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Character App: Rosalina Pearl

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1 Character App: Rosalina Pearl on Sat Jun 24, 2017 10:58 pm

Rosalina Pearl
Enrollment Form

Basic info
Name: Rosalina Pearl
Age: 18
Birthday: Jan. 3
Gender: Female
Race: Human
Height: 5’6
Weight:110 lbs
Face Claim: A picture I made using a character creator app

STR: 3
DEF: 2
Aura 150|150 HP

Major: Dust
Likes: Animals, reading, and running.
Dislikes: Strangely textured food, spiders, and wet socks.
Fears: Heights, public speaking, and cramped areas.
Talent: Chemistry
Weakness: Tailoring
Overall Personality:
Rosalina is fairly outgoing. While she doesn't know everyone, she is able to keep things from being awkward when forced to work with a stranger. She also gives good advice, as long as she can watch the situation from a distance. If she or someone she is close to us involved, logic goes out the window and Rosalina's temper gets her in trouble. She is also fiercely loyal to those that she feels had earned it. If someone betrays that trust Rosalina will cut them off completely. She can also be a bit unorganized, while this doesn't usually cause any major problems during her day, it can be a little annoying.

Aura type: Defense
Aura Color: White
Semblance: Light Generation. Rosalina can generate light. She can used this to temporarily blind her enemies in a four foot radius so she and her allies can regroup. Has no effect on people already blind, and allies may also get blinded if they are close enough. It also can be used for other things, such as making her hand glow and using it as a flashlight.
Item 1: A white bow and arrow set called lUNAE LUMEN.
Item 2: Rank one fire dust.

History and Sample

Rosalina grew up in a decently protected town. Of course, no town's defenses are perfect so huntsmen and huntresses were still warmly welcomed. Her mother, Primrose Pearl, was  one of them, while her father Dandelion Sun owned a bookstore. During the summer months she would help her father run the bookstore. When Rosalina’s mom was home she would show Rosalina her dust. This is why she decided to become a huntress. Dust fascinated her. And it she could help people while figuring out how this mysterious substance worked, then all the better. The next year Rosalina got her first practice weapon and began getting lessons from her mom. Her uncle helped as well, since Primrose didn't really know that much about bows and arrows. A little later, the White Fang started spreading. Frantic rumors flew around the town at lightspeed. Rosalina didn't pay attention to them at all. Why should she? They were only rumors spreading unnecessary paranoia. If people weren't careful, they would start to attract Grimm. She was very vocal about her opinions concerning this. In the end she was partway right. The rumors didn't attract Grimm, but something else. Some of the more unsavory people of the town decided that they were tired of rumors, and decided that if the White Fang wasn't going to do anything, they might as well take care of the problem. They targeted one of Rosalina’s friends also a faunas, since he had refused to join them. He survived the attack, but she decided that she needed to teach them a lesson. Of course she stood no chance at winning, so to calm her down her mom collected some former coworkers from before she went solo and they took care of the group. The attack also fueled Rosalina’s drive to become a huntress. Now protecting people was more important than dust.
RP Sample:

Rosalina curled up in the hunk bed, adjusting her reading position, as it was getting quiet uncomfortable. Who likes an uncomfortable reading position? Not her. She heard a knock on the door and went to open it after sliding a bookmark in between the pages of her book.
“Hello Mom. What do you need?”
“I don't need anything something happened in town. I think your friend Nutmeg was hurt.”
Rosalina wiped a trembling hand in her pants before balling it into a fist.
“I am going to-”
“You are not going to do anything. Understood?”
She let out a long sigh.
“I guess.”
“Good. I, however, will be tracking them with some old coworkers. ”
Primrose left, and Rosalina quickly turned around and began stuffing things into a bag. Once everything was packed she ran downstairs.
“Bye Dad I'm going to visit Nutmeg!”
“Okay. Be careful.”
She continued running through the town, lungs burning, until she got to his house and began to knock frantically on the door.
“Come in”
“Well, if it isn't my favorite future huntress.”
“Sit down. I have a game we can play. Interested?”
She pulled a chair over to his bed and sat down.
“You know I am.”

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