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Talos Verdigris, the world's laziest android. (Finished)

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Talos Verdigris
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Basic info
Name: Talos Verdigris
Name’s Origin: Talos was a giant bronze golem forged by Hephaestus in greek mythology who protected Europa in Crete from pirates. As for his last name, Verdigris is a green or bluish deposit, typically formed on copper, brass, and bronze surfaces.
Chronological Age: 12
Estimated physical age 18
Birthday: 7/15
Gender: Male
Race: Android - (With a built in H.U.D!)
Height: 5'5"
Weight: 200 lbs (He skinny, short, and fast, but heavy...)
Face Claim: N/A, I draw my own stuff.

STR: 3
DEF: 3 (4)
RES: 3
SPT: 3
SPD: 0 (Average)
HP 200|100 Aura

Major: Tech Major

Likes: Science, computers, robots, reading, bubbly sodas, people, dogs, sheep, and going offline (sleep).

Dislikes: Being called 'Tin Man', Grimm, exercise, peanut butter sticking to the roof of his mouth, poetry, being called short (He had no choice), and cheese.

Fears: Being permanently dismantled, ducks, and drowning (Electronic device.).

Talent: Cybernetics/Robotics
Weakness Acting/Persuasion
Overall Personality:

Before we get into the nitty gritty, Talos is an unusual android that doesn't exactly suffer from the typical "Zombot" syndrome common among new automatons. He was created through using a flash-cloned brain of his creator using a process called Cognitive Impression modeling which generates a virtual neural network of Which essentially functions as 'his brain'. With that in mind, and with the exposure to the lazy human huntress in Mantle, he's mellowed out into an intelligent, but lazy and friendly young man machine.

Friendly and Lazy.

First and foremost, Talos doesn't come off as one of the high-strung or overly cheery androids that seem to be around and about these days in public. He almost seems low on energy a lot of the time, coming off as mellow and relaxed, but at the same time quite cheerful with that big smile plastered across his face right under his dead-fish eyes and nose (Called so because they're half-lidded. Not because he has fish eyes).  He is a naturally lazy guy and spends a lot of free time lounging around, reading books on engineering whilst bunkering down in an oversized brown robe. Talos' natural inclination is to do as little work as possible. Even in between classes he switches into offline mode for a few minutes at a time to try and get away with spending his days sleeping, chasing electric sheep in his 'dreams'.

He is happiest when he isn't doing anything, as it gives him time to think and reflect on things. He would like nothing more than to go a day or two without moving from one spot, either tinkering with his own body or reading a book filled to the brim with colorful pictures.

But even if Talos usually describes himself as "The laziest", Talos has a good moral compass and dedication to the protection and good treatment of humanity, and despite being a machine, Talos isn't at all cold or tries to distance himself from people because he's “different”. He's modest, patient, and quite friendly around people, making him very sociable. Additionally, he tends to be quite formal, and addresses those he meets with 'Sir' or "Ma'am". These qualities frequently force him to act in spite of his lazy nature, as he finds himself volunteering to do work or sacrifice his time in some way if it will benefit someone else. These qualities force him to interact with people, and he considers it one of his favorite pastimes.

With his short stature and choice in baggy clothing (to hid his build) make him easy to approach and suit his demeanor perfectly. Around large groups he carries himself with an air of friendliness, approaching and politely conversing with everyone at his leisure. In spite of his lazy nature he'll hop around from person to person to have a nice chat, and when someone is in need of assistance he'll offer his meager services. Whether it be to repair a weapon or shoot something at point blank range (Or perform one of his party tricks.)

It's easy to see that he has a certain appreciation for organic life, whether it be something as small as a butterfly to a person of average height, and when it comes to 'life' he will do everything within his power to protect those around him. He's is quick to defend people and take action if someone is harmed; holding the belief that no matter what a person is like, they should never be prejudiced or exterminated simply because of who they are.

Inherited intelligence.

He's lazy, sure, he doesn't hide that. Talos is a genius, he has his father's brain and creativity, but also some of the negative traits that come with a high-functioning alcoholic scientist's brain. While he is able to create complex scientific inventions, including modifications to his own body (android.), and even complex weapons that could very well turn the tables in battle later on, though his brilliance is often muddled by his personal views and unusual tendencies. He is also easily bored and doesn't exactly do well with routine. When his garden at home wasn't growing, and he was starting to require more and more work to try and keep what little had grown alive, Talos simply lit the whole thing on fire and abandoned it.

Talos is very forward thinking, always trying to see the 'big picture' and is always willing to take risks and compromise his morals to dabble in shades of grey to achieve beneficial results. He's willing to endure hardships in the present to build a better future, and though this puts him at odds with others frequently for not exactly being "In the right", Talos will follow through with what he's doing. During times of great stress and frustration, Talos will become very short tempered and intolerant of those whom he considers his intellectual inferiors for delaying a solution to the problem, or when they begin mocking and berating his solution. Going as far as to ignore them entirely.

