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The boredom of waiting [Open]

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1The boredom of waiting [Open] Empty The boredom of waiting [Open] on Fri Jun 16, 2017 10:10 pm

Nikkie Verdile
Pretty little day with the sun shining above, the wind softly moving the large amount of tree all around this nice park in the middle of the city of Bellmuse, the sight was great, the temperature was perfect and yet, there stood a girl wearing a red jacket, all alone and sighing. She walked in circle for what seemed like an hour, while in fact she's only been there for about two minutes and yet the girl looked exasperated already. Nikkie then suddenly let herself fall forward and ultimately reached the ground and lied in the grass, the gentle green blades caressing her face as she was whining of pure and simple boredom. The silver-haired girl was waiting on an important call for a job, but the person she was awaiting the call from had yet to reach her and was even pretty late already... by a huge five minutes!

As she began to roll around in the grass, Nikkie also seem to start talking to herself, which obviously attracted more attention than she was already by being a bright red thing on a green background. "No I'm not going to call him, he said he would so I'll wait. I don't care! I'm bored! I had nothing to do today beside that and if he's not gonna call then my day is ruin! Why do you care? All you do is follow me around, where I go and what I do shouldn't concern you! Why do you suddenly request things!? You never asked for anything before! Why you...!" The bicolor-eyed girl seemed to argue by herself, people began to avoid her as she looked crazy, which might be for the best as she stood up and went on a small tantrum, causing a passerby to nearly run away as she was facing them. Not aware of her surrounding she didn't seem to notice or care about anyone and simple went about her anger. Hopefully she'd receive that call she was waiting for before something bad would happen.

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2The boredom of waiting [Open] Empty Re: The boredom of waiting [Open] on Sun Jun 18, 2017 2:51 pm

Pluton Cronus
Hands in his pockets, painted metal chain swinging from his neck, Pluton was taking a simple morning stroll. Having spent the last week or so homeless, sleeping on various benches around town, he had managed to construct a set of morning rituals. The first, naturally, was stretchin'. You couldn't sleep on a cold metal bench, back against such a hard surface, and start the day without a good stretch. Next was a walk, mostly just to search the area for food people might have dropped in the morning bustle, and to conclude these rituals was a trip to the park fountain. There were a couple good reasons behind this one.

Wanderin' through the small park he found it surprisingly busy, he guessed it must have been like a Saturday or a Sunday... sometime at the weekend, that or maybe a holiday? He really needed to invest in a calendar. Regardless it was a busy day and a large, messy yet surprisingly smelly hobo was guarantied to draw some eyes and turn some heads. Making his way, passed some shrubs and reaching the fountain, he planted both his hands on the broad stone rim. Bending over it, almost looking as though he was going to vomit into it, he reached down into the basin  and brought cold yet not exactly clean water up and washed his face. He removed his glasses then leaned further forward into the basin, dipping his head in the water, rising and shaking he had washed his hair in some shape or form. Now most of the eyes had gone from the girl on the hill behind him to the weird homeless boy... and even if they weren't they were about to.

For you see, he had been waiting for the weekend to do this. When things were at their critical mass. Without hesitation (save for setting his glasses and chain aside as well as taking his jacket off) he jumped into the water head first. Not only getting a cool bath, for better or worse, but he now began collecting the change that had gathered at the bottom.

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