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Claw Elderwood (waiting to be approve)

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1 Claw Elderwood (waiting to be approve) on Sat Jun 17, 2017 9:05 pm

Enrollment Form


Weapon image:

Basic info
Name: Claw Elderwood
Age: 27
Birthday: Jan,25
Gender: Male
Race: Human
Height: 6'7
Weight: 212 LBS
Face Claim: Has a slit beard and the feeling of a knight round him, normal look and dark blond hair.

STR: 5 (+1)
DEF: 3
RES: 2
SPT: 2
Aura 150|150 HP

Major: Teacher (Smith)
Likes: Brotherhood, his job, Celebrations
Dislikes: Dishonest people, Racist jerks, Bullies
Fears: Everyone he loves die, The fall of his Kingdom, No more need of him anywhere
Talent: Weapon smith
Weakness: Stealth
Overall Personality: Is this up beat guy who believes chivalry isn't dead just yet, Would always find a way to put a smile on someone's face. He will slam someones face into the ground because someone made they made a little girl cry, he will fight to the very end in battle for his friends and brotherhood. Almost everyone knows him and he takes pride in that, he is extremely brave in any situation you can put him in but would fear for the safety of someone who isn't as strong as him. He is also the biggest animal person out there, you could rarely see him walking about 12 animals at a time.

Skillful at: Multitasking
Lacking skills in: Organization

Aura type: Strength
Aura Color: Flaming Orange
Semblance: The Hammer of Dawn: This power summons a hammer that can be thrown and exploded, the explosion is only 5 feet, it does have a chance to give an enemy a burn effect but ever so slightly, it may also be used as a normal forge hammer in which it can create weapons,armor,ect.  
Item 1: Berdiche called The Inferno's Wrath, the weapons could melt down metal do a liquid state, both used in combat and for smithing. It is Claw's best work he had ever done (weapon design was made by Loghan Bloodfall)
Item 2: Heat resistant tech armor (for smithing not combat heat resistant)

History and Sample:

Claw Elderwood is from a family of about 13 boys and 7 girls, he being the 4 oldest boy but the 5 oldest overall. His father is a knight at heart and actually, he also would bring back a weapon for Claw seeing that he is the only child that wants to follow in his footsteps. The other children wanted to be sells people, stay at home parents, or non-hunter jobs. When he became 6, Claw started his training with his father, he had chosen a Beriche as his primary weapon. His father also taught him to smith weapons at the same time. By age 16, both his smithing and combat training were completed and the weapon/armor he made did get the attention of the royal family as well. By age 17 he was accepted into Syne Academy and grad at the age of 21. After he finished school he became the both the schools personal smith and smith teacher of the school. Though he is like a real life knight, Claw is a real life knight. The Elderwood name is mostly famous for their huntsmen and for their code , The code reads "We fight to are very last breathe and we don't die like cowards. We fight till we can't fight no more, we fight till the bitter end, we fight for those's who can't fight for them selves, we fight for are families, WE FIGHT FOR HONOR!" Many people follow this code to the bitter end. Claws family crest is a hammer slamming into the skull of a Dragon to show those's around that they would fight even the powerful dragons themselves. Many people are drinking friends with the Elderwood clan but not to the 19 other children of the Elderwood clan due to their lack of honor in the family name and tradition in becoming a knight or hunter.

RP Sample:
One day when Claw was working on some repairs for one of the teachers, he heard a student call for him. Claw then put his stuff on halt and went to the student, the student ask him if he could help her with some leather smithing for a friend of her's. Claw help make the item and asked her why this item, the student replied "I want to give her something so she knows she is still loved by others". Claw understood and showed her out and went back to what he was doing. Claw then thought to give that same student a visit to help her friend in understanding that she is still loved. He found the two students and asked them how have their days been. They both replied Good, and the other student thanked him for helping make her new bracelet. Claw told her "It is no problem, I will help anyone who deeds are true and noble." They both laugh and told him that he was a strange person. The bell rang and they both said their good byes and left for their classes. Claw then remembered that his classes starts soon too. So he rushed to his classes so he would not have the students mess around with the forge gear like little children would.

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2 Re: Claw Elderwood (waiting to be approve) on Tue Jun 20, 2017 7:26 pm

Need a Face Claim image.

Face Claim =/= Appearance description

Also, Please actually use the template code provided.

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3 Re: Claw Elderwood (waiting to be approve) on Tue Jun 20, 2017 8:05 pm

ok how is it now?

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4 Re: Claw Elderwood (waiting to be approve) on Thu Jun 22, 2017 1:35 am


Face Claim =/= Appearance description. I need an actual name to the face. Or like, a Link.

Also, Please actually use the template code provided. What happened? You've only used half of it.

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5 Re: Claw Elderwood (waiting to be approve) on Thu Jun 22, 2017 1:05 pm

how is it now?

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6 Re: Claw Elderwood (waiting to be approve) on Sat Jun 24, 2017 9:06 pm

Can you find a better link for the FC image? It doesnt work for me

Please describe your semblance

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7 Re: Claw Elderwood (waiting to be approve) on Sat Jun 24, 2017 10:41 pm

ok, fix the link to my pic and described my semblance a little better, how is it now

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