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Hunting for grimm(Solo Hunt)

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1Hunting for grimm(Solo Hunt) Empty Hunting for grimm(Solo Hunt) on Mon Jun 19, 2017 10:25 pm

Ruben walked through the forest looking for any grimm for him to slay. He looked around the forest and stopped for a second to take in the scenery. He looked at the blue hue of the plants and trees and even the space around them. He decided to stop at a nearby tree to rest. He pulled out a map of the forest before balling it up and throwing it away."I would've had a better chance walking through the forest than using that useless map,"Ruben mumbled to himself. He took out his magnum and prepared to head off. He desperately needed money and found the best way to do that is to kill grimm for a village near the forest. The village decided to pay him for helping them if he completes the mission. Ruben climbed up a tree to figure out a good place to go. He found a small clearing in the middle of the forest and decided to head there. When he arrived at the clearing he climbed on to a large piece of jagged rock that was in the center. He loaded his magnum with bullets and prepared for an attack. If a grimm are going to attack it will most likely be here.

OOC: Rolls: 5,6,1,1

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