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The broken wolf (open)

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1 The broken wolf (open) on Mon Jun 26, 2017 4:19 pm

The day began in a rather quiet way for Loghan, if woken up due to nightmares and screams of people he killed was normal.
Loghan decided to take a walk in town to change his mind, given that the academy is on summer vacation, he did not have much to do. A good part of the day is past and it is the middle of the day, loghan is sitting on a bench smoking a cigarette and thinking.

He remembered the advice of his parents when he was still with them. 'No one deserves to live alone in this world, loghan, remember my son.' But loghan stopped thinking this way for a very long time. 'Whoever may have stayed with a killer like me, already that I do not understand why I was accepted in this academy.' Thought Loghan.

But there was always that hateful voice in the depths of his mind that screamed at him to become the cold-blooded killer he had once been, that he was gifted and that the Schnee Dust Company would pay well to have a killer like him among their employees. Loghan had more and more trouble to support him, it had begun may soon after he entered the academy, at first it was just a simple whisper but now they are cries of pain and always this voice perpetually go To tell him to kill.

But oddly today is more calm for Loghan, no cries, voices, nothing at all, as if a presence ready to appease his suffering. It's new for him so he decides to stand up and looks around to find this famous presence but after a few minutes he stops because he does not find it, he sits down on the bench and closes his eyes for a little rest, hoping the person shows. Leaving his imagination guessed at what this person might look like, he gets lost in the world of sleep, which for the first time in years, has been silent.

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2 Re: The broken wolf (open) on Sat Jul 22, 2017 12:56 pm

Loghan wakes up on the bench where the only visible light is the pallor of the moon reflected in the water of the fountain not far away. The quiet sleep he had just allowed him to feel really better, for him a good night's sleep worth more than all the money he was able to amass with his contracts, then he decides to return to the " Academy as it begins to do so late.

During the return journey he continues to scanned the surroundings to see if anyone follows him or not because when we were bounty hunters some habit we struggled to leave even after all this time, but his instinct never deceive him, And this time too, someone has been watching him for a long time but there is no murderous aura emitted from this person.

Loghan takes out a cigarette and begins to smoke quietly while continuing to walk, then he sees a small grove nearby and decides to stop. He clears his throat before speaking in a loud voice.

"Rather than follow me if you want to talk to me I'll wait for you here, but I will not wait all night. I leave you ten minutes to come, otherwise I leave." And with that he stands up staring at the stars with his cigarette in his mouth waiting for the person to show up.

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3 Re: The broken wolf (open) on Mon Jul 24, 2017 5:53 pm

Pluton Cronus
"Oh yeah? And what makes you think I wanna talk to you?! What makes you think I don't wanna beat you down, eh? Talkin' a lot of smack for someone with smoker's lung, eh? Bet you can hardly run a block, let alone beat me back!" Pluton emerged from the shadows, perhaps a little closer than the man had been expecting. Then again, Pluton was wearing a shining medallion of a skull, maybe it had been as hard as sensing auras... perhaps it was as simple as the moon reflecting off  that gold painted chain and his broken golden watch he'd picked up off the street... in fact, it probably was.

Pluton, being Bellmuse resident Homeless-Wannbee-Hunter, had been staying on the island for quite some time now. And as such he had learned a thing or two about Bellmuse city benches... mostly that they were awful for sleeping on; but not awful for sleeping under. Down there he was protected from the wind, the rain and all manner of police officer wandering the late city mistaken him for a drunkard. Down there they, usually, didn't even see him... which was a good thing considering his growing reputation. Unfortunately, down there, he was in prime position for a well placed boot to kick his forehead upon it's owner rising to their feet. His forehead lightly reddened, but the walker none the wiser, Pluton had rose to his feet and returned his weapon case to his back.

He'd stalked the perpetrator for some time... kinda just wondering what to do really? Should I ask for an apology... no that wasn't cool enough, that'd never get his name out there... what about holding him up? Robery! Yes! I could surely rob this guy! He'd had to keep some distance, his clunky "box on straps" weapon case wasn't exactly designed for stealthiness. It was however upon this approach that he realised, maybe it would be a closer match than he had thought? Pluton's win/loss record wasn't exactly stelar... but could he back down from fronting like this? Spikey hair, cigarette... that was a good lookin- no no, a strong lookin' guy. Granted, Pluton upon his approach also realised he was about a foot taller than the stranger and a wave of confidence washed over the white-haired man. Hands in pockets he stepped forward, under a foot between the two; a wide, slightly yellow, grin worn on his face and light in his dark eyes... surrounded by bags.

