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Dum "Doom" Prinosyashchiy 2.0 (waiting for approved)

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Enrollment Form

Basic info
Name: Dum "Doom" Priosyashchiy
Age: 21
Birthday: June 6
Gender: Male
Race: Human
Height: 7'
Weight: 282 LBS
Face Claim:

Aura 200|100 HP

Major: Combat
Likes: the emperor,skittles,cats
Dislikes: Synthetics,white fang, and people who's semblance summons stuff
Fears: becoming a whimp, becoming what he hates, being chilled
Talent: Demolition Expert
Weakness: Stealth
Overall Personality: Dum basically hates a lot of things, like you. He is also very quick and i mean very quick to rage. Like if some on just called him dumb he would slam the guys face in the ground faster then he could say "hi" as the fastest talker in the know universe, if something like a fly bothered him he would destroy the whole room if not the building just to kill the little pest. He only likes 3 maybe 4 things, a comic book character named "The Emperor", skittles candy, and cats, yes cat. That's all you really need to know.

Aura type: strength
Aura Color: yellow
Semblance: Impact: Allows Dum to cause a extra 20 damage in one hit using a explosion like impact and may cause burn if the target is in 5 feet of the impact's blast at the cost of 20 aura. The Semblance will not activate unless it makes contact with a physical object or being.
Item 1: Power Gauntlet: One massive Gauntlet that is built into his suit that deal a wallop
Item 2: Rage armor: (physical armor) Bright yellow armor that is light enough for charging but is near impossible to break.

History and Sample
Dum was born in the most poor part of the country, he grew to hate everything about everything but three things. By age 6 he had killed over 5 gangs of thugs that had plagued his home town, and then he burned his home town to the ground. After that he had wandered around the country he was taken into a military unit. They gave him food, clothing, and the feeling of joy. During is stay Dum wasn't angry all the time like he is normally, but one day the white fang killed all of them but Dum, they made him into a slave and abused him for so long. By age 10 he had slaughtered all the white fang that had made him into their slave. He then dawn the mark of a angry face on his back, shoulders, and chest, he had been known to the land as the Yelling Demon for his very loud yelling and his blood stain path he would leave after every attack. Later on in his life by the age of 12 a man by the name of  Jack Borealis had showed him a better path that is less likely to get him arrest for killing everything in sight. Dum then had made his way to a work shop where he then found a set of armor that would soon be known as his Rage armor. Dum had also modify the Gauntlets to act as though they were weapons, he had then had paint his armor bright yellow to show people that his rage burns as bright as the sun it self. By age 14 he had started to fight in a war as a ally meeting Jack once more as a ally on the same side. During that war he was then named The Raging One Man Army. After the war had ended Dum had wandered more around in the country helping out towns from the Grimm, bandits, and white fang. By the age of 19 he had enrolled into Syne Academy as a student in combat. This is second year in the school and he is not doing so well behavior wise.

RP sample:
During combat training Dum had slammed a student so hard into the wall that it had broken from the impact and the student had to be sent to the hospital for 23 broken bones and a concoction. The teachers had sent him to the head masters office for this and the head master had told him "I know you are a troubled soul but you can not keep doing this Mr. Prinosyashchiy. If you send another student to a hospital i will have no choice but to expel you from the academy and have you arrested, do i make my self clear Mr. Prinosyashchiy" Dum nodded telling the head master he will try and not to have them sent over to the hospital during training. Them a bunch of other students had cornered him and said "You better watch your back punk, i dont know who you think you are but i will kill you before you can think im not the king of this academy." Dum then decked him in the face and they ran off with their tails between their legs.

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