In a Fight or in a Team?

Though usually displaying a demeanor somewhere between lazy and bored, Talos is described by those close to him to have a temperament like fire. A fire that at first, is a peaceful ember lazily burning away at a matchstick in the presence of friends, but quickly turns to an inferno when in the face of danger or when he wants to test some of his new devices or modifications. In a fight he's eager to test and experiment with new tactics and what modifications he's made to his body. After all, he may be lazy, but he is in fact just a machine. For him there is no greater joy than to test and push the limits of his more offensive functions. Just the same, there is no greater disappointment than to raise his weapon against someone unable to defend themselves.

As for his skills in a Team, Talos wouldn't exactly qualify as a team leader. He'd function well in a group environment, as he is a lazy 'social butterfly'. Though, how he works in a team widely relies on the other members. Even if he is a machine he possesses the capacity to be a great friend, and will frequently show brotherly affection while in a team environment.

Extra stuff?

It may not come as a big surprise, but most of his hobbies do not include a lot of physical activity. Though there are some hobbies that do require some work, the hobbies are relaxing and calming. He doesn't necessarily enjoy doing the physical stuff like swimming or riding a bike, but would rather prefer to go on a nice walk then and there. He feels more comfortable in a library or in his workshop (dorm) experimenting with and altering the components in his body to make himself more efficient in battle (Such as installing what is literally a laser shotgun into his arm), or repairing and building new weapons that could later assist him or an ally later on. Some of the more unusual hobbies he has are hiking and metalworking, as well as relaxing things like gardening and landscaping. In spite of looking to be very clean, Talos enjoys to get his hands dirty, so to speak, and loves making things to keep himself busy when he's got free time and he doesn't want to sleep.

Talos has a sweet tooth about the size of Mistral, and usually carries around sweet foods and snacks around with him everywhere he goes to eat at his leisure. Being that he's a machine he's not at risk for diabetes or getting fat, so he typically eats as much as he wants. His favorite 'snack' would have to be Snap-Snack (Knock-off Kit Kat) bars.

Aura type: Defense
Aura Color: Copper
Semblance: Iron-Hand (Damage): By channeling exessive energy and focusing it into his fists and feet, Talos can increase the damage of his strikes to superhuman levels (dealing damage based on a 1 to 1 ratio of Aura spent on the attack.)

Item 1: Talos honestly doesn't hit that hard by comparison to other melee fighters, thus leading to his installation of the "Mk.V Two-fold", a fist weapon built directly into his left hand. The offensive root of the weapon is in it's ability to generate a great deal of physical force upon impact, thereby maximizing a strike's natural output. In doing so eliminating an enemy or object's physical resistance. With the fist, a single ordinary blow is inflicted upon an object, using the proximal interphalangeal joints of the hand, absorbing most of the force when striking. In doing so, the weapon is armed and prepared for a secondary punch. Then, folding his hand immediately to switch over to the proximal phalanx knuckles, delivers a second strike strengthened by firing a round in his arm by increasing the momentum.

Inside his forearm there are chambers that holster a rotating magazine (similar to a revolver) that houses a total of eight dust shells in total when fully loaded. After striking using the 'two-fold (A punch that hits twice)' eight times, he will need to reload.  (Note, this is not a gun and does not fire bullets at people.)

Without Dust it functions as an ordinary hardened fist. (+10 x T1)

Item 2: Talos doesn't really carry much actual armor, this is due to his body already carrying a complex series of plates beneath his skin. His body's armored shell is composed of a multilayer alloy of remarkable strength that has been augmented with a refractive coating capable of deflecting insignificant debris. This provides him with higher defense against physical attacks.

History and Sample

Created at the whim of a senile mad scientist (A high-functioning alcoholic, senile mad scientist), of whom often failed to prove his worth to his superiors in Atlas, and as a result would be shunned for their failure to yield any beneficial results that could assist the Alesian military. All alone in the woods without any proper stimuli, Doctor Bertram Black grew to be quite bored, and without any more funding coming into his lab on the far coast of Mantle, he was desperate. As he grew more and more bored, and lonely, he would also grow obsessed with creating something that could survive in any environment, all the while boasting strength and skill on par with a young hunter or huntress, with the added ability to improve and grow as time went on.