"Pretty rude to kick the homeless ya know? Kick a man while he's down, shows ya think you're high and mighty. Well who's high now eh? Betcha feelin' real sorry 'bout that eh?" His smirk made him look... well certainly not intimidating as he had intended, naive and stupid like a jeering child perhaps? The smell certainly didn't help his argument, having not bathed in the fountain as he did most every morning.

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4 Re: The broken wolf (open) on Mon Jul 24, 2017 6:31 pm

Loghan turns to the man in front of him, judging by his posture and his eyes he must be about twenty years old. The smile on his face wants to be intimidating, but Loghan has seen a lot of people like that. The dull eyes of Loghan meets that of the man, showing only a dark brown deprive of light.

'I've seen this kind of situation before, maybe I've jostled it unwittingly, but that's no reason to talk to me like that.' thought Loghan, he decides to respond to the man.

"I apologize for shoving you up, but we'll clear it up. First of all, what I do about my health looks only at me. Secondly I do not think I'm better than you because I do not know you so I would not draw conclusions and thirdly ... "before finishing his sentence he looks at the man in the eyes and shows him that he has lived and Do things that would make him want to vomit and that if he wants to intimidate him he'll have to do really better than that.

"If you intend to scare me to steal stuff you really ... really badly fell." At the end he looks at the man while waiting for his reaction but above all, he lights another cigarette.

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5 Re: The broken wolf (open) on Tue Jul 25, 2017 8:17 am

Pluton Cronus
The man's stare didn't seem to phase Pluton, having been around the continents and experienced all sorts of people he had seen eyes like that too many times to even notice. Especially in concentrated bubbles around the academies he had so desperately tried to get in, people with that kind of eyes and these kind of looks. "Are ya sure you don't? Yer talkin' like you're twenty feet above me ain't ya? Listin things and saying I ain't intimidatin''." Pluton took a further step forward, almost chest to chest with the man, "Maybe that's unintentional though eh? Maybe yer just trying to put up some kinda front and intimidate me eh? Honestly yer not doing to bad at it, despite the height difference. I guess a man out alone in this hour has gotta be pretty confident, would be weird if otherwise I suppose." He opted to take a half step back now, not so much backing down as not wanting to end up plunging the man's head into his famished chest.

"So yeah, being out this late you've got to be think you're tough I guess... maybe you're from the school? You're certainly headin' in that direction." His attempt at an intimidating smile grew into a smirk, he shook his head lightly... though his bouncy mass of white hair seemed to greatly hyperbolise the action; "If so, yer probably some spoiled brat in actuality. Schools like that are for folk with grades, folk who waste time in their schools writing away. Idea that you can get into hunting through that, rather than just bein' tough, it doesn't make sense... that or maybe you're one of those ones with the dumb magic. Oh yeah, they seem to hand wave that. Dumb... what was it called... some weird mystic religion energy thing? People who have shown me it, been real weird. Don't get it myself at all."

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6 Re: The broken wolf (open) on Tue Jul 25, 2017 10:08 am

Loghan looks at the man in front of him, he seems to have lived a dirty thing just like loghan, he felt sympathy for this man. For loghan its aura is not a good thing, it is more of a curse than anything else. Always that voice in his head but for once he said to himself that night of dark he might have found a friend.

"Listen, I know what you mean, sometimes that kind of thing is more curses in my opinion." Loghan answers the man in a low voice filled with sadness.

"You know, I think we could help each other, I can offer you to come to a hotel room not far from here, you do not have to stay outside but I will not force you . But first my name is Loghan Bloodfall, what is your name? "Loghan asks the man, he does not expect him to say yes or even gives him his name but it is always worth the blow trying.

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7 Re: The broken wolf (open) on Wed Jul 26, 2017 3:57 pm

Pluton Cronus
Pluton again turned up his nose, taking a half step forward and drawing his hands from his pockets. "Oi oi, what makes ya think I need yer help? Pluton Cronus can topple buildings with a single punch ya know, if I wanted your help I'd take it by force, I'd be taking your bed and your food. Not takin' some dingy hotel room somewhere or another. Regardless, ya should never open a bargain of any sort with what you'll give. Only fools and kids take deals like that, are ya taking me for one of those?"

Pluton pointed to the man, "You said you wanted to make some kind of exchange, I ain't got jack I wanna give you and I'm sure you don't wanna buy anything for me. You're tryin' to turn what was a muggin' into a deal? I'm the one in control here. Don't forget that, as I said; if I wanted I can destroy buildin's... you think I couldn't do the same on a personal scale? How stupid can ya get?"

