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Castle Crashers [Plot- DEATH ENABLED- Open]

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1 Castle Crashers [Plot- DEATH ENABLED- Open] on Wed Jun 14, 2017 1:44 pm

A distraught queen sits on her throne with her youngest child standing beside her. before them them were three ladies who looked to be around the same age as her older child.
The three were dressed in jumpsuits green, pink, and orange and they seemed to have both sad and frightened looks on their faces. Reiwyn a gentle queen that does her best to keep her composure and look of elegance looked like she was turning into more of an emotional wreck with her face giving off both rage and sadness. She spoke to the three her voice shaking as though she would burst into tears at any moment [/color]"W-what?! What did you say? Periwinkle is?" The one in green steeped forwards "We're sorry your majesty.. She was killed at the hands of an evil mastermind named Hunter.. Not a single one of the hunters present even bothered to save her." While the one in green was speaking Reiwyn began sobbing and screaming "WHY?! WHY DIDN'T YOU SAVE HER?! YOU WERE RIGHT THERE!"

Her youngest child stood up and walked over to his mother and began hugging her. The one in pink was the next to speak "You're majesty forgive us.. We are just young spies you hired to watch after the princess. We weren't equipped with the weaponry to save her. The orange one then piped up "Besides if we did save her our cover would be blown and she would figure out that-"


The queen screamed in the midst of her tears and the three froze in fear. She tried to gather herself enough to speak "H-has the kin- Has my husband been informed of his daughters demise?" The fact that she used 'husband' instead of king showed that Reiwyn was treating this more as a family matter rather than a political one. The green one piped up again "N-no you're majesty.. His personal guards said that he was too busy with work to hear what three teenagers had to say." A bit more anger seemed to be heard in the queens voice as she mumbled "Of course he is.. When is he not working."

Whilst all this was going down Reiwyn's youngest was looking around trying to figure out what was really happening. He then tugged on his mother's sleeve and said  "Mommy? Is Peri okay? Where is she?" Reiwyn looked down at her child and couldn't answer him. Instead she held him tightly and began crying once more. This is the first time anyone in Bellmuse has ever seen the queen lose her composure and no one really knew what was going to come next from her.

Reiwyn then looked over at one of her guards and gave a order "I want all of them arrested. For high treason and for assisting in the assassination of the princess." The guard simply gave a "Yes your majesty" and then walked out to find whoever was responsible.

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Murmured whaling resounded throughout the room and reverberated against the palace walls, eyes watering against the queen's gown. As the queen was upset, exhibiting her sadness and heartbreak at the loss of her daughter, Victor was doing much the same. Almost burrowing into her side, as if attempting to receive some form of comfort from the distraught woman while perhaps in a less obvious was showing a degree of affection and attempting a degree of comforting. Either interpretation could be taken as valid under these dire circumstances; even if the small boy seemingly did not understand the current situation.

Despite the knowledge of the death not being so public an eerie silence was beginning to build over the castle grounds. It was as if the sun had been blocked out my a malevolent dark cloud with no real hope of it releasing it's grip. Without any clear understanding of the situation Plum held tighter and tighter to the grieving queen. Letting out loud wails as the queens' silent sadness burned deep within her heart. To have lost the daughter, the next in line to the thrown, was a massive loss for the family. Let alone to have lost her to a terrorist, her own guards within arm's reach.