Despite creating a relatively powerful machine, the A.I. was a bit slow and clumsy, it didn't really know how to use the body it was in and frequently fell flat on it's face without much thought on what it was doing. So, Bertram subjected the machine to a number of different threats and environmental changes, sending him out into the wilderness where Grimm roamed. Each time the machine 'died', Bertram would take back the machine to repair it and make changes based on the machine's mistakes. Firstly, it was dismantled by a pack of Beowulves. Afterwards, Bertram left his lab armed and retrieved the machine to repair and recharge it.

Each day the process was repeated, a new machine was created from the preceding one, making adjustments to ensure that it was better than the last (reinforcements to the chassis). Just the same, each time a new chassis was made and sent out, the Talos A.I learned from it's mistakes. Tests were performed over and over again, and over the course of ten years of scientific experiments, it would never once occur to Bertram that this was a hell of a lot of work just to go send a machine to Atlas to scare a few old soldiers in a retirement home.

Fortunately, the nameless A.I. at the time had no 'personality', and the many traumatic events it experience were merely viewed everything as an endless gray expanse, and that everything was in fact a 'test' to learn. Over the course of those ten years, each iteration of the machine evolved. Not necessarily changing in function, it remained consistent in design and armoring, the A.I. inhabiting it just learned to use what it had better, using what Bertram gave it to survive in the wilderness, defending itself against the likes of Grimm. For hours at a time he would spend more and more hours in the wilderness unarmed, and it would eventually reach the point where Bertram didn't need to repair the chassis and peel off the boy's skin again.

After another few weeks of experiments and modifications to his chassis, installing an experimental weapon's system and a few other neat devices to keep him from breaking down so often. Now 'free' (emotionless. Not really free.) Talos would be sent off into the wilderness where he would begin his long journey to the kingdom of Atlas.

On his journey, Talos would come across a large fracture in the middle of a field, a valley where a natural river lay at the bottom. Though many internal systems in his head kept warning him of the 'edge' of the cliff, and not to fall off, Bertram's incessant yapping in his ear to 'go down there'. At the bottom of a hill with her head cracked open, Talos would find a huntress, 'lily'.Unsure of how long the woman had been there, even by the amount of blood that had seeped into the ravine, Talos would  scoop up the carcass of the woman and treat her for her numerous injuries (With the doctor's guidance).

Talos folded himself into the narrowest shadows of each forest, Carrying the broken huntress all around mantle, folding himself into the narrowest shadows he could find to avoid what dangers passed by. Each night nursing what wounds the girl had before once again carrying her off again. Never once stopping, even at the expense of his own body. He ran through the black fields of the countryside during storms, always finding some new place to stop and find shelter in the forest until the light of dawn scared away any and all pesky creatures that were drawn to the life he carried in his arms. Though, he did so unconsciously. He was built to find a bunch of people and bring them back to the Lab, then to Atlas after all... Not once did he speak any comforting words or try to reassure the girl that she would survive or not, a broken leg did after all take time to heal...

Though, when he finally got to the kingdom Talos was in a state of disrepair, he had lost many many parts, and even had a massive hole in his abdomen where the small nevermore had been pecked out. Scientists and mechanics urged him to go with them while the the girl was wheeled off to a hospital for better treatment.

For weeks Talos would remain online, simply watching as mechanics and specialists in robotics took him apart, slowly working their way up to his head. They removed everything damaged, though miraculously his A.I core remained in perfect condition. Much of the damage to his chassis would have very well killed any other person, he was missing most of his synthetic digestive track and what damage was done to his nervous system was severe. They removed what additional 'accessories' Bertram had installed in Talos' head to keep him under the old man's control. Emotional dampeners, even a small satellite beacon.

Without the many devices which inhibited his emotions, hanging there mid-air by metal chains, Talos experienced an emotion for the first time (as well as likely experienced his fist real important memory.) He was happy to still be alive... Concepts of a self suddenly started flooding in and everything was beginning to seem a whole lot less gray.

Days passed and they would slowly repair him, watching as limbs and body parts just pulled themselves back onto his body like magnets to a fridge door. Though, when they were done he was about a foot shorter and looked less like a war-driven machine built to terminate, and more so a teenager that was five or six inches below the average for a male his estimated age. They even managed to repair his more unusual function to separate and control his body parts. One day, Lily would come to visit Talos while the scientists were fiddling with his 'severable' body part functions, essentially watching like children as they watched his lower abdomen snap back to place like a magnet to a fridge. Not with a hello or thank you though, rather with a reward. Though it wasn't a

"So! You were pretty handy with that Cannon in your arm, how would you like to get out of the lab and learn to use it a bit better?"

Though the question was rather sudden, Talos was more than happy to try his luck and go off and learn. He'd be given a room in Lily's house to spend his time there while he was learning from her, and while Bertram was hesitant to send off his android to school, as "School wasn't a place for smart people", Bertram approved after remembering that Talos wasn't exactly intelligent. He'd shack up with Lily, who would function as a surrogate mother and teacher.

