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Miko Hāfu, Only Half of the Equation [Finished]

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Miko Hāfu
Enrollment Form

Basic info
Name: Miko Hāfu
Age: Nine
Birthday: June 27th
Gender: Female
Race: Human
Height: 4'3"
Weight: 61.4 lbs
Face Claim: Young Raven - Gravity Rush Series

STR: 5 (+1)
DEF: 1
RES: 1
SPT: 5
Aura 200|100 HP

Major: Citizen
Likes: -Kida
Dislikes: -Talking to other people besides her brother.
-Being awake.
Fears: -Losing Kida.
-Being alone.
-Grimm, but not to the extent that she cannot kill them.
Talent: Athleticism
Weakness Social Interaction
Overall Personality:
Miko isn't an independant girl, she relies on Kida to be near her at every single moment of the day, and every single second of the night. She can, however, be in a different room than him and be fine... For a short time. Everybody needs privacy and all, she can take a little bit of alone time.
Due to her past, being seperate from her brother for extended periods of time is a nightmare. It scares her to even think about it, so if she were to actually experience it...
She can't even stay far away from him for over a minute. The bathroom is really the only time she can stay away from him for that long.

~With Kida~
Even still, Miko is an incredibly shy individual. She has social anxiety, she can hardly speak by herself. With Kida, however, Miko can talk just fine. Without she's a wreck, with she's a normal human being.

Aura type: Strength
Aura Color: Black
Semblance: Energy Leech: Contrary to the misleading title, Energy Leech is actually just a fancy-shmancy Debuff. Miko, when debuffing, takes one stat point away and gives herself the opposite. When she is debuffing a curved triangle of black light appears. The long side (which is also the hypotenuse, since the triangle is a right triangle) is attached to the target, and the sharp point is attached to Miko, specifically her heart. It has the aesthetic that the black light is being sucked out of the taget and entering Miko, and this is because she is stealing their energy, in a way.

~Chart of Explaination~

Miko steals one point and gives herself the opposite. When she is debuffing someone, it is known as being "attached". The one point buff Miko recieves when debuffing is only viable against the debuff target. Person A (Who is being debuffed) loses one defense point, and Miko gains one strength point. Miko hits person A and person A feels the full effect of the buff. Person B comes alone and Miko hits them while still "attached" to person A, person B takes normal damage.

Def -1 = Str +1
Str -1 = Def +1
Res -1 = Spt +1
Spt -1 = Res +1

-Offensive Semblance-
In addition, if her brother is within contact-range, Miko and Kida are able to combine their aura's by clasping one of their hands with the other's, pointing their free ones at the target. Their aura will then coagulate into a white-black swirling beam just in front of their palms before blasting the opponent with 20 dmg.

Item 1: Two energy-style machine pistols, one white, one black.

Item 2: N/A

History and Sample
Miko was the younger one. She was born naturally with white irises, meaning that it looked almost like she had none at all, save for a slightly glossy texture. Miko and Kida seemed to take on a Yin & Yang theme from birth, and from birth they would always be together.. Almost always.

Miko and Kida did literally everything together, yet at this time they could bear to be separated from their other half, since they knew they could always find the other whenever they needed them. Now, life wasn't perfect for the twins, not in the slightest. Their parents were always fighting about stupid things, finding anything to argue about.

Eventually they got divorced. Each took one child, and that's when hell began.

Miko was taken by her mother... A mother who wasn't very nice. All through her four school years separated from Kida she was told she wasn't good enough, that she had been raised better, that she should've done better; she was a disappointment, she was a disgrace, worthless, hopeless, everything. With all of this, Miko began believing her mother, and eventually developed depression and social anxiety. She feared others would see her as worthless as her mother had, so she avoided making friends, she avoided talking to people altogether. Most of her days were spent in a deep well of sadness, crying her life away.

Eventually she gave up.

Suicide was always an option, one that Miko had very nearly picked on several occasions. Eventually, however, she just ran away. She ran away to where Kida was, and miraculously met him halfway. From there they made a promise to each other that they'd never be alone... Ever again.

The two fled into a nearby city with not a clue as to what life was really about... They didn't know how to fight, weren't old enough for school and they had no job-skills of any kind... they lived among the alley rats, with nothing but leftovers for food and each other for warmth.

One day, when they were on the verge of giving up entirely, they were met with an old, retired hunter with a wide-brim hat and bandages over his eyes. He took pity upon the two children, taking them into his home and raising them as if they were his grand-children. From this old, blind hunter, Miko and Kida learned the art of combat to defend themselves, and had a rather warm childhood under this man's wing. To this day they live with him, knowing him only as "Grampa".
RP Sample:
The knife trembled in the small child's hands, her eyes wide with fear. She was only six and yet here she was, about to kill herself... Well, about to try for the sixth or seventh time in the past few months... She looked up again, making sure her bedroom door was firmly latched shut, before staring down at the blade once more. She would do it this time, she really would, and then it'd all be over. Maybe Kida had already done it, maybe she'd see him again soon, maybe she wouldn't be alone anymore. Her aura was weak as it is, it wouldn't take much anyways, yet she still put it down so that it would be over quicker.

She lifted the knife up high, her legs shaking, struggling to keep her fingers steady as she began sweating, her face turning red from the heat, tears beginning to fall. She was hyperventilating, her whole body trembling as she gritted her teeth and squeezed her eyes shut.

And swung the knife into her stomach with all of her might.

Was she dead? Was it all over now? Slowly she opened her eyes... To see her body coated in a thick black glow... Her aura was up. Biting her lip in frustration, she swung again, once more jabbing herself in the gut and once more seeing her aura glow bright. Now angry, she swung multiple times, losing strength with each blow, stabbing, stabbing, stabbing, until she heard a shatter.

Her aura was broken...

Now she could do it for real...

It would all be over now...

She just had to swing it one last time...

Holding it up high for the last time, Miko squeezed her eyes shut tightly and tried to let out a cry, only nothing came out of her open mouth. Just to make sure, she grabbed her shirt and bit the brim of it with her mouth, exposing her stomach and chest completely.
A moment's hesitation...
And she swung once more.
Except she felt nothing more than a sharp sting.
Opening her eyes, she looked down, and saw the knife only the smallest fraction of an inch inside of her, crimson fluid leaking out of the small cut. Her eyes were wide with fear, and she slowly, carefully pulled the knife away, dropping it in the floor behind her and falling onto her knees. Her expression was one of shock and terror, before relaxing as tears began falling in a great cascade of liquid.
"I-I c-c-can't... I can't... Kill... Myself... I can't do it... I-I-I just c-can't..."

And with that, she curled up int a ball in the middle of her bedroom floor, quietly crying to no one but herself.

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Miko Hāfu

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