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Well there is a first time for everything (Open RP)

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“Phew ok alright everything will be fine” , I said nervously and as I said that the intercom blared out how we would be touching down at Syne Academy in about the next 30 minutes. “Come on Benjy you got this you can get through the first day at a new school easy peasy” , he repeated this mantra to himself a few times before getting up out of his seat to take a walk around the airship so he could find a nice quiet place to calm his nerves and doodle a bit. He had to make sure he had his designs ready to go and finished so he could start working on them after touching down at Syne.
“Alright now I just gotta find somewhere….”, He said looking around at the large crowd compiled of crew, students, and passengers, “.....with no people” , he finished with a heavy sigh before grabbing his pack and heading out.
The ship was a large with a with a gleaming white paint job on the outside with a few streaks of blue to spice it up ,at least to Benjamin’s knowledge, the inside of the ship was was split into five parts the Cockpit and Crew area, the Dining Center, the Passenger Seating, the Storage/Luggage, and finally the Maintenance. Currently Benjamin was in the Passenger Seating which was quite nice the seating was well spaced and it allowed for a good amount of relaxation for the passengers the floor was soft with a nice earthy red with soft brown stripes the chairs were a soft tan that could also recline comfortable.
“Jeez why did mom and dad have to get me a trip on a super expensive plane” ,This wasn't the type of service Benjamin was used to coming from a small village but it’s what his parents did as a way of saying miss and love you. Both of his siblings got the same treatment when they set off to become hunters a few years ago. “ Well this place is a no go to many people along with the Cockpit so where should I go to get some quiet time” , Benjamin said aloud wondering to himself.

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