Pluton then turned his pointing into thumbing toward his own chest, "Yer not gettin' me to do jack for that little anyway, takes a whole lot more than that to enlist my services!"

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8 Re: The broken wolf (open) on Wed Jul 26, 2017 5:30 pm

Loghan looks at the man and begins to feel his patience falling to pieces he looks at the man in the eyes before answering him.

"Listen guy I want to be nice but if you do not want help I leave you I have contracts honored with a nice sum of money has the key but I imagine that speak or share the same air that a bounty hunter of my age must be unbearable to you, I imagine you see everything that has an aura or training like people who have everything gained in their lives eh? "Loghan steps closer to the Man with his emotions coming out, which has not happened since the accident 8 years ago.

"You think I've always dreamed of killing people to make money for me, that my life is littered with dead bodies throughout my life. The night I hear the dead howl for me to join them. You complain about your way of life and swing all your misery in my face, but what do you know about me? Go ahead tell me! HOW MANY PEOPLE HAVE YOU KILLED AT TEN YEARS TO SURVIVE ?! "Loghan finished talking with his eyes ghostly blue and black smoke coming out of his eyes, panting after his speech. He looks at Pluton, he lights a cigarette and starts to leave.

" You know what ? Leave it, I do not care now. "

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9 Re: The broken wolf (open) on Thu Jul 27, 2017 7:56 am

Pluton Cronus
As the man seemed to detonate in Pluton's face, despite his smaller stature, it was quite an intimidating display and was Pluton not so obsessed with looking tough he most certainly would have taken a step backward. Regardless his eyes did indeed widen and his jaw fall slightly agape, "I was just askin' what you anted in return for the room and making it clear I wasn't gonna be swindled... I didn't ask ya bout killin' anyone or hurtin' anyone? I was tellin' ya if it was money or food or services you wanted in return then I ain't got jack? I'm not swingin' misery or whatever in yer face, ya opened the avenue for a deal but only displayed one side."

Pluton cocked a brow at the man, how he seemed to be all pent up and angry. Evidently he had been out this late for a reason, whether it was a good one he wanted to explain or otherwise. Talking about hunting and killing people, it seemed like he certainly had some kind of past. Despite him walking away Pluton plugged his hands in his pockets and followed, "I mean... I've not killed anyone ever? U don't want to kill people, don't know why anyone would. It's not what ya need when it comes to gettin' stronger or becomin' a good 'unter. What you really just need is a good exercise regiment and practice, dunno what yer getting at. A tragic past is just that, a tragic past. It doesn't mean ya gotta snap like that when people talk to ya?

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10 Re: The broken wolf (open) on Thu Jul 27, 2017 9:24 am

Loghan turns to Pluto, it's true that he did not have to get upset about a man he has just talked to but his past really weighs on his shoulders. He lights up a new cigarette but sees that this is his last, he looks at Pluto in the eyes before answering.

"I'm sorry to get upset like that, I should not have, but I just want to help I do not necessarily need anything from you, unless you have some advice to give me against My nightmares .. "a little laugh escapes from the lips of Loghan before continuing.

"I know what it's like to live on the street that's why when I see you, I can not just leave you, so if you feel like it, I'll give you the key to the hotel and tell them you Come from the Big Bad Wolf, they will understand. The fridge is full so you can take anything you want, anyway I do not sleep too much in the hotel." Say Loghan, handing the key to the hotel room, which is not far from here.

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11 Re: The broken wolf (open) on Sun Jul 30, 2017 9:18 am

Pluton Cronus
It was now Pluton's turn to frown and get angry, "OI! I'VE ASKED THREE TIMES NOW, DON'T MAKE ME REPEAT MA SELF AGAIN! WHAT DO YOU WANT OUT OF THIS? WHAT DO YOU GET OUT OF THIS? IN THE BEGINNING YOU'D SAID WE'D HELP EACH OTHER, BUT YOU AIN'T EXPLAIN' WHAT YOU WANT ME TO DO! HOW MANY TIMES HAVE I GOTTA ASK?!" He was moments away from throttling this guy, he was treating him like some kind of charity case. Like he was supposed to just accept help and would do whatever was to be commanded at a later date, like hell he'd do such a thing! Owing people anything, favours or money, was insanely difficult and stupid to deal with. He supposed he could just opt not to pay him back, but the idea that it was expected was ticking him off.

As he extended the hand with the key Pluton did indeed snatch it up, but he didn't pocket it or the like; instead holding it out in front of the man; "If yer not going to explain the two way street then I'm not takin' this room and you can feel bad about it, I don't care if this is how you get your kicks. You've not made this a proper two way street."

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