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Codename: F.A.D.E [Done]

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1 Codename: F.A.D.E [Done] on Mon Jun 26, 2017 10:15 pm

Enrollment Form

"I am the blade of vengeance, may it strike thy foe with the might of my rage."

Basic info
Name: Roberto Deltoya Mendes
Alias: F.A.D.E: Fallen Adversary of Demonic Endeavor
Age: 23
Birthday: Tuesday, October 31
Gender: Male
Race: Human
Height: 72 in. [6'0]
Weight: 79.37 kg. [175 lbs.]
Face Claim: Custom Creation from

STR: 5
DEF: 2
RES: 2
SPT: 3

Major: Combat

  1. Being Alone: Roberto inclines to be a person who often stays to himself, he visually perceive's it as an expedient to be more potent due to not having people to fixate on him, this sanctions him to fight without limits due to not having to fixate on other's and forfending them.
  2. Conversation: Despite this being scarcely contradictory, F.A.D.E does relish verbalizing with people when he gets the chance, despite being more lone-wolf, he does hold a delectation to initiate a conversation with anyone that catches his fancy, and this can occur whenever he feels so inclined.
  3. Living Beings: Roberto is one person who cares for the company of living individuals, this betokens he doesn't relish Androids due to him optically discerning them as not living beings, while withal conflicting with his lone-wolf nature, he does relish kenning that there are living people he can forfend.


  1. Androids: F.A.D.E visually perceives Androids and robots as mendacious humans or organisms, he doesn't indispensably want anything deplorable to transpire to them, nor does he have any ill will towards them, he just doesn't relish their presence very much, to him they make him uneasy.
  2. Grimm: This is a mundane thing that most people have, and Roberto has acquired the same disrelish towards them, to him, they are the reason his little sister was taken away, they killed her, and he has a substantial reason to misprize them, hell even hate them, they are the reason he became a hunter in the first place.
  3. Heights: With such a simple thing as height, would not affect most individuals, but the phrenic conception of a high place does make F.A.D.E impuissant to the knee's, kenning that being at such an altitude, and the consequences of falling, it's no wonder he disrelishes it so.


  1. Automatonophobia: The trepidation of mannequins, this is the trepidation that Roberto has, to him anything like dolls or mannequins give him a rather uneasy and on-edge sensation that he disrelishes, to him anything that manipulates humanoid beings and doesn't have a reaction creeps him out, not to where he is frozen of trepidation, but nervous.
  2. Thalassophobia: The trepidation of the ocean, or sea peregrinate, Roberto is a person who very much abhors the ocean and anything that dwells inside it, to him, he quotes sapient words he himself have verbally expressed. "We, as land beings, are not betokened to be in the ocean, anything there, that is betokened to be there will concur us, which I execrate." Or in infrequent cases he will scream out while flipping off the ocean or deep dihydrogen monoxide locations. "[DATA EXPUNGED] the ocean!"
  3. Astrophobia: The trepidation of Stars/Space, while not the stars themselves, for F.A.D.E does relish star gazing, much akin to his trepidation of the ocean, he has a trepidation of space, optically discerning how it is nothing more than a giant ebony sea where no one will auricular discern you scream to death, just kenning that much, puts him on a rather nervy setting.

Talent: Wilderness Survival
Weakness Social Interaction/Speech/Charisma
Overall Personality: F.A.D.E is regarded as a somber and quiet individual, he has demonstrated several noetic characteristics resembling that of mild Autism, such as a reluctance to understand the quirks of mundane individuals such as convivial interactions, or verbalization to others. While this doesn't hamper his perspicacity as an engineer, it does bring up flags of interaction with other organic individuals and even mechanical. F.A.D.E inclines to be a recluse, keeping to themselves and evading verbalizing as much as possible, he doesn't understand certain things such as visually examining someone in the ocular perceivers when returning words, he withal inclines to stutter when being pressured. Most often he inclines to show little restraint when interacting with his body, such as playing with his hair, picking his nasal perceiver or even teeth, to even scratching his face perpetually, however, F.A.D.E shows extreme perspicacity when it comes to the topic of Human Augmentation Research, despite his lack to learn convivial norms.

