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In retrospect (open)

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1 In retrospect (open) on Wed Jul 05, 2017 1:02 pm

"Heh, I got utterly destroyed...." Takumen said to himself as he stared up at the ceiling. He was currently processing his first few days here at Syne. The first had been rather uneventful, dorm check in and a welcome speech from one of the administrative board. The second had so far been the biggest disaster in his academic career. He had been beaten senseless by a rather large shadow man which had been broadcast-ed over every screen in the academy. So now he had to endure stares and jokes from just about everyone he passed......

"How did you use your aura like that?" Takumen wondered out loud.... He had never been able to do more then his defense buff no matter how hard he had trained. He'd love to manifest a creature to fight for him, or manipulate matter.. but all he could do was strengthen defense.... which didn't even work against the shadow man. This is what irritated him the most.. "WHY!" He cried out, drawing looks from the other students... he didn't care thought this had all put him in a sour mood.

His mind swirled with these thought as he continued to stare up at the vaulted ceiling of the common room.

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