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Kailani Mamao ~ W.I.P

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1 Kailani Mamao ~ W.I.P on Sat Jul 01, 2017 9:25 pm

Enrollment Form

Basic info
Name: Kailani Mamao
Age: 26
Birthday: September 8th
Gender: Female
Race: Human
Height: 5'6"
Weight: 164 lbs
Face Claim: Jade - Beyond Good and Evil

Aura 120|180 HP

Major: Teacher - Ranger Class
Likes: Animals, martial arts, drinking, smoking, teaching, fighting, flirting
Dislikes: Dust, androids, the White Fang, relationships
Fears: Fire, loneliness, disappointment, failure
Talent: Tracking
Weakness Dust Refining

Overall Personality: Kailani - or just "Kai", because it's easier- is a selfish woman defined by her desire for affection and approval. As a child, she lacked the loving, caring upbringing that so many others take for granted, and it was only after she realized how important those things were to her that she began to develop her signature spunk and outgoingness. On the surface, Kai is a fun, flirty, friendly woman who, while a little lax and easy-going, is nonetheless incredibly social. Her every word drips with the kind of sass you'd expect to be shared between friends, and really, that's the exact feeling she craves. Her actions are all in service of seeming cooler and more approachable to those around her, a desperate attempt to form the bonds that she feels she's been missing all her life. Over the years, Kai's learned to mask this extremely well, but she's still filled with incredible doubt in her own social abilities and whatever relationships she might form with others, as well as a constant fear of being alone forever.

To this end, the woman is incredibly harsh on herself, at least inwardly. She expects success, whether on a mission or not, and anything less infuriates her far more than it often should. Even simple mistakes mean a lot to her, though she knows better than to let her frustration show. On the other end of that coin, Kai can be extremely sympathetic towards the struggles of others, at least those of an emotional nature, but she's often far too hesitant and doubtful of her words and actions to ever properly help a person. She feels she might just make things worst, and any deeply personal or otherwise emotional situation is better without her interference. She's a woman that chooses her words very carefully, but it's important to her that she never appears as such. She has to look as calm and collected as possible, no matter the situation.

But there's far more than just crushing self-doubt and hesitancy beneath the lady's skin. Events of the past have caused Kai to develop an almost instinctual distrust of androids, bordering on fear. Of course, if that were the end of it, things wouldn't be so bad; the passage of time has certainly helped Kai learn how to keep her own disdain in check. But even with a much clearer mind, even when the former huntress is able to fully collect herself, she still is incapable of understanding, and perhaps more importantly, relating to the mechanical beings. The idea that they actually have emotions, that they are capable of truly feeling affection, desire and love, is an idea that Kai can't bring herself to entertain. And the idea that there's someone she'll never earn the approval of, no matter how hard she tries, is almost frightening to the woman. It's why Androids make her uncomfortable. It's the very concept of what they are.

To be frank, there are a lot of things that can make Kai uncomfortable, triggering her self-doubt and, eventually, self-loathing. She really hasn't learned how to deal with failure, having spent all her years finding the best possible way to always avoid it instead, and thus can often just break down if she feels things are really starting to go south. Entirely aware of this weakness, Kai always looks for things to bring a bit of calm and joy back into her life, and if those prove too scarce, then anything that relieves her of stress will have to do. It's why she often takes to drinking and smoking, why she flirts so much, why she particularly enjoys devoting herself to martial arts and self-discipline. It's why she likes to be surrounded by the calming forces of nature, why she loves animals, and most importantly, why she loves to teach. The feeling of passing on knowledge to a younger mind will always be the best way to make Kai feel better, even if it still doesn't make her any more selfless.

Aura type: Recovery
Aura Color: Dark Green
Semblance: Kai's Semblance focuses her Aura around a part of her body - usually her feet - and holds it in place, regardless of whether it is actually connected to any surface. The main purpose of this ability is to provide utility and manouvreability, as it allows the lady to "walk" on air for short bursts of mobility. It can also be used to stick to certain surfaces and resist the force of gravity, though it becomes increasingly difficult to maintain this for long periods of time, as fighting against gravity like this can eventually wear on Kai's body. She can also use her Semblance to create "platforms" from which she can jump or pull herself up from.

Item 1: Kailani's weapon is a long, silver bō, 71 inches long and with a chakram attached to each end of the staff. The weapon is primarily close-range, though the chakrams can each be seperated from the staff via wires, reaching distances of up to 8 feet, and can be retracted at any time with enough force to pull objects towards Kai, or perhaps the other way around, provided the chakrams wedge themselves into something deep enough. The weapon doesn't actually have any kind of launching mechanism, so instead, the chakrams must be released and then swung around to reach their maximum length.

History and Sample
300+ Words please.
RP Sample:

(Decided to borrow a post I wrote on the site.)

There was little to warn the travellers of the creature's sudden appearance; only the metronomic crunch of grass beneath its feet pierced the forest's silence, and even that was too far to be heard. They would see the Grimm before they heard it, and as it walked directly into their line of sight, so too would the Grimm see them. Through it's bloodied vision, the monster could make out the three figures. Through powers unknown to man or Faunus, it could feel them, and all the doubts and concerns that writhed within their minds.

And they would see it: an aged creature, the jagged plates of armor that coated it only as numerous as the pieces of foliage that had stuck onto its flesh over the years. A large creature, powerful and ferocious, with deadly tusks that were as lethal as any man-made weapon. This Boarbatusk was an impressive sight to behold, or a terrifying one. And it was drawn to the emotions it felt meters ahead.

The Grimm came to a halt, stopping a fair distance from the three travellers. It wasn't just stronger than the majority of its kin, it was smarter, and it had been through more than enough battles to be aware of the capabilities of its prey. But all that intellegence wasn't enough to keep the sheer savagery of the beast from leeking out. The Boarbatusk stamped its front leg against the ground, grinding its foot against the grass and dirt time and time again. It let out a low growl, and that soon grew into a chilling roar that rang through the forest. But it didn't move. Not yet.

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