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As Quill was returning to his dorm a guard stop him and telling Quill to come with him to the prison. Quill asked why but the guard just said "BY ORDER OF THE QUEEN", Quill told the guard to go ram a Morning star up his bum. The guard then clocked him in the face but lucky for Quill he was used to that kind of stuff that and his arm was broken and dislocated at the same time, not far back. Quill got away from the guard and went to his room. He got all his gear and leaped out the window which is a bad idea since his dorm room is on the top floor. He then saw more guards taking away students, Quill landed on top of one of the guards vehicles. The guards opened fired on him, but his coat reflected most of the shoot. Quill still felt the damage of the bullets but got away as fast has he could. He got away from the guards and then turned on the news on his scroll. The news was reporting that a man named Hunter had killed one of the Royal's. The news is only getting this information now, they have also reported that the students of the kingdoms academy are to be arrested for High treason. Quill then ran to the forest and set up a camo base so he can collect himself and plan a counter attack, Quill believes that out of rage the Queen has belief all hunters must pay for the action of one of them. Quill then sent a message to anyone that the queen has gone mad and punishing insentient for the crime of one person. It reads as followed "MY FELLOW HUNTERS AND HUNTRESSES, ARE QUEEN HAD GONE MAD, SHE IS PUNISHING US FOR THE CRIME OF ONE PERSON! WE MUST FIGHT BACK AND SHOW HER THAT WE ARE NOT GOING TO LET HER PUNISH US BECAUSE OF ONE MASSIVE JERK!! I ASK OF YOU, MY FAMILY AT ARMS, TO HUNT DOWN THE PERSON RESPONSIBLE FOR ALL THIS AND TO FIGHT BACK THE MAD QUEENS FORCES!!! DO SO AND WE WON'T BE KNOWN AS HUNTERS BUT HEROS!!!! FOR THOSE WHO WANT TO FIGHT OFF THE MAD QUEENS FORCES MEET ME IN THIS LOCATION(sends location area to all the hunters not yet captured), FOR THOSES WHO WANT TO HUNT DOWN THE BLOKE THAT CAUSE THIS STAY HIDDEN IN THE SHADOWS WE WILL DRAW THE ATTENTION OF THE GUARDS AWAY FROM YOU SO YOU ONLY HAVE ONE THING TO WORRY ABOUT AND THAT IS FINDING THE PERSON RESPONSIBLE FOR THIS WHOLE MESS!!!!" The message ends but a single voice broadcast was sent to every sound system to the castle, "My Queen if you are hearing this, know this, your actions are unjust and we bit racist see that you are only targeting us hunters, when i get there i'm going to beat the sense back into you. Send your bounty hunters, send your personal fighting force, send your secret fighting force, your spy and assassins, i don't care. You needed to be taught a lesson, not to mess with hunters cause without us, you'll all been dead by the creators of Grimm. So when i get there with my own army of hunters, you have better change your mind and stop this witch hunt." The broadcast ends and that just enraged the guards making them think that Quill is just a terrorist that is to be killed on site. "BRING IT ON, YOU BLOKES, I WILL END THIS WITCH HUNT ON MY OWN IF I HAVE TO!!!"

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"Well Mr. Bloodfall, you know why you were summoned?" Said a man in armor, he is part of the castle's guard.

Loghan sits on a chair in front of an office with the guard in front of him, loghan looks vaguely in front of him and decides to answer.

"I guess it's to talk to me about this famous incident of the princess?" Loghan answers in a monotone voice.

"THIS INCIDENT IS CAUSED TO THE INCOMPETENT THAT YOU AND YOUR COLLEGUE HUNTER ARE !!!" the guard screams as he strikes the table with both hands. Loghan does not react and decides to answer a guard.

"So why am I not locked up or why you did not kill me? I'm sure it's not the envy you're missing." Loghan looks at the guard and waits The reply.

"Mr.Bloodfall we know you've been a bounty hunter for a long time with many successful contract  , so the queen has an interesting offer to make you.We wish you hunted and killed the hunters of Syne Academy and a large sum of 'Money will be yours for every hunter killed, so what do you say?'

Loghan remains seated to reflect on this proposition, wants to leave in this life that he wanted to forget. At this moment the loghan remembers what was marked in the back.
'For past and also killed easily someone the killer has of the training that it is assassin or hunter but considering how to oppose I would say that it is a hunter so if I accept This request I could investigate without problem, I do not have to kill hunters who did nothing. It sounds like the beginning of a plan. ' Loghan thought, now that he has a plan, he raises his head and answers the guard.

"I accept your proposal" The guard seems aprecié the reply.
Loghan turns and starts to leave.
"Mr.Bloodfall we will expect a report from you every day." Loghan stops and glares at the guard before answering.

"We're going to make things clear, I'm a wolf, they do not command me like a dog, have a good day." And with that loghan goes away

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Since the academy was on summer break Claw was packing up so he can go to his home town and spend time with his father and old friends. As he has packed his last item he had heard a knock at his forge doors. "Strange who may that be at this time?" Claw had open the door and saw one of the people that come's to him for repairs, Claw had never caught her name but she always wears pink for some reason. "Well hello pinky how are you, i'm sorry if you are looking for repairs i can't right now cause im going to visit my home town." The girl just said, "You should leave the country" Claw was confused in her choice of words. "Why do you say that? I've followed the laws and i'm going to see the king for his monthly check. Man that weapon he uses is amazing but it needs to be check up on once in a while." It then dawned on him that the woman in pink had said in the past that she works with the royal family as a shadow guard. "Don't tell me someone killed the princess." The girl nodded, Claw asked her "DID YOU TELL THE QUEEN YET?!" She nodded again, Claw then ran to the castle being stopped by guards. "Claw you shouldn't go in there,the queen told us to arrest every hunter for high treason. We all know you're a good man but the queen won't listen to reason, her mind is clouded. The head capt. has sent a bounty hunter i collect any hunter that hasn't been capture, whats worst is that there is a hunter that is trying to fight back. Please just get out while you still can" Claw told the guard he will try and calm the queen. As he walked into the throne room he saw the grieving queen. "My queen i know you have lost your daughter, but you must listen to reason, you're putting innocents to death and causing them to rebel all because of one person. My queen if you don't stop this path right here and now then all the hard work are ancestors work for would be for nothing. I know it may hurt, I myself have lost so many friends, but I keep my senses and steam on." Claw waited for her respawns to what he had said.

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