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[Private - Invite] A New Start.

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1 [Private - Invite] A New Start. on Sat Jun 17, 2017 3:54 am

The crowded location was something of a dreary situation, not too keen on the thought of people surrounding her, the dark locked lass sat upon the railing of the flying metal box with jets. Staring at the arriving town in the distance, it made the dark eyes beauty gleeful to see the on coming sight of buildings; the smell of oil burning from the factories. Those that littered the market place industry sector, the distant, oncoming sounds of cars and various other things that would bring life to a town like this. The vast green was a welcoming change to her, seeing how most of the time when she was younger all she saw was sand. With the sensation of decent coming upon her, seeing the ground come closer to the olive toned individual, they knew everyone would be boarding off.

With that information filling her mind, she quickly grabbed her duffle-bag from beside her and headed inside the vehicle, guiding her way towards the rest rooms it had, upon reaching it. She undressed quickly after locking the door and getting into something more comfortable. Upon coming out after changing, she dawned a new outfit, one that showed off her legs in a better sense, she had black sneakers with white plastic toe covers, blue jean shots with a flannel long sleeve shirt about her waist. And upon her torso was a simple black short sleeved black shirt, one that allowed a small bit of her belly to peek out, many of the younger males caught her gaze, but the mechanical legs quickly made them advert their eyes.

Aazeen Outfit:

This didn't bug the peppy young woman, with her right, mechanical arm holding the dull green hue storage bag and the other placed over her hip. Upon feeling the Airship land, and lock into place, a sensation she could feel due to being a mechanic, the grinding of metal. The sounds of pistons firing off and pressure valves hissing, and the loud sliding sound of the doors made her smile. Letting a pearl white set of gems glimmer as she quickly bolted out of the confines of the metal prison, and rushing around the docking area. "Yes!" "Bellmuse, just like Uri said, I made it." Her excited tone rushed into the air with every skip the bubbly being held in her frame, and with her spinning on her heel, she roared out. "To Syne Academy!" And with that, she rushed towards the local town map to find a route to the school.

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