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Logically Unstoppable (Open)

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1 Logically Unstoppable (Open) on Sat Jul 01, 2017 11:42 am

It was a hot and muggy day, that kind of heat that you couldn't shake off in the shade. That kind of heat for which when you turned on a fan it simply pushed that sweaty mass of air further into your face. That kind of heat for which there was no elevation. You simply had to lie there and endure it, to breath in what was borderline steam. Perhaps you would plead that you would be able to sleep through it, escape the day to you unconscious thought sand the back of your mind. Allas a young man, having slept in till noon, stood no chance of escaping this wretched heat... and so he had decide to make a day of it.

On a day like this, of course, the woods had been quiet. No birdsong would cry out, no stag would lock horns and no bears would forage or hunt. Animals with no hope of escaping the heat collapsing in the shade or by streams, trying to cool themselves what little they could. Stags laying alongside their rivals and the bears they so feared. The plants were wilting, the greater trees the only plants really able to stand up to the intense heat. Their lust for sunlight was now costing them dearly, the bleaching of their green leaves. But again, back to the man making a day of this.

Throughout the woods the intense sounds of metal grating against wood, steel meeting with rock and what sounds as though it were the clattering of hardened flesh and bone. Zooming in onto the source one would find a clearing in the woods, jagged and uneven in outline but averaging thirteen meters across; seemingly brought about by unnatural causes. Within that clearing, roughly every two to five seconds there would be a clash. Occasional incoherent grunts and shouting would be herd following these, coming from trees on opposing sides of the clearing.

The most recent clash, though the previous clashes were quite similar if one were to have been observing the spectacle for some time. Shooting out of the treetops came a large ape; white fur coating it's entire body save for it's palms, inner-ears and face which were pitch black in colour and like leather in feeling. Oddly, for a monkey, he was quite well dressed. Wearing a backward baseball cap, a yellow T shirt, dark blue jeans and heavy black trainers. Just as soon as that initial monkey sprang from the tree-line two more sprung from opposing sides, looking exactly the same as the initial one.

From the forth quadrant of the clearing however came something different. A man, with no clear faunus trait about his person, had jumped out of the leaves in a spinning motion. Dressed in only a torn white tank top, a long scarf, boots and baggy black trousers. His short black hair was messily spiked, seemingly without any product and rather simple result of bedhead, and he was a good inch or so smaller than the three monkeys. What would have drawn attention was not his appearance however, oh no, what would have drawn a person's eyes an ears was the weapon in his right hand. It had a handle similar to that of a suitcase, a U-bend, and it's top as well as it's underside were black metal with several indents indicating as if it were able to fold... not that it would be so clearly viewable as he soared through the sky. The edges of this weapon were bizarre, a line of chain was seemingly all that coated the edges and as he swung it in turning the chains themselves seemed to rapidly spin around the weapon. It could only be described as some sort of... chainsaw sword.

The weapon tore through one of the chimps, it seemingly vanishing as it met with the weapon, while the chimp which had first jump reached out and simply punched through the second later jumper. Then the two flesh and blood beings collided, their remaining empty fists meeting in the air before they flew past each other. Hitting opposing trees and climbing up them, prepared to jump once more.

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