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Melody Torchwick Enrollment

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1 Melody Torchwick Enrollment on Sat Jun 17, 2017 2:57 am

Basic info
Name: Melody Torchwick
Age: 23
Birthday: October 31
Gender: Female
Race: Human
Height: 5.8'
Face Claim: Fair skinned, Green eyes, flowing orange hair with a section over eye, red lipstick, black bowler hat with feather, long eyelashes,

Aura 140|150 HP

Personality: Mischeveous, Romantic, mostly causes crime when needed
Major: Crime
Likes: Pranks, Crime , Classical Music
Dislikes: Team RWBY, Beacon, Police
Fears: Death, roman dying, Hot Peppers
Talent: Music
Weakness http:Tailoring
Overall Personality: I am mosly kind but when it comes to stealing items with roman im very sneaky I am really good at realizing emotions of others, I have a peppy attitude when around friends , I have a romantic status with roman torchwick. im fun to be around , and can always can make others laugh, im good at blocking attacks , when fighting action is torwds me or roman we always helpe each other out. when it comes to team rwby I am not fond of them I don't hate them I dislike them I dislike the work hate beacause its a strong word

Skillful at: fighting
Lacking skills in: cooking

Abilities I can cause confusion
Aura type: strength
Aura Color: pink
Semblance: pumpkin pie
Item 1: Fan with lazers
Item 2: meldolic culdrul

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2 Re: Melody Torchwick Enrollment on Sat Jun 17, 2017 8:59 pm

Hello my dear! I will be grading your app and helping you make your character fit the site. There were a few that I noticed that violated the rules of the site and we ask that you change them in your character by using the edit feature.

1. Your character can't be linked to a character that is in RWBY. Please read these rules for more information:

2. The template code. There is a place on the template page where you can copy the BB Code Copy and paste the code into your character post and then fill out the information where the parentheses are. And for the [img] code you put an image link of your face claim there.

3. Face Claim can not be a genderbend of a RWBY character because that is still a RWBY character as stated in the Face Claim rules here:

4. Your character lacks both a history and RP sample

5. Crime is not a major please select a major from the list that can be found here:

6. It seems to me like you just tried to make a genderbent version of Roman. Please try to make a more original character she can be a criminal if you want her to me just make her a citizen for her major and make sure she isn't liked to Roman. Maybe have her run her own crime organization? Also make sure you read all the rules and follow them alright? ^_^

Once you are done with your edits please bump your character and I shall review it again.

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