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Hunt (Close/Salzem/Aikomi)

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1Hunt (Close/Salzem/Aikomi) Empty Hunt (Close/Salzem/Aikomi) on Tue Jul 04, 2017 6:03 pm

Quill Darwind
It was one summer day where Quill was asked be part of a hunt with Salzem and Aikomi. Quill packed up a snacked and food for later if the trip were to take longer then normal. Many people had said that there was a Grimm skulking around the forest. Quill thought i was going to be a easy hunt with three hunters, he also had brought his sharpening tool for his sword so he can get the max amount of damage to the Grimm they hunt. Quill had started to write down some tactics for later on just in case he had any problem with any one who want mess up with his hunt or any problem with the whitefang. Anyway Quill just waited for the two others hunters that are going with him. Quill just though to him self "I wander what Grimm we are hunting, how big is it, how old is it, and how strong is it going to be? Maybe it is just a dog, either way im getting paid and if not im going to slit someone in half, I have the weapon to do so and i do have the monster amount of strength to do so but im already in enough stuff as it is already. Maybe it is going to be a nevermore or something else, all i want to do is to murder some grimm but thats if it is a grimm." Quill then saw his hunting party, ready for a hunt but not how Quill had thought they were going to hunt.

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2Hunt (Close/Salzem/Aikomi) Empty Re: Hunt (Close/Salzem/Aikomi) on Tue Jul 04, 2017 6:25 pm

Salzem, Aiko and some guy named Quill were ordered on a hunt and he had to admit... he was both eager and terrified. On one hand, he was itching for vengeance against the creatures that destroyed his town, killed his family and best friend... On the other... death was a very real possibility here... These creatures would rip out his throat, Aiko's and this Quill-guy with no hesitation and perhaps even satisfaction... Still, even with half of him commanding he look out for himself and stay home, Sal had to do what he had to do...

Salzem dawned his long black cloak, pulling the hood over his head with one hand as he drew his flare-gun with the other, already prepared for combat should it decide to find them early. Aiko would be walking beside him as they made their way to the meeting-point at the edge of the forest and, to be honest, he had mixed feelings about the girl... On one hand, she seemed really sweet and kind and on the other... she was... spontaneous... Over all, he certainly saw her as a good person, someone he definitely wanted to know but he had to get around those... twitches of hers..

"So... Aiko..." He questioned, trying to make conversation. "What do you think...? Maybe get lucky and find some smaller grimm?"

It wouldn't be long after their exchange of words that they could catch sight of their third member (he presumed), seemingly having gotten there long before them. Walking up to him, the hooded figure would look him over, then his weapon before nodding, satisfied. Maybe... maybe this would work.

"Ready to go?" he asked everyone.

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3Hunt (Close/Salzem/Aikomi) Empty Re: Hunt (Close/Salzem/Aikomi) on Wed Jul 05, 2017 11:54 pm

Aikomi was eagerly strolling ahead of Salzem, slowly transitioning from acting like a cat to being ready to shank everything. Paper was still in its notebook form, Pen still an ironically named mechanical pencil. She hadn't actually shown Sal her weapon as of yet, and she hoped he understood why she looked ready to draw Grimm instead of rip them to pieces when they were unleashed.
She wasn't sure about Andromeda, yet. She'd probably lose it and end up unveiling that too, but who knows, maybe she could keep a cool head.
Judging by her response to Sal's question, no.

Hearing this, she hopped further ahead of him, spinning around and walking backwards. Aiko rasied her hands, cupping her left and punching it with her right as she spoke in an eerily dark voice.
"Smaller Grimm? Don't be stupid, Sal, smaller Grimm are no fun to play with."
Of course, it was followed by a cute, innocent giggle as she spun around and continued her overjoyed strutting.

She had, very simply, no fear of death. Her passion was absolute, she was literally built to slaughter, and she'd already done oh so much of it. Noticeable changes were taking place, namely the corner of her mouth twitching in contempt, her eye also twitching violently, and her lips letting out tiny, eager giggles every few seconds.
Upon meeting with someone who's name she had already forgotten, she turned to Sal and smiled widely, and yes, disturbingly.
"I'm always ready."

