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So you didn't pass this year?(open)

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1 So you didn't pass this year?(open) on Fri Jun 30, 2017 12:05 am

Since there are some student that didn't pass this year Claw offered to train them during the summer break. "I will train these's student how my father taught me, also i may or may not try to kill them, wait what am i saying we all try to kill the students when we are forming their teams." Claw then got the ok to do so, he had change the his forge grounds into a summer training camp. The camp had everything needed for a training camp for students that didn't pass their combat classes and other classes. He then started to make some mutton and haggis for the student that are going to come. He had some made some for any professor that is going to help him. Some students had shown up and so did some teachers, Claw told the teachers "OK TEACHERS YOUR CABIN IS OVER THERE,(points at this luxury cabin) WHILE THE STUDENTS YOU STUDENTS CABINS ARE OVER THERE,(points at normal cabins)." The students groan and went to get their food and ate. The teachers then went to the luxury cabin and ate their food. Claw told everyone before lights out "Tomorrow we will start your training, everyone will do what they need to do or they are going to fail and be held back and so will their team as well. Everyone will wake up by 5:00 am. No sneaking out and spying on the ladies men, if you do i will break you, punishment will be you cabin waking up earlier and working even harder then everyone else."

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