Aura type: Power
Aura Color: Obsidian [Black]
Semblance: Regret & Torment [Buff & Utility]: Regret and Torment is the Semblance that revealed itself to Roberto when he fought the Grimm two years ago, the entire time he went missing, he was honing his Semblance and endeavoring to understand the technical aspect abaft him, it wasn't until he learned to give into his rage for the beast that he learned to harness it. Regret & Torment is the physical manifestation of Roberto's detestation for the Grimm which took his baby sister from him, by letting his rage over come him, he is able to buff a single stat by two points for a single standard combat phase, this withal causes him to perceive the world around him more gradual. Always when he relinquishes his Semblance, does a thick cloud of his Aura cake his being, looking akin to spider webs clinging to him and controlling him to strike his foe in combat, while not hampering his phrenic conception process and fortuitously attack a comrade.

Regret & Torment:

Item 1: Twilight Wonder is a blade of resplendency, being gorgeously crafted, but having a grotesque aura about it, Twilight Wonder was crafted for Roberto when he eluded his moribund experience with the group of Grimm in his domicile village. The sword stands at 68 in. [5'6"], the hilt being 29 in. [2'4"] and the blade being 39 in. [3'3"], the ebony hue was developed over the period that it was in the possession of Roberto as he slew Grimm throughout Atlas and the neighboring lands. The blade has a unique shape to it, along with that, it is ornately crafted and is durable to survive most hits without altering in form, for the two years of battle has not shown on the near perfect master craft, however, the blade is quite cumbersomely hefty, weighing around 34.3 kg. [75.6 lbs.].

Twilight Wonder:

Item 2: Lost & Sorrow [Physical Armor]: Armor dawned by Roberto, crafted by a master smith denominated Sil-Vemonte Baliska, this armor once held an impeccable form, silver and blue, but the once glorious armor now retains but a battle honed form after so long of containing his Semblance. Lost and Woefulness is the designation for the cape and armor that make up the piece, "Lost" being the armor for it has lost its once glorious form and "Sorrow" being the now tattered cape and vanguard piece that hangs sorrow upon his body now. Sil only having a few words after optically discerning the armor after a year of Roberto wielding it.

An armor, aeonianly blackened and tattered by the rage within, only the flowing form of blue remains about the shoulders and waist of this armor, may the hood that bears a untouched silver helm with a blue tassel obnubilate the users face from the world. - Sil

Lost & Sorrow:

History and Sample
Born in Atlas, Roberto was raised up in a military family, his father was a Colonel in the Atlas Military, as such his family was well kept, F.A.D.E or Roberto as he was called afore he took on that alias was the eldest child of three. He himself being the eldest, his younger brother and sister, when Roberto was five years old, his brother, Ezio Enrique Mendes and sister, Rosa De' Mendes were brought into this world, he was edified to be a great pedagogia to them and sentinel. As any older sibling, he was that, when his brother and sister got older, he edified them to be vigorous and not take [DATA EXPUNDGED] from anyone, he even had to get his hands dirty whenever his brother got into a tussle with other kids. Upon reaching the age of thirteen, Roberto took an interest in Swordsmanship, while his father injuctively authorized him to take on the path of a marksman, however this wasn't something that Roberto wanted, despite his father's firm believe.

He took inspiration from a comic book his younger brother had, which he gave to him when he was too old for them, the Amethyst Bolt, a fictional Super hero who fought malefaction with a sword and a shield, and had the quote of, "Malefaction is simply a sickness, and I am that remedy to rid it sempiternally." Of course, this was simply a fantasy his boy had, he told him if he was going to take Swordsmanship edifications, he tried to go with to utilize a rifle, and, much homogeneous to his father Roberto didn't heedfully auricularly discern. He held the same tenacity that plagued him of his youth, and still crept upon him from time to time, while in public he did his training but while in secrecy he trained in the art of the sword. It didn't take his father long to ascertain what his son was doing, which infuriated him greatly, until he dared his son to show him how much of a knight he was, out of rage, Roberto drew his blade and cleaved through several candles he had established, all of which where lit, he slashed through the wicks with facileness.