While the Huntress prepared expecting to somehow tire out the android with grueling exercises and training to teach him a multitude of 'better ways to take down an opponent', Talos proved to be a difficult student. Not that he was any better, just... He didn't tire or grow weary of the exercises. His days became filled with sparring, and learning 'how to be lazy' from someone who claimed to be 'the best'. His nights however were filled to the brim with study in a library and private lessons to fill in the gaps of history he was missing.

Talos learned what he understood quickly, though he did wind up dismembering himself while using his peculiar arm cannon once or twice (As it literally blasted off his hands and legs), he managed. When the time came for him to go, his human mentor Lily handed him a suit and robe (A robe which to this day is still a size or so too big) of his own before sending him off on a Boat to Vale.

The school was... Hesitant, to say the very least. Without any transcripts and only the word of an intoxicated huntress' reference to go on, they were quick to try and dismiss him and send him back to Mantle. Which would have been the case had it not been for Bertram. The old drunk did his best to explain the situation, belching and burping through his speech only to hand over a disc carrying hundreds of hours of film which entailed Talos' innumerable 'deaths', as well as his progress to becoming ready for battle. Though the video was awkward in some parts, as more often than not Talos was decapitated or gutted, or simply stomped on, it was enough to convince them to allow him to attend.

RP Sample:

"Goin' out to do some splorin', Talos? Call me if ya get lost, i’ll come and pick you up." Lily grinned while she smoked, exhaling as she bustled about Bertram’s garage on the coast of Mantle. Talos wafted the smoke and sputtered and coughed, as he always did. Just as he did, Lily immediately went over to open the window. "Alright Lily, i'll be careful. Just want to try out my hand cannon." He smiled and adjusted his wrist, tightening, fiddling with it to ensure that the majority of his hand and lower forearm didn't fall off again. Next he'd slide his oversized brown coat, putting it over one arm and resting it in the loose fabric as though it were a large hammock.

After a few more adjustments, Bertram hopped out of his recliner and practically tossed Talos out into the sands of the beach just as he had done when the boy's programming was so new.Since his training had begun, he had met a lot more people, and grown a bit closer to his distanced creator. Though not a lot of the hunters and scientists Lily and Bertram knew were anything remotely like him. Many of the scientists shared similar ideals with Bertram, though the widely disregarded Talos as the old man’s biological son rather than a successful android, and many of Lily’s friends seemed to be either boisterous and happy, or just edgy diehards far too serious for their own good. All the same though, the people he met were all really different, and he was beginning to realize that he world was very diverse to say the very least. There was a lot more going on than he knew.

He followed the stone path off the beach and into the forest, which was relatively quiet at this time of day. The Grimm weren't as active during the day around there, and the defenses the old man had set up were more than enough to keep out some of the larger mindless shadows away from the shoreline. With Lily renting the extra room there even more so now, there was a living breathing person to guard the house.

When he was far away from the house to not draw any attention to it or wake up his creator, Bertram, Talos would press a small red button on the center of his wrist before a series of eight chambers extended from his forearm. The short automaton would dig around in his robe for shells before loading the weapon, whilst talking to himself. "If I did this right then I should be able to hit something without breaking my hand again..." Talos would approach one of the many thick trees around him, raising his left fist to the large oak tree before him.

"Boom." 'Passphrase accepted. Thank you Mister Verdigris'.
Just like that the weapon whirred to life, and then he hit the tree. Talos would strike the tree, with his fist he'd first strike with the joints in his fingers, then folding his hand immediately to switch over to his knuckles, the weapon would fire a round off, launching his fist forward into the bark of the tree.

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Richard Lionheart
Hey alright this app is very good, but there are a couple minor things. First is, even with a spoiler, due to size, I do want you to put the initial design you've got of your chara onto the app. People can change over time of course yeah but you do need to have that there. Second is that with your semblance while having the separated parts hover total flight is a semblance in itself, I'm not sure if this is something you intended or just some minor rewording that's required. Just the words "Limbs flying through the air" that made me wonder this ^^ Finally is the weapon, I am uncertain whether or not an alternate fire would count as an alternate weapon form and would have to double check, but Leena is quite busy with some real life stuff, you could however for certain state that with the application of dust you are capable of using the shotgun burst style blast (or the laser burst via dust, whichever you'd rather it be that way)

"Call me short and your life'll get a whole lot shorter."
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Talos Verdigris
I've swapped out the semblance with something a bit easier for me to use. as for his weapon i've fixed it and changed it to a single fist-weapon that increases kinetic force (lesser man's gauntlet).

Also added the appearance picture thinger.

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Richard Lionheart

"Call me short and your life'll get a whole lot shorter."
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