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4Hunt (Close/Salzem/Aikomi) Empty Re: Hunt (Close/Salzem/Aikomi) on Thu Jul 06, 2017 6:37 pm

There was little to warn the travellers of the creature's sudden appearance; only the metronomic crunch of grass beneath its feet pierced the forest's silence, and even that was too far to be heard. They would see the Grimm before they heard it, and as it walked directly into their line of sight, so too would the Grimm see them. Through it's bloodied vision, the monster could make out the three figures. Through powers unknown to man or Faunus, it could feel them, and all the doubts and concerns that writhed within their minds.

And they would see it: an aged creature, the jagged plates of armor that coated it only as numerous as the pieces of foliage that had stuck onto its flesh over the years. A large creature, powerful and ferocious, with deadly tusks that were as lethal as any man-made weapon. This Boarbatusk was an impressive sight to behold, or a terrifying one. And it was drawn to the emotions it felt meters ahead.

The Grimm came to a halt, stopping a fair distance from the three travellers. It wasn't just stronger than the majority of its kin, it was smarter, and it had been through more than enough battles to be aware of the capabilities of its prey. But all that intellegence wasn't enough to keep the sheer savagery of the beast from leeking out. The Boarbatusk stamped its front leg against the ground, grinding its foot against the grass and dirt time and time again. It let out a low growl, and that soon grew into a chilling roar that rang through the forest. But it didn't move. Not yet.

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5Hunt (Close/Salzem/Aikomi) Empty Re: Hunt (Close/Salzem/Aikomi) on Thu Jul 06, 2017 8:52 pm

(Writing so that Quill was never present in this topic. Any reference to him is now non-existant and the story continues as such.)

Salzem was slightly offput by Aiko's brutal enthusiasm, the tone of her voice surely something to be wary of... Before they could actually progress with their hunt, though, it seemed the hunt had found them. A low growl crawled up the forest floor and into the hunters' ears, causing Salzem to flinch, his whole body going stiff. The forest hid the exact location of the noise itself, it's many creaking branches and rustling leaves tainting the growl's purity, making it hard to pin down it's exact location. When it raised into a high-pitched roar however, his eyes widened in shock and immediately, his shadow sprang up from Sal's, its head craning around to spot the source of this massive noise... Then... he saw it and his skin crawled almost right off his muscles. There, grinding it's hooves into the muddy grass a good distance away from them among the trees was the biggest boarbatusk he had ever seen, glaring at him with a sanguine gaze of pure hatred. It's massive black snout shuttered with each breath it snorted, it's evil tusks seeming to twitch in anticipation, its entire being seeming to radiate with a primal, powerful rage that surprisingly didn't command the creature to charge them down... for better or worse...

Salzem's shadow immediately shifted between him and the massive beast, at least giving it something else to glare at besides him. The shadow seemed to glare back with just as much hatred, it's yellow eyes glowing angrily with spite, but it was hollow... fore the avatar wasn't a man, merely a puppet. The expression on the creature's face was ugly, describing all the ways it could spill your guts in it's gaze but all the real emotion came from the man behind and while there was righteous anger, it didn't match what the boar had in store for him...

The avatar had it's arms outstretched, ready to catch the massive tusks of the boarbatusk should it give into it's instincts and charge, not likely to stop the massive wall of meat but stall it and hold it...? Maybe... The last thing he wanted to do was provoke the thing into going on the offensive especially in THIS part of the forest:

(gonna describe the fighting environment for our people X3)

The ground was uneven and rocky, making it hard to get a solid stance upon the forest floor. The trees were tightly packed and plentiful where the hunters stood, farther apart where massive pig stood, giving it more room to move and, of course, charge, but not quite in the direction of the hunters as most of it's momentum would be eaten by the trees. This left them both in a rather awkward position, making it difficult for either side to mount a proper offense or defense. Salzem waited for the beast or Aiko to take the lead in this hunt, deciding to be reactionary. It would be easiest, after all...

