an adorable, innocent, cutesy little synthetic kitten that appears to be perfect in every way besides her being so dense she could collapse into a black hole at any given moment, and her horrible memory leading her to forget things mere seconds after doing them. She prefers to be alone at night, since this is when she has "twitchy fits" and giggles insanely to herself.
RP Sample:
Aikomi glanced around the beautiful landscape that surrounded her.
It was stunning, really. Her visual recepters were very pleased with the sight, so much so that a small smile adorned her face, appearing as though it was natural for her to have such an expression.
She shifted on the high branch of the tree she sat on, curling her artificial spine up to stare down between her legs at the lush, green grass below her. Again the sight made her grin;
such a wonderful world, this was. Pen & Paper were latched to either side of her hips - Pen on the right, Paper on the left. Not that she'd actually need them, but they were there anyhow.

She was content with where she was right now, gently swinging her feet back and forth and humming to herself, simply captivated by the beauty of the landscape around her.

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