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The broken wolf (open)

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1 The broken wolf (open) on Mon Jun 26, 2017 4:19 pm

The day began in a rather quiet way for Loghan, if woken up due to nightmares and screams of people he killed was normal.
Loghan decided to take a walk in town to change his mind, given that the academy is on summer vacation, he did not have much to do. A good part of the day is past and it is the middle of the day, loghan is sitting on a bench smoking a cigarette and thinking.

He remembered the advice of his parents when he was still with them. 'No one deserves to live alone in this world, loghan, remember my son.' But loghan stopped thinking this way for a very long time. 'Whoever may have stayed with a killer like me, already that I do not understand why I was accepted in this academy.' Thought Loghan.

But there was always that hateful voice in the depths of his mind that screamed at him to become the cold-blooded killer he had once been, that he was gifted and that the Schnee Dust Company would pay well to have a killer like him among their employees. Loghan had more and more trouble to support him, it had begun may soon after he entered the academy, at first it was just a simple whisper but now they are cries of pain and always this voice perpetually go To tell him to kill.

But oddly today is more calm for Loghan, no cries, voices, nothing at all, as if a presence ready to appease his suffering. It's new for him so he decides to stand up and looks around to find this famous presence but after a few minutes he stops because he does not find it, he sits down on the bench and closes his eyes for a little rest, hoping the person shows. Leaving his imagination guessed at what this person might look like, he gets lost in the world of sleep, which for the first time in years, has been silent.

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2 Re: The broken wolf (open) on Sat Jul 22, 2017 12:56 pm

Loghan wakes up on the bench where the only visible light is the pallor of the moon reflected in the water of the fountain not far away. The quiet sleep he had just allowed him to feel really better, for him a good night's sleep worth more than all the money he was able to amass with his contracts, then he decides to return to the " Academy as it begins to do so late.

During the return journey he continues to scanned the surroundings to see if anyone follows him or not because when we were bounty hunters some habit we struggled to leave even after all this time, but his instinct never deceive him, And this time too, someone has been watching him for a long time but there is no murderous aura emitted from this person.

Loghan takes out a cigarette and begins to smoke quietly while continuing to walk, then he sees a small grove nearby and decides to stop. He clears his throat before speaking in a loud voice.

"Rather than follow me if you want to talk to me I'll wait for you here, but I will not wait all night. I leave you ten minutes to come, otherwise I leave." And with that he stands up staring at the stars with his cigarette in his mouth waiting for the person to show up.

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