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Starry Starry Night [Nikkie]

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1 Starry Starry Night [Nikkie] on Sun Jun 18, 2017 2:27 pm

Kompress Beach. The sandy shore's glistened in the moonlight, each spec of shimmering sand that refracted the gleam of the moon caused that sparkle across it mixed with the inundated shore from the rising tide. It was quiet upon the shore, no one ventured toward the beach in the chilling twilight hours under this waxing moon. A quarter already emerging since the new moon. It was a school night, but that never stopped Sage from venturing off on her own ever since she made it to Syne Academy. It was a few minute before the clocks would strike twelve that those who were out would notice a girl sitting upon the vacant beach, a glazed expression upon the female who was dressed in a rather skimpy jump suit. Bare feet buried into the cool sand as she sat in the rising tide. The crescent of the moon that had already arrived in the night sky reflected form the calm waves.

Another sleepless night, it was a common occurrence for Sage since her parents subjected her to the horrors of public school. It was an Academy for huntress's and hunters but it didn't mean it would cure her agoraphobia. A condition Sage had long been subjected to which they hoped would be cured with hanging about other's her age. "What a waste of area," she sighed stating that such a luxurious beach shouldn't have served such a purpose. "It could have been used for industrializing with turbine's but instead it's just this park for people to pollute and trash." She grimaced now peeling out a plastic bag that had washed up on the shore. "The world was a better place before us, perhaps our progress should come to and end." As she muttered to herself she would lay back and close her eyes. A rather large wave now washed up over gently submerging her body as she rested in the shallows.

All the animals, seagulls and turtles were at rest as she now stretched out upon her back tilting her head as she watched the stars. "It's so useless ..."

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2 Re: Starry Starry Night [Nikkie] on Sun Jun 18, 2017 7:51 pm

Nikkie Verdile
Ever had this moment where you woke up in the middle of night and couldn't get back to sleep? Well, it was one of those nights for Nikkie as she woke up from a bad dream, you know, the kind that you never really understand what happened from beginning to end. It wasn't the first time either, it was the seventh time this month. The silver-haired girl had no idea what caused them at the time, but she new it wasn't normal.

Siting on the edge of the bed she rented for the night, Nikkie was rubbing her eyes slowly, getting accustomed to the dark before she stood up to open the window that gave on one of the main streets that led directly towards the beach, one of Bellmuse's most renowned tourist spot. An idea crossed her mind and brought a smile on her face and before you knew it she was getting dressed and rushed outside direction Kompress Beach. She had payed for her room the day before so she wasn't worried about being chased by an angry manager or the police. On her way Mike began to talk to the girl who wasn't stopping to listen. "Oh come on, don't be a killjoy, for once that I'm awake at this hour, can't I just enjoy it? You can't understand, you're not... alive? I think... I'm not even sure what you are! Of course, you don't know either, sure... Look, a midnight bath in the ocean won't kill me or get me in trouble, so would you mind your business? Besides, you'll get to see me in a swimsuit! Not saying anything else? That's what I thought, haha!"

Soon after, she would reach the beach and while most people that would come here during the day would immediately go for the sandy part of it, Nikkie made a little detour to reach a large rock that was half submerged in water at the furthest it was in the ocean, making it a great natural dive point. Removing her jacket and her boots to reveal her swimsuit before she climbed all the way up, leaving all of her stuff hidden between two rocks. Stretching at the top, she grinned before jumping, shooting at the top of her lungs as she fell into the water in a huge splash. She came out of the water moments later, giggling stupidly while complaining at the same time. "Oh shit!! It's so cold!! Why did I do that!?! Aaaaaah!!" Nikkie then swam a little nearer to the shore and was trembling, but still had a stupid smile that wouldn't leave her pretty face. She walked a bit while staring at the moon before going back in the water, floating about while sighing, not noticing that she wasn't alone tonight. Well... not alone... Mike doesn't count.

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3 Re: Starry Starry Night [Nikkie] on Sun Jun 18, 2017 9:10 pm

Sage yawned the cool water soaking her body till her skin had fully broken out in goose bumps. The eyes of the younger female stopped upon the water as she heard some noises, it seemed as if someone was swimming. She had no other option other then to hunker down into the sand still wearing her bikini as she pushed deeper into the water till her head was barely peeking out. Her eyes scanning the beach till she noticed the two who had arrived. As she spied upon them she bubbled softly noting the large diving rock which they seemed to head toward. "What on earth is someone else doing here at this time of night?" Her voice was soft, it wasn't common knowledge but noise traveled easier across the water then across solid land. That stupid reflective property of water with light and sound waves.

She simply would drop ease, till she was either spotted or decided there was a purpose to converse with the stranger. A smirk spread over her features, the message was loud and clear as she now held up a hand to her mouth with an inaudible snicker. Clearly someone didn't realize common knowledge in her mind. Energy transfer from the sun heating the water and the emission of heat when said source was out.

Reaper's eyes stared as the suit she wore still would reveal skin tight skeleton clamped into her flesh it was impossibly to distinguish from how dark it was. The only detectable features of her at this point was her face as she now rested face up as she closed her eyes, the least she could do was relax about on her back as she slowly paddled her feet softly.

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