Shocked by the precision of his son, he took back what he verbalized to him, but still was firm about the situation, he told him he would be mad fun of, in order to beat that, he authoritatively mandated him to ascertain he trained hard to show them all the error of their ways. Roberto did that, entering into many competitions for Swordsmanship, and all of them, he emerged as first place due to his natural aptitude for the sword, he eventually was recruited into the Atlas military at the age of eighteen, he spent the next two years under the orders of Markus Demonte Mendes, Roberto's Uncle. Despite the family cognation, he didn't treat his Nephew with favoritism, instead he pushed him harder than anyone, personally penalizing him for making the family more impuissant due to some lack he showed at first. But after his first six months, he commenced to surpass his comrades in both adeptness and sheer resoluteness, until conclusively reaching the ranks of a Chief Warrant Officer [CW5], even having to inquire an augmented set of eyes due to a minor injury, but this was all ephemeral as the minute town his family was in was assailed.

Scared about the news, he and his squad held their first task, eliminate any Grimm in the area, of course the entire town was wiped out, only a few survivors, of those few was his own, when his father told him of the news, their little girl was taken from them, Roberto was stricken with a pique fill him. For he kenned, if this squad didn't take a [DATA EXPUNDGED], they would have made it in time to extirpate the evil that took his little Rosa away from him. But afore any of them could mourn the dead, a second wave of Grimm invaded the sanctity of the village, the puerile squad of Atlas soldiers fought valiantly as best they could. They got as many denizens towards the VTOL and towards safety, Roberto decided to stay behind and grant his group the chance to elude while he fought off the forces of unholy beasts, only to be reported MIA by his superiors hours later. But in authenticity, Roberto slew the few Grimm that remained and went into obnubilating, kenning the military would only decelerate him with their rules and regulations, he spent the next few years recuperating and honing his skills even more with his new sword.

Until conclusively, a opportunity arise, he had preserved a caravan of peregrinators, they thanked him for preserving them and verbalizing of a school that could utilize someone of his prowess, he was told about Syne and the placed up North called Bellmuse and without hesitation he went towards it. A place where he could put his skills to good use, and not possibly having a vocation out of it all, but he didn't knw if by doing this, his former superiors would track him down, so he contacted one of his former contacts in the Atlas Military to make him some erroneous documents about who he was. More or less, it was a washed down version of his authentic life, without putting any connections to Atlas or his families true name sake, after he accumulated the papers from the drop box, he paid the man and went towards Syne. Hoping that by doing this, he would have a chance to make a difference without having to worry about being caught in the process, with his trusty greatsword in hand, his heavy armor, and the alias of F.A.D.E, he went towards Syne Academy.
RP Sample:
"Syne Academy."[/i] That was the phrenic conception that rushed through his mind every minute he spent ambulating through the blue forests that circumvented the great plain, the azure fabric and metallic scales shifting about with each step the individual took as he ventured forth. His mind clouded with many things, things that he kenned would be coerced upon him, verbalizing with others, and being around people, while he had a single book on human augmentation with him. Something he relished reading, and held first hand experience with, optically discerning how he took a diminutive class while in his military school and withal having to perform a surgery on himself due to one of his ocular perceivers being damaged. He was fascinated by the technology abaft them and was grateful he kenned much about the field while he had the chance, as his dark brown ocular perceivers zoomed in on the aperture in the tree's, he could optically discern an astronomically immense building in the distance, and the circumventing of more minuscule ones as well. "Determinately, I'm virtually there." And with that, he commenced trekking towards the town of Bellmuse, endeavoring to find his way through the bustle of the place, keeping his hood down, in order to not draw attention, he smiled and looked up at the firmament. "Conclusively, I made it Rosa."

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