AURA= 175 due to summon being summoned

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6Hunt (Close/Salzem/Aikomi) Empty Re: Hunt (Close/Salzem/Aikomi) on Fri Jul 07, 2017 12:23 am

Up until the shadow avatar came to be Aiko had stared soullessly at the creature, looking almost like she was possessed by something and then left soon after, leaving a lifeless husk frozen in time. Sal's activation of his semblance triggered her programs to start running, and she casually walked past the figure, standing carelessly in front of it. She lightly rested a fingertip on her lower lip, tilting her head, leaning forwards slightly, and giggling innocently.
"Ooh, ooh, Saaaaall! Do you know what time it is!?"
"It's play time."

She reached for her "holstered" mechanical pencil, pulling it out of her pocket and slashing it out to the side. First she activated Paper, extending the notebook out into a shield the length of her arm and width of her torso. Next she would press the button on the side of Pen, having it extend out into her seven odd foot long double bladed staff. Fancily, she twirled it around her fingers, spinning it like a baton before abruptly thrusting it into the ground, pointing at the Boarbatusk, and slitting her thumb across her throat. Yanking it out of the dirt, she threateningly pointed one of the two blades of Pen at the creature, slashing the air in a finalizing fashion and digging her feet into the ground.

She convulsed abruptly, once again thrusting Pen into the ground, this time to stabilize herself as she incoherently stumbled before folding over on herself. She began to giggle hysterically, euphoria and mania radiating out from the girl. A wave of "positive" emotion, if you will.
Now throwing her head back and bursting out into a full on laugh, she allowed the insanity to swallow her whole.
"S-Sal, I'm sorry for wh-wh-whatever may disturb you, but... It must die."
A wide grin cut off the laughter, her eyes wide, sadistic fantasies washing over her as she stared emptily at the Grimm, the only emotion she carried being the unrelenting desire to rip it limb from bloody limb.

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7Hunt (Close/Salzem/Aikomi) Empty Re: Hunt (Close/Salzem/Aikomi) on Sat Jul 15, 2017 1:53 pm

With the hunters now knowing the Grimm's position, it was sensing emotions from both of them. Massive amounts of them, a mix of good, bad and downright ugly. While the massive, emotion outburst for Salzem was originally his target, there was a massive emotional burst from Aikomi which made it glare at Aikomi.

It decided to charge forward, keeping it's tusks lowered to the ground as it charged at Aikomi. While her emotions weren't exactly negative, the Boar's main instincts were just the overflowing of emotions. It's intellect was high compared to some of it's compatriots, yes, but it was still a grimm.

While the floor was uneven and shakey, the boar charged as fast as it could, low to the ground as to hide it's weak spots, while screaming at the top of it's lungs in a battle cry. The boar was going to kill these two beings!

That was the plan, either way.

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8Hunt (Close/Salzem/Aikomi) Empty Re: Hunt (Close/Salzem/Aikomi) on Sat Jul 15, 2017 2:14 pm

The boar seemed to decide to charge, aimed directly at Aiko off to his side. The creature didn't seem to take into account the tight wall of trees that separated both it and the hunters, reducing it's charge to a far slower pace. Salzem's shadow immediately jerked from his shadow to Aiko's shifting in front of her, it's massive hands and fingers wrapping around the near-tip of the beast's tusks in an effort to slow it down. While the Shadow-beast was very strong, it was unable to fully stop a slowed boarbatusk's charge. The creature slid back with the beast's momentum, it now connected to the beast's shadow. Sal hoped that Aiko had gotten out of the way at this point because if she hadn't, she might find herself run over by this massive boar.

In an effort to stun or stall the monster, the shadow slammed it's head into the beast's snout, it's neck stretching out beyond it's natural length. It then let go of the monster and quickly retracted it's neck, assuming the beast stopped it's charge, the shadow slamming it's fist right between the beast's eyes, then deftly ducking down underneath it's tusks, using it's snake-like agility to slip around to the side of it's head. The shadow threw two more quick punches right beneath the boar's left eye. Meanwhile Salzem himself ducked behind the trunk of a tree, leaning out just enough to see how the fight was progressing and, of course, to keep an eye on his shadow.

(Four hits thrown with 15 damage a hit = 60 damage - dat 10 damage resist on da boar = 50 damage over all assuming all 4 attacks hit.

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