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Kida Hafu, The Second Half of the Equation

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1 Kida Hafu, The Second Half of the Equation on Sun Jul 09, 2017 6:05 pm

Kida Hāfu
Enrollment Form

Basic info
Name: Kida Hafu
Age: 9
Birthday: June 27th
Gender: Male
Race: Human
Height: 4'3''
Weight: 61 pounds
Face Claim: Lag Seeing from Letter Bee

DEF:5 (1)
Aura 100|200 HP

Major: Citizen
Likes: Miko, Warmth, Light, Sleeping.
Dislikes: Darkness, being scared, nightmares
Fears: Losing his sister, being alone, grimm, but not to the point he wouldn't fight them.
Talent: Wilderness Survival
Weakness Computer wizard.
Overall Personality: On his own, Kida is extremely anxious, always worrying about his sister He can't stand being separated from her over long distances for any amount of time, nearly to the point of hyperventilation and panicking. He relies on his sister being there for him, especially after how long they had been separated in the past...

He can stand Miko being in another room if only for a minute or two, before either walking in or waiting anxiously outside the door as if to check and make sure she was still there.

With Miko, Kida is rather nice and considerate, especially towards his sister, giving her compliments, holding her hand, expressing his brotherly love towards her in any way he can. To others, while with his twin, Kida is polite and patient but also somewhat suspicious, his past clearly haunting him. He actively hates and distrusts anyone that would insult his sister, let alone hurt her fore she is his other half.

Aura type: Defense
Aura Color: White
Semblance: Aura-Transfer: Kida is able to envelop his target in a portion of aura, taking away from his own and adding it onto someone else. In basic terms, he can a piece of his and add it onto someone else's, raising any stat by 2 of their choice.

In addition, if his sister is within contact-range, Kida and Miko are able to combine their aura's by clasping one of their hands with the other's, pointing their free ones at the target. Their aura will then coagulate into a white-black swirling beam just in front of their palms before blasting the opponent with a power of 20.

Item 1:

A pair of twin pierce shields, each one encompassing his hands almost like knuckle-dusters, but also large enough to easily deflect blows.

Item 2: N/A
History and Sample
Kida was the older one. He was born naturally with black irises, meaning that it looked almost like he had no iris at all, merely a enlarged pupil. Miko and Kida seemed to take on a Yin & Yang theme from birth, and from birth they would always be together.. Almost always.

Miko and Kida did literally everything together, yet at this time they could bear to be separated from their other half, since they knew they could always find the other whenever they needed them. Now, life wasn't perfect for the twins, not in the slightest. Their parents were always fighting about stupid things, finding anything to argue about.

Eventually they got divorced. Each took one child, and that's when hell began.

Kida was taken by their father, a neglectful careless man who didn't seem to give two cents what happened to his son. For days on end, Kida would go with nothing more than the smallest scrap of food, pining for his closest sister he would never see again...

One day, the pain was too much and he ran from home, his dad to careless to even notice he was gone. Kida ran back to the old home where he and Miko spent their years together, desperate to be reunited with his sister... To his surprise, he met her half way, finding out that she too had left, desperate to find him and the pair lived happily ever after... not.

The two fled into a nearby city with not a clue as to what life was really about... They didn't know how to fight, weren't old enough for school and they had no job-skills of any kind... they lived among the alley rats, with nothing but leftovers for food and each other for warmth.

One day, when they were on the verge of giving up entirely, they were met with an old, retired hunter with a wide-brim hat and bandages over his eyes. He took pity upon the two children, taking them into his home and raising them as if they were his grand-children. From this old, blind hunter, Miko and Kaida learned the art of combat to defend themselves, and had a rather warm childhood under this man's wing. To this day they live with him, knowing him only as "Grampa".

RP Sample:
"Grandpa!" Kida yelled, jumping up from his place on the floor, running up to his caretaker with a huge grin on his face. The little boy jumped up into the old hunter's arms, the man embracing the boy with a long gruff chuckle, scooping him up in his arms. Grampa always smelled of fresh rain and always seemed wet, even if it was warm and hot outside and today was no different. The man smiled down at the boy he'd taken in, though his eyes were blocked by the bandages tightened around them.

"Hey, kiddo." He smiled, lightly tickling him, jabbing into Kida's sides with his long, boney fingers. The white-haired boy squealed and giggled, trying to bat away the old, blind hunter's jabs but they were too quick and masterful. The man only stopped when Kida was beginning to cry from his laughter, setting him down and ruffling his little boy's hair lightly, his face turning around the room as if looking for something.

"Where's your sister...?" He inquired, walking into their living room.

"She's in the bathroom, grandpa!" Kida responded, remembering how long Kida had been separated from his sister... too long... the boy began to grow anxious, but when he saw Grampa's grin, his heart soothed a little.

"Tell your sister to meet me in the kitchen when she gets out, would you buddy? I got some news for you both..." Kida's eyes glowed in wonder, curious to see what Grandpa had to say. He immediately rushed off to the bathroom, waiting right outside the door for his sister to come out.

"Those kids..." Grampa smirked, sauntering back into the kitchen, nearly slamming his head on the wall on